48 -year -old pregnancy, pay attention to these can be smoothly produced

The 48 -year -old Sister W was pregnant with a baby!Over the years, the couple have thought about regenerating a son to make a "good", but the policy does not allow it and has not been able to do so.Now that the second child is let go, I finally have the opportunity to make up for the regrets over the years.

After knowing this, friends have strongly discouraged: "Your daughter’s children are 5 years old. At this time, you will give her a younger brother or sister and let the child’s face go?" The husband and wife discussed with the daughter, and the daughter also felt thatShe was 48 years old and gave birth to "crazy, don’t die" …

It is just that there are more dissuasions and oppositions that cannot change the minds of the couple.On the one hand, the husband hopes to have a son; on the other hand, the husband and wife also want to regenerate one. After their death, the daughter can still have a blood in this world, so that she will not feel lonely.

In this way, regardless of the opposition of relatives and friends, Sister W was still transplanted at the risk of older pregnancy.

The couple finally told the 10th day after the embryo transplantation, the transplant was successful!

However, is it so easy to conceive in age?There are one level in the back to welcome them.

After 30 days of transplantation, B -ultrasound is required to confirm the number of fetus, fetal heart and germ to ensure that the fetus is developing normally;

The 12 -week NT passed smoothly, and it was the risk period for the three months before pregnancy.As long as you pay attention to testing during pregnancy, there is basically no problem.

However, the accident still happened. At 13 weeks, the elder sister W’s blood pressure rose. When the examination was checked, the baby had left due to hypoxia …

Everyone knows that elderly women are risk for pregnancy, especially at the age of 48.Just can’t elderly women transplant?It is not true, if you can pay more attention, you can still produce smoothly:

1. Within 30 days of pregnancy, the number of hormones is appropriately increased to ensure that progesterone and estradiols are doubled. If abnormalities are found, immediately adjust the medication plan.During the NT period of 30 days to 12 weeks, the number of B -ultrasound is appropriately increased to ensure that the fetus grows normally in the palace.

2. Pay attention to closely observing the blood pressure and blood sugar of pregnant women.

4. Avoid emotional abnormalities such as fatigue and avoid stress.Family people should care more about life and mood, and a relaxed and happy mood is conducive to the healthy and developmental of the fetus.

5. Strengthen nutrition, the gastrointestinal digestive function of elderly pregnant women is weaker, and it can assist pregnant women’s milk powder and other nutrients.

If the elder sister W has less pressure and less emotional fluctuations, increase the monitoring of blood pressure and fetal heart sound after 12 weeks of NT, which can also avoid the occurrence of tragedy.

It’s just that there is no life, only consequences and results.Fortunately, our elder sister W is a test tube, and there are embryos, and we can also transplant it.

I believe that the angel baby who belongs to the elder sister W will be as bright as this bright spring — as scheduled.

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