47 -year -old pregnant woman’s "crisis in crisis" is a wave of three folds, and the dream of childhood

Recently, in the production room of the Kaiyuan District of Henan University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the First Affiliated Hospital of the University of Henan University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the First Affiliated Hospital of the University of Science and Technology), Ms. Liu (pseudonym), a 47 -year -old elderly mother, finally fulfilled the dream of being a mother.Recalling her experience during pregnancy, she was moody: elderly pregnant women, severe hypertension, incomplete cervical function, and premature abortion of fetal membranes … Every unfavorable pregnancy factors are a huge test for this little life.Fortunately, under the careful treatment of the chief team of Xue Xiuzhen, the fetus in Ms. Liu was born smoothly.

It is reported that Ms. Liu had a history of hypertension for 14 years before, with daily blood pressure up to 200/120mmHg, and had a history of cerebral infarction.Prior to this, Ms. Liu had aborted and embryo three times, and she had no children under her knees.More than 5 months ago, Ms. Liu accidentally found that she was pregnant for three months.In addition to the huge joy, Ms. Liu couldn’t help worrying: Can this child be born smoothly?After asking for many parties, Ms. Liu and her family found Xue Xiuzhen for help.

After understanding the patient’s ups and downs of the child, the reason and experience told Xue Xiuzhen that they must persuade the patient not to take risks.Pregnancy itself can cause blood viscosity, and Ms. Liu has a history of cerebral infarction. Continuing pregnancy is likely to induce a recurrence of cerebral infarction, which is very dangerous.In addition, she is 47 years old, belongs to a super -aged mother, and has three history of abortion. The chance of this child can be guaranteed. It is really unnecessary to take his own life for his life.

However, Ms. Liu’s attitude was resolute and said that no matter how much risks were, they had to continue pregnancy.Facing the attachment of Ms. Liu and her family, Xue Xiuzhen also understood their mood. She could only choose to do my best and let go.Fortunately, the antihypertensive effect in the first and middle pregnancy, Ms. Liu’s blood pressure still stabilizes.

However, at the 21 weeks of the fetus, Ms. Liu had a small amount of water breaking, and the cervix also expanded significantly. The palace mouth was opened to 4 cm. The larger amniocented sac has been in the vagina. This is generally a precursor of production.The fetus has not been completely formed, and the abortion is almost inevitable, but Ms. Liu still insists on continuing to protect the fetus.At this time, in addition to the problem of infection in Xue Xiuzhen, there are many problems such as contractions that may occur at any time to launch fetal delivery and long -term bed in bed."In the hearts of our doctor, compared with the fetus that had not had much hope, the most worried is the safety of the pregnant woman itself." Xue Xiuzhen said.

In order to help Ms. Liu smoothly protect their fetuses, obstetrics and medical staff formulated multiple emergency plans, and they strictly monitored Ms. Liu’s body indicators every day.Under the treatment of medical staff carefully and intermittent medication to prevent infection and inhibit contractions, Ms. Liu has not been launched in the law of contractions, and there are not many outflow of amniotic fluid, and the phenomenon of infection can still be controlled.

In this way, to the 27th week, Ms. Liu broke into the vagina’s amniocentecation and could no longer bear the pressure of the palace.Although it is a premature child, the baby weighs 1100 grams, and the indicators are still good.After the active treatment of the medical staff of the newborn intensive care unit, the baby’s development was better, and Xue Xiuzhen and the team physician had been hanging.

"Obstetrics are the sacred place for life, and we will strive to escort the road to giving birth to mothers in the city." Xue Xiuzhen said that with the release of the fertility policy, the elderly maternal team is gradually growing.She reminded that elderly women should pay attention to the evaluation of the health status before pregnancy and conduct a regular inspection as required.

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