5 kinds of medicines have been restricted, but they are a common medicine for many families. See if you have it?

Uncle Zhang, 60, always felt uncomfortable during this time, so he called his daughter who was working in the hospital.

After taking the medicine with Uncle Zhang, the daughter took out the small pills of Uncle Zhang and carefully checked whether the drugs inside were expired.

As a result, I did n’t know if I did n’t check it. I found that there were a lot of drugs in the old father’s medicine box as soon as I checked.

So she quickly treated these medicines and informed her father:

Although 5 medicines were used to be a commonplace for many families, they have been restricted.

So what exactly is these five medicines?Why are they restricted?

I believe that many children of children have heard the name Libavelin.

Because it is also known as virusazole, it is a drug that treats viral diseases.

Because of the fast results and strong medicinal power, this drug is often used as a special effect of children.

Whether it is a child virus cold or gastroenteritis, many parents will use this drug for their children.

But in fact, this drug must be strictly used.

If you take this drug for a long time, hemolytic anemia is likely to occur, causing a great problem with the child’s body.

Therefore, as a parent, do not give your children Libaavirin. The specific drug use must follow the doctor’s order.

The reason why phenolic tablets appear in the public’s field of vision is precisely because of some illegal people who can use it to quickly alleviate the effect of constipation and disguise it into a weight loss pill.

And this kind of medicine is often a major price.

There are so many people repurchase because this medicine has the effect of "pseudo -weight loss".

Because after eating phenolic tablets, people who buy it will indeed have diarrhea.

Generally, the stomach is quickly pulled and the human body is lost, so it will have the effect of reducing weight after weighing.

However, long -term consumption of these drugs can cause adhesion of the intestine, loss of nervousness, and even gastric ulcer and other diseases.

And if the medicine is not stopped in time, it is likely that "cancer" will occur.

Therefore, many countries have banned this drug.

In my country, the sales requirements for phenolic tablets are also very strict, and medicine must be prescribed after a doctor’s effective diagnosis.

As a child’s drug, although Pido Moder is still in a "mouse experiment" stage, it is still a very famous medicine.

Because it has the role of promoting immunity, it has once become a "magic medicine" for many doctors, and almost just open a few boxes when there is nothing wrong.

Whether it is urticaria or tonsil inflammation, or ordinary colds, Pidomod has become an essential medicine.

However, because its effectiveness is unclear, and not even detailed clinical experiments, in 2018, the State Food and Drug Administration of my country has released new requirements, "children under 3 years old are prohibited from using."

In foreign countries, many countries have also made relevant restrictions on this drug, which can be said to be "blocked" globally.

An Nai is a relatively strange term for young people.

But for middle -aged and elderly people, this is a good medicine for fever and pain.

Because it is relatively cheap, and it is indeed very efficient, it is almost not long after taking the medicine, and it will be retreated.

But at the same time, this medicine has serious side effects, which can cause problems with the human immune system, and there are skin problems such as urticaria and rash.

On the other hand, its analgesic effect is at the cost of damaging the central nervous system.

Therefore, after using this drug, people will feel tired and want to sleep.

And if you take it for a long time, it will even lead to serious problems such as plants.

Therefore, in 2020, the state has banned such drugs from selling.

So if you have this drug at home, hurry up and destroy it.

Like An Nai, Feinadine is also an analgesic and antipyretic drug.

However, the damage parts caused by An Nai are very different.

An Nai is nearly damaging nerves, not Nicing, which will seriously damage people’s kidneys.

Long -term use will definitely cause renal failure, uremia and other diseases.

Therefore, the country has currently limited the use of non -Nasin. Only some special drugs can add this substance.

Because of the lack of medical common sense, many people do not understand the use of drugs.

But it is precisely because this does not understand that it has caused some tragedies.

Therefore, before taking the medicine, you can ask your doctor or check it online by inquiring online. Do not use the medicine blindly.

In addition, a detailed check for the medicine box at home.

At the same time, as young people, we must also promptly related knowledge for parents’ science popularization, and also pay attention to their family medication.

Once you find the above five medicines, discard it quickly, so as not to be eaten by the family by mistake, causing serious consequences.

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