6 months pregnant, but my husband doesn’t want it, secretly give me a fetal medicine at night


My husband and I met with a blind date. After knowing it for a month, I received a certificate.

I thought I was married to a peerless man, but I did not expect that when I was six months pregnant, I drank the milk of the fetal medicine secretly.

I have better conditions since I was a child, and I have grown up coquettishly. When I was young, I was ignorant. I did a lot of scum girls. Later, I graduated from college and came to my dad’s company to do things. Because I have good ability, I have always been, so I have always been.Make the chief financial officer.

In these years, I have been going smoothly. The only bad thing is that as I get older, my family has begun to force me to be on a blind date.

Maybe because I was too fancy in my life, now I can’t touch the man I like, the conditions cannot be reduced, and my personality is strong. I must get what I want.Can’t force me.

On the day when I met with my husband Cheng Baisong, I just stirred a blind date. Although the other person’s family was equal, who told him to be short and ugly, I couldn’t bear to ridicule him, and he left angrily.After he left, I was boring to drink lemonade, thinking that when I went back at night, I had a headache to receive the personal greetings of my parents.At this time, I saw Cheng Baisong, who was also rejected by the blind date.

Cheng Baisong, with his name, is as tall and thin as Songbai, Danfeng’s eyes are slender and deep, gentle and polite, and are a medical diploma. Unfortunately, the family is not good, the parents died, and there was a brain that did not treat it in time due to high fever.Broken my sister, at the first glance of Bai Song, I decided to marry him.

It is not love, but my blind date is too irritable and urgently wants to end, so I walked towards him and added contact information with Bai Song in the way of seduced the academic senior.

Internal character, Bai Song, who studied medicine all year round, is too simple, and soon attracts the beauty of my deliberate decoration. In addition, I use money and relationship to help his sister live in a better hospital.Thank you.After knowing one month, we led a marriage certificate.

After getting married, because Bai Song’s job needs to work frequently, I often can’t see him, so I started to make trouble for him to resign to work in my company. From the beginning, I pretended to be coquettish to the tough order in the back, although I knowHe likes his job very much, but I don’t want to see him, let alone talk to him. Every time I go to the hospital to see his delicate words to speak to the female patient, I am angry, so in the end, I finally meHe used his sister to threaten him to finally resign and come to work in my company.

After leaving, she had nothing to do at home and wanted to go to other hospitals to find a job, but I stopped it.I want to arrange him in front of me.But because the professional is not in line with the company that the company has no time to time, I arranged him to go to the sales department first. Bai Song talked to me and said that he did not want to go. He was not good at dealing with others.Try how to know, these are all excuses.Bai Song was silent for a long time and walked away silently.

The day passed day by day. At first I asked him if he was working smoothly, but the little sister’s invitation was too much. I didn’t care much about him, so after a few months.

On this night, I returned home drunk when I just finished drinking. Bai Song helped me scrub the vomit and change my clothes to cook sober soup, but I was in a bad mood that day, watching Bai Song under the warm light,Touching his good -looking side face, obviously tender and water -like movements, but what I said in my mouth was "you are really like the golden bird I raised". Looking at the face in front of me, I laughedWith a smile, the corner of the mouth "Why is it, how much is your disabled sister spent me?" After that, he pulled him to the bed, and I had to wait for me to make me happy.

When I woke up, Bai Song had already got up.

Today, I did n’t prepare breakfast for me. I just felt that my head was chaotic. I just came over for a while. I sat in bed and cheated and went to work.

I do n’t know when, the gentle Bai Song also started to return late, and asked him that there was only a cold overtime. I was holding my stock and pretending to be as usual.

When the heat faded away and the weather entered the early autumn, I found that I was pregnant, vomiting, nausea, and the physical response became more and more obvious. I told Bai Song, the indifference on my face finally faded a bit, and I was willing to be willingI came back early to take care of me, and sometimes I gently touched my belly that I hadn’t appeared, and said lowly, "It’s good, I finally have a family again."

Pregnancy is a hard work and grinding. I have been vomiting and have no appetite in the early days. I have lost five pounds for me. I pay attention to the appearance because I am too thin.I shouted me, my mentality is getting worse and worse.

I was an arrogant and arrogant temperament. I couldn’t help but get my temper. I was not good at getting angry with the company, so I broke all my anger on Park Song.I did n’t think of meals. His sister personally asked for the Ping An symbol that I gave it to the future nephew, and I was thrown directly on him.

I stared at him slashing: "Everyone dares to give people something poor."

That day, Bai Song, who had always been gentle and quiet, fired a lot. He fell into the door angrily and disappeared in the corridor.

I am also angry, smashing the things in the house.

Since then, our relationship has fallen to the freezing point, and the company has been avoided in the company. He returns to the house every day.

When I was six months pregnant, my stomach was larger. I dragged my body to drive back and forth every day. My mother saw that I wanted to let me rest at home.At this time, I resigned will give others a chance to seize others.

I thought about it, and finally decided to let Cheng Baisong resign. First, I can take care of me now, send me to get off work, and the other is that when the child is born, someone will take care of it. I will definitely not stay at home to see the child.

I did not expect that he could do such a thing …

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