5 major signals of gynecological inflammation!Two methods, bacteriostatic nourishment, nourishing repair, and healthy uterus

Vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, urethritis, etc. are all high -incidence of gynecological inflammation in women, and general symptoms such as leucorrhea abnormalities and vulvar itching.However, different inflammation is divided into various types depending on the different pathogenic bacteria. Here are several common gynecological inflammation.

5 major signals of gynecological inflammation

1. Ovarian cyst: Women who have such gynecological inflammation often have no conscious symptoms. If the waist is thickened or abdominal distension, it is not considered to be "blessing", and the gynecological B -ultrasound should be done in time.

2. Vaginitis: Women have symptoms such as vaginitis such as vaginitis, often with symptoms such as increased leucorrhea, frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria, and there are different degrees of itching, burning or pain, and there can be fever in the acute stage.symptom.Different types of vaginitis leucorrhea can be used as a basis for identification.

3. Annexal inflammation: If women have acute appendicitis, fever, chills, and pain in the lower abdomen will occur.The chronic attachmentitis has different degrees of abdominal pain, or the lower abdomen falls and the sense of encouragement.

4. Vulvaritis: Under normal circumstances, touch the vulva, feel smooth, soft, press hard, and will not feel pain, there is no small nodule or mass.

5. Cervicitis: Cervicitis is divided into acute cervicitis and chronic cervicitis, and chronic cervicitis includes cervical erosion, cervical hypertrophy, cervical polyps, and cervical cysts.

The above are five common gynecological inflammation. If the treatment of gynecological inflammation is not thorough, it is easy to relapse. Moreover, gynecological inflammation will affect the normal life of women, leading to sexual life pain, bleeding, and often odor and itching.At the same time, most gynecological inflammation can affect women’s menstrual cycle, such as endometritis and accessories; and for vaginitis, cervicitis, and fallopian tubeitis, it will affect women’s pregnancy, leading to difficulty in pregnancy or infertility, or in the early stages of pregnancy, it is easyIn -palace infection or even abortion.If the gynecological inflammation does not heal for a long time, it is likely to cause malignant lesions, such as vaginal cancer, cervical cancer, and endometrium cancer.Therefore, if women find that they have gynecological inflammation, they must be treated early.

Two methods, detoxifying, nourishing the uterus, and thoroughly bid farewell to gynecological inflammation

1. Diet therapy

Women are easily favored by gynecological diseases in daily life, but in fact, as long as they pay attention to some of them, they can prevent them well.Some of the most common vegetables on the table can prevent gynecological diseases.

(1) Garlic prevent vaginitis

Women who eat garlic often are not easy to suffer from mold vaginitis.Because garlic is rich in garlic, garlic, and other substances, they are natural sulfur -containing natural sterilization substances. They have a strong sterilization effect and can inhibit the excessive growth and reproduction of White Candida in the vagina.

(2) Cabbain protects women’s fertility

The carotene contained in cabbage is much more than some other fruits and vegetables, and the rich folic acid rich in cabbage can not only maintain the uterus, but also prevent deformities. ThereforeProtection.

2. External use

Take a bath

Medicinal materials: 30 grams of crane fleas, sophisticated, snake beds, wolf poison, white moss skin.Mooblast vaginitis adds 15 grams of dragon grass, 20 grams of peeling garlic; Toxy vaginitis is 20 grams, and 30 grams of purslane; 15 grams each of elderly vaginitis plus yellow cypress and scutellaria baicalensis.

Usage: Wrap the gauze with gauze, add water into the pot, and fry to 1000 ml.Pour the juice into the basin and wash the Yin Department while it is hot.

Efficacy: This recipe has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, dampness and insecticidal, removing wind and itching.It has a good effect on the treatment of vaginitis.

The main cause of gynecological inflammation is caused by infection, that is, as long as we develop some good habits in life and pay attention to hygiene, we can effectively reduce the occurrence of gynecological inflammation.Next, here will teach you some small details that need to be done to prevent gynecological diseases.

To prevent gynecological inflammation, you can start from the following aspects

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Do not sit freely in places such as swimming pools and bathrooms. Public toilets are no exception. Try not to share bath towels and bathtates in public places.

2. Wear less tight pants. Due to poor breathability, tight pants are prone to accumulation of vaginal secretions and sweat of perineum, leading to bacterial breeding and breeding, causing inflammation.At the same time, tight pants can easily cause poor blood in the pelvic cavity. Over time, chronic pain in the pelvic cavity is prone to occur.Women should avoid wearing leggings during menstruation.

3. Certain the pussy properly. When cleaning, pay attention to the order, wash the vulva first, and then clean the anus to avoid the breeding of bacteria.In addition, be careful not to use a lotion.

4. Drink plenty of water, use water to diuretic, and rinse the bacteria in the urethra, which can eliminate some hidden dangers.

5. Avoid unclean life, pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the vulva clean, and wash the vulva at least once a day.Before the same room, both sides pay attention to cleaning the vulva, especially the man’s hygiene habits.

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