43 -year -old Jia Jingwen was pregnant in September. September, his body was sagging, and the careful research was related to her husband

Cat eye movie news 43 -year -old Jia Jingwen’s third child is 9 months old, but in the photos she posted, she still looks like a young girl. She has a good figure.Recently, her husband Xiu Jiekai also sent a photo of Jia Jingwen and her daughter on Weibo. Jia Jingwen in the photo was cutting her daughter.However, some netizens found that Jia Jingwen became thinner and thinner in September. Jia Jingwen in this photo was carefully looking at the eyes of the eye, and felt like lack of sleep.

Go to see Jia Jingwen’s Weibo, and also found that she has become thinner and thinner recently. There is a photo of sleeping with the dog. In the photo, Jia Jingwen appeared on his side. Her thin face was not like a pregnant woman who was about to give birth.People can’t help worrying about her body.

In fact, Jia Jingwen has always been an actor who likes fitness and sports, and meets with her husband Xiu Kai is also related to fitness.Since the last failed marriage, Jia Jingwen began to exercise, and finally came out of the shadow of divorce, and his complexion and state became better and better.After marrying Jie Kai with her husband, she gave birth to a cute daughter.

After Jia Jingwen was pregnant, she had not gained as fat as ordinary pregnant women. Instead, she became thinner and thinner, which was related to Jia Jingwen’s eating habits.After she gave birth to an interview with the magazine, she mentioned that she began to die from her pregnancy, and pointed out that the fetus only needed a piece of toast+milk nutrition.You should also pay attention to diet and cooperate with exercise at the same time to find private coaches to exercise on all parts of the body.

In order to maintain her figure, Jia Jingwen, 43, has made a lot of hard work. As a female star, she has a very high demand for herself.And her husband Xiu Jiekai is a natural fitness madman, which is more severe to her, and the two often quarrel.Later, Jia Jingwen also explained that in fact, her husband was also for her. She couldn’t get used to "destroying" her perfect figure, but when she was lazy, she was broken by her husband and caused disputes.

With such a husband to supervise himself, it is really painful and happy!

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