6 years of pregnancy 8 times and abortion 8 times!What causes repeated abortion?

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Abortion is a big blow for pregnant women, and repeated abortion has caused great harm to women’s physical and mental physical and mental physical and mental.Natural abortion is two or more, called recurrent abortion.Factors such as age, stress, smoking, and obesity are related to abortion.Recently, the Reproductive Medicine Center of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University set up a recurrent abortion clinic to provide professional medical guidance and suggestions for women who repeated abortion.

6 years of pregnancy 8 times, abortion 8 times

Chromatology causes repeated abortion

Six years, 8 times pregnant, abortion 8 times, and even the fetus has been 16 weeks once, still unable to keep it!Speaking of past pregnancy, Miss Zheng (pseudonym )’s eyes are moist.Since 2012, Miss Zheng has begun to prepare for pregnancy. After two miscarriage, Miss Zheng went to the hospital for a comprehensive examination but found no abnormalities.The doctor inadvertently mentioned that Miss Zheng checked the chromosomal and found the reason why she had a miscarriage -chromosome balance.

An Geng, deputy chief physician of the Reproductive Medicine Center of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, introduced that chromosomal balance is a factor that causes abortion, which means that Miss Zheng has only 1/18 chance to give birth to a completely normal child every pregnancy.The probability of 1/18 has a child who has a chromosomal equilibrium as the same as her, while the probability of another 16/18 may occur or abortion.

Each pregnancy is no different from Miss Zheng. Gambling the opportunity of 1/18, however, Miss Zheng passed by with such luck again and again.Because of repeated abortion and repeated clearing the palace, Miss Zheng’s uterus was also suffered a lot, and the endometrium became thinner. In addition, she also left a psychological shadow. "She even dreams of surgery at night and scares a cold sweat."

Women are greater than 40 years old risk of abortion increased

There are still 50%of the cause of recurrent abortion unknown

Natural abortion refers to the natural abortion of abortion/embryo before 24 weeks of pregnancy, and recurrence of abortion refers to ≥ 2 times.The incidence of natural miscarriage of childcare women is about 10%-15%, and 2%-3%of women of childbearing age will experience natural abortion.

Wu Yixuan, the attending physician of the Reproductive Medicine Center of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, introduced that abortion is related to factors such as age, pressure, smoking, obesity, alcohol, etc. Some research shows that the lowest risk of abortion in women 20-35 years old (13%-15%), The risk of abortion greater than 40 years old risks rapidly (30%-51%); smoking will increase the rate of abortion and reduce the opportunity of living production; the mother’s obesity will lead to an increased abortion rate, increase the risk of hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy;It is the potential risk factors of miscarriage; in addition, long -term contact with harmful substances such as heavy metals and pesticides may also be related to abortion.

"Although Miss Zheng is unfortunate, she can still treat the cause compared to people who have recurred abortion." Wu Yixuan introduced that the cause of recurrent abortion is multi -faceted.Common causes of abortion are in the following aspects: chromosome factors, male factors, uterine factors, endocrine, metabolic factors, pre -thrombosis, immune factors, etc.However, even if it is systematically checked by specifications, the cause of more than 50 % of patients with recurrent abortion is still unknown.

Male factors must not be ignored

The higher the sperm fragmentation rate, the greater the chance of abortion

When abortion occurs, women are often under tremendous pressure, but in fact, male factors can also cause embryo to stop and miscarriage.According to An Geng, the quality of male sperm and the fragmentation rate of sperm DNA are the main factor that affects pregnancy ending in male factor.

Sperm DNA fragments (DFI) refer to some harmful factors (such as smoking, high temperature, drugs, etc.) during the formation of sperm, which causes fragments of sperm DNA integrity to be broken.Geneticism is very important for successful pregnancy and health.

An Geng said that for men, the degree of sperm DNA fragments reflects the integrity and functionality of sperm genetic material, which will affect the quality of sperm, reduce the chance of pregnancy, affect the quality of the embryo, and easily cause embryonic discontinuation and abortion.

At present, the common sperm detection method -routine semen examination can only detect the "quality" of sperm from the number of sperm, concentration, vitality, and survival rate.If you want to understand the inherent "quality" (sperm DNA integrity) of sperm more objectively and more accurately, you can rely on the sperm DNA integrity detection to evaluate.In the sperm DNA integrity detection, the sperm DNA fragment rate is <15%, which is normal.15% <DFI <30% is general.However, if the fragmentation rate is ≥ 30%, it means that whether it is a natural conception or artificial pregnancy, it will affect the success rate and increase the risk of abortion.The higher the sperm fragmentation rate, the greater the probability of embryonication and abortion.If men find that the sperm fragmentation rate is high, the antioxidant treatment of sperm fragmentation rate should be performed first, the sperm quality is improved, and the occurrence of abortion rate is reduced.

What should I do if I encounter abortion?

Pay attention to protect the endometrium

The incidence of natural abortion in normal people is about 10%-15%.Natural abortion is about 50%-70%because of the abnormality of the embryo itself.From the perspective of eugenics, abortion of abnormal embryos guarantees that women of childbearing age can have normal children.After a natural miscarriage, the opportunity for natural abortion in the next pregnancy is similar to normal people (10%-15%).In other words, even after a natural miscarriage, it is still the same as normal people, and they still have similar opportunities to have normal children.

However, when women encounter abortion, the clear palace surgery is inevitable.Dr. Wu Yixuan reminded that he must pay attention to protecting the endometrium and try to avoid the uterine cavity adhesion due to damage to the endometrium, and the endometrium is too thin.Of course, the incidence of permanent damage to the uterine endometrium in the database of the Qing Dynasty is relatively low, but many times can cause endometrial damage or uterine cavity adhesion.

However, when natural miscarriage occurs, it is recommended to go to the hospital’s standardized cause screening and receive standardized treatment.If you need to understand whether the miscarriage is genetic, you can consider the detection of aborted embryo velvet hair genes.

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