43 -year -old Chen Qiaoen was suspected of pregnancy!But the smoke addicted for 8 years, and it was difficult to quit.

Recently, it is reported that 43 -year -old Chen Qiaoen was blessed and suspected to be pregnant again, but now she is addicted to quitting.A pregnant woman also loves smoking. As soon as the news came out, it caused heated discussion!

Recently, some media photographed Chen Qiaoen and her husband dinner with her friends. From the exposed video, it can be seen that her husband followed the golf club in front, Chen Qiaoen and the assistant followed him slowly, and the three arrived at the restaurant.Later, some said and laughed, and the atmosphere was very relaxed and active.It didn’t take long for her husband to leave with the golf club.After the wine is full, Chen Qiaoen and the assistant also left the restaurant separately from someone!A few people were talking and laughing along the way. When it comes to excitement, Chen Qiaoen also waved his arms to scratch. It can be seen how happy the mood was at the time!

Attentive netizens found that Chen Qiaoen seemed to get fat again.I saw that she was wearing a loose sweater and stepped on flat shoes, and the whole person was obviously rounded, and someone guessed that Chen Qiaoen should be pregnant!

However, now that Chen Qiaoen has been married for more than 3 years, and there were news before that the two were actively preparing for pregnancy. For this reason, Chen Qiaoen also stopped working and even went to the hospital to raise his body.After all, she is already a 40 -year -old woman, and her physical function has begun to decline. If they are not actively prepared for pregnancy, they may not be able to give birth to children in the future.

The news of pregnancy has been repeatedly exposed before, and when her husband celebrated the 3rd anniversary of acquaintance, he also wrote a text saying "from the family of two people to the family of three."Obviously, in her husband’s heart, I still hope to have a child.However, it has not arrived!

Someone was pregnant. The reason why Chen Qiaoen couldn’t conceive was because she smoked too much, which caused some organs in her body to be no longer so healthy!How fierce is Chen Qiaoen smoking?

According to a Taiwanese media reporter, Chen Qiaoen had a cigarette butt full of cigarette butt during the hotel, and the smell of smoke in the house was talked about by the staff.The staff member once said that he was unwilling to expose these uncivilized behaviors of the stars. It was because the house was too chaotic at that time, and the smell of smoke was too heavy to clean up, so he couldn’t help spitting out!

The entertainment then said that he said deeply, he bluntly said, "Chen Qiaoen and the camera are judged in front of the camera."The implication is obvious that Chen Qiaoen pretended to be in front of the camera.As for to what extent, the entertainment records did not disclose!

In fact, this is normal. Although Chen Qiaoen has always appeared in idol dramas and has always been famous for being well -known, she can also see her little girl occasionally in some film and television dramas!As a little girl, it is not normal to smoke and drink, and it is too difficult to mix in the entertainment industry. It is too difficult to not smoke or drink.

In fact, in 2014, some netizens took Chen Qianen to smoke and drink. At that time, wearing gestures and smoking gestures were like a little girl. At that time, Chen Qiaoen’s image was questioned because of smoking and drinking!

After a few years, Chen Qiaoen was arrested for drunk driving, but when facing allegations, Chen Qiaoen said that he only drank a bottle of beer during a bath.However, the data measured by the police showed that Chen Qiaoen drank at least 8 bottles of beer.For a while, Chen Qiaoen’s negative news of lying drunk driving was full of noise, and after being fined 100,000 yuan, he was released on bail!Now when I think about the words that Xiao S had said, Chen Qiaoen kept in private.It seems that Chen Qiaoen is just working hard to create the image of his goddess.

Now that he is married, Chen Qiaoen has been photographed many times during the party. He chatted with cigarettes throughout the process, swallowed the clouds, and kept drinking. At a glance, he knew that it was an old smoker!

In fact, Chen Qiaoen also shouted many times to quit smoking and alcohol, but now it seems that this habit may not be quit.However, the two are now actively preparing for pregnancy, and 43 -year -old Chen Qiaoen is also an elderly mother. It is time to pay more attention to physical aspects.If you continue to smoke and drink, it will not be conducive to pregnancy, and it will also affect the growth of the fetus.From this point of view, this may become the driving force for Chen Qiaoen to quit smoking.

Anyway, I still hope that she can become a mother as soon as possible and quit smoking soon!

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