7 months pregnant and beaten by her boyfriend!There are daughters in the family. These 5 truths must be told early

The old saying is good to say "raising children for a while, raising daughters for a lifetime".

As a parent, it is necessary to guide girls to learn to protect themselves.Especially these 5 security codes must be taught to her, and she can save her life at a critical moment.

Tai’an, Shandong, a 7 -month -old woman was beaten by her boyfriend, because she didn’t want her to give birth to the child.

In the video, her boyfriend pushed her on the bed, and also kneeling halfway, pressing her knees many times on the girl’s high bulging belly, and moaning completely regardless of the girl’s pain.

Finally, the girl directly fell from the bed to the ground, and then the girl screamed in pain.

It is said that the tiger poison does not eat the son. In order not to let his girlfriend give birth to the child, the man was so ruthless.

While distressed the woman, she also warned the girl to stay away from the garbage man.

Before encountering people, you should polish your eyes; unfortunately when you encounter a trash, you must stop the loss in time.In the face of any emotions, protect yourself well, this is the first point of life.

In the college library, some people even prescribed the coffee of female classmates, which made people fall off their glasses.

On June 12, in the Library of Shanghai University of Mandarin, a boy put a foreign body into the girl’s coffee while a girl eating.

The girl felt that the taste was not swallowed, and then went to the security room to retrieve the monitoring, only to find that someone had medicine in her coffee.

In the end, the boys were detained, and the school also expelled his student.

Although the girl is unable to be harmed by the body, the girls do not dare to think about the consequences in case the girl did not discover the problems in coffee in time.

Therefore, a girl at home must tell her:

Go out, do not accept drinks and food provided by strangers.

Do not eat the food that leaves your sight.

Even if an acquaintance, he should eat what he gives without knowing the opponent’s character.

The online micro -drama "Black Car" tells the story of a girl greedy for cheap black cars. Unexpectedly, the driver was caught in a small black house, and eventually it caused a tragedy.

On the way the girl Xiaobai and her boyfriend returned to the city, they quarreled due to contradictions. The girl got out of the car and her boyfriend drove away.

Xiaobai went back to the city alone, and after several ride -handed winds, she met Sven and handsome glasses men.

But she never thought that the car was actually a black car.

When the glasses man cheated Xiaobai from getting out of the car to watch the license plate number, she fainted her while she didn’t pay attention to the medication, packed into the trunk, and pulled it back to the nest, and finally caused a tragedy.

In real life, there are many cases of trafficking or even harmful by black cars:

To tell girls, when taking a online car, be sure to keep in mind the following points:

Try to take regular public transport;

Take the license plate number and send it to your friends and relatives before getting on the bus to inform the itinerary;

Open the mobile phone positioning to ensure that the direction of drivers driving is correct.

If you walk on the street, a beautiful sister walks to you, saying that someone follows her, you need to pretend that you are her friends, you must be vigilant and be careful to be taken into the alley.

Traveling alone at night, a girl said that her dog lost. If you want to help her find it, be careful. Maybe there are not only dogs in the alley, but also her associates.

When I encountered the elderly on the road, I said that I lost my wallet and asked you to go to the designated place to buy me. Do not go. You may not go out when you enter the hotel.


The above are the means for new types of trafficking women.

The criminals have grasped the girl’s kindness and sympathy, and they are wrong.

Therefore, it is advised that all girls must be alert to the help of strangers. Do not relax their vigilance because they are girls or vulnerable people.

When you encounter any "help" that needs to be transferred, you will not help.

A solitary girl in Changsha, Hunan, was maliciously harassed by the scum man because he accidentally revealed the information at home.

The other party sent a disgusting and frightened text message through the mobile phone number.

"Are you alone? I’m cold downstairs, let me hug you to sleep all night?"

Even though the girl explicitly refused and threatened the police, the other party was still indifferent.

"Absolutely in the middle of the night, secretly enter your house, the door on the left of the 16th floor."

And revealing girls’ information is actually a takeaway packaging everywhere.

Girls who live alone, don’t just disclose the information at home:

Remark two sets of tableware at home at home and leave men’s names;

When the property is repaired, try to accompany someone as much as possible;

The camera is installed at the door;

Men’s clothes hanging on the balcony …

One more point of prevention is to give yourself a more important guarantee.

Of course, we look forward to that this world can give girls more sense of security, so that they can no longer be scared, and I wish each of our girls who can be healthy and smooth.

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