8 years with 8!Four births of mother -in -law is pregnant with four twins after 9 months, netizens: life is important!

8 years with 8!

There are four twins after the twins!

Lao Yuba is really shocked by this mother!

In June last year, a mother in Taizhou, Zhejiang successfully gave birth to four twins. Three children and one daughter, Baoma named the child "smooth sailing", implying that children can be healthy and safe, smooth and smooth.

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So far these four cute little babies have been more than eleven months.

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It was already enough to have a heated discussion about the birth of the four twins, but after a lapse of September, in mid -April this year, the fourth mother’s mother sent a good news and said that she was pregnant again!

This time, there are 4 twins!

It can be seen in the video that Ms. Hao’s expression is very happy, and her words are full of expectations for future children.

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Many netizens also sent blessings in the comment area, and they were ridiculed that they had finished their good things.

But there are a lot of questioning voices: how can it be so coincidental?Two times are the twins with a very low probability?

In response, Ms. Hao responded: Duodia is a family inheritance, and eight children are naturally pregnant. Her family has twins for three consecutive generations.

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Some people say that the comment area said: It is not a problem for having a few, but that the two -child is so risky.

Indeed, although this is a good news, the more important question is in front of the eyes: Can the production of the four twins be smooth?

Ms. Hao said that she has been evaluating in major hospitals in Hangzhou to see whether the twins of this time can be born or unable to give birth, but so far, no doctor suggested that he keeps his child.

Although both husband and wife want to keep their children, after all, the two -stage interval between the two times is too short, plus the twins, and the risks are doubled.

On May 10, Ms. Hao responded: Considering the health of the mother, she finally chose to terminate pregnancy.

Duoduo is a high -risk pregnancy

In fact, this Baoma choosing to terminate pregnancy is also expected. After all, in medicine, multiple pregnancy is high -risk pregnancy.Many twins have to break through many difficulties during pregnancy.

I watched a news before the old health:

Ms. Xie, who was 36 weeks and 2 days pregnant in Wuhan, gave birth to a trilogy after a caesarean section. Looking at the three cute little babies, Ms. Xie was excited to cry.

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But behind this joy, Ms. Xie suffered too much.

When she learned that she was pregnant, the doctor of the doctor suggested that she reduce the fetus, but she felt that the three small lives were fate. Since they came, they had to keep them well.

Although I found a more professional hospital for delivery, it was really difficult to get rid of three babies.

In the middle of pregnancy, Ms. Xie appeared on lower limb thrombosis. After the B -ultrasound found that the cervix mouth had a tendency to shorten the cervix, the triplets were likely to "fall out" from the uterus.

Therefore, in the last 4 months of pregnancy, Ms. Xie was treated in bed …

This way, it is really very hard. Fortunately, the maternal and infants are safe.

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Not only the risk of ordinary people who can’t escape multiple pregnancy, but also the football star Cristiano Ronaldo’s family also experienced the pain of multiple pregnancy.

In October 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo officially announced on social media, "I am glad that we are pregnant with twins. We are full of love and can’t wait to see you."

Originally, this pair of dragons and phoenixes were the fifth and sixth children of Ronaldo, but even if Ronaldo and Georgena were prepared to give birth in hospitals with the most outstanding medical conditions, the son still died unfortunately.Come down.

You see, even if medicine is so developed today, there is no way to ensure the safety of maternal and infants 100 %. It can be seen that the danger of twin pregnancy.

Compared with single tires, multi -blooded pregnant mothers and fetuses are more likely to suffer from complications, and this risk is doubled.

Pregnant mothers: The possibility of multi -cell pregnant mothers in pregnancy, hypertension, gestational diabetes, aura eclampsia, and uterine rupture is higher than that of a single pregnant mother.At the same time, there is the risk of anemia, premature fetal membrane, caesarean section, and postpartum bleeding!

Fetail: In addition to pregnant mothers, in the case of multiple pregnancy, the baby in the belly has premature birth, defects, excessive amniotic fluid, and abnormal umbilical cord, and it is also higher than a single baby.

I didn’t get pregnant again after giving birth, it hurts to the body

Another reason to terminate pregnancy mentioned above was the last reason for the ending of pregnancy in the last time the interval between the last production and this pregnancy is too short!Just 9 months!

In fact, Ms. Hao herself also said that she had no plans to have a second child with her husband. This time it was surprising that the couple did not expect that there were four babies.

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There may be a lot of Bao Da Bao’s mother who mistakenly believe that "just finished production and not getting pregnant", but doctors said that postpartum women will actually recover ovulation quickly.

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In addition, the old health also reminds you that the idea of not getting pregnant during breastfeeding is also wrong.

Women who do not ovulation after childbirth cannot be used as a criterion for judgment by menstruation and whether there are breastfeeding periods.IntersectionIntersectionIf you do n’t get pregnant after giving birth, the risk of abortion, placenta adhesion, and large bleeding during production will be very high.

So, how long does it take to prepare for a child?

Because the degree of damage to women’s bodies is different from cesarean section, the body is not the same as the time to produce.

Shipping gap: It will hurt women’s bodies even less, and the body will recover faster. Generally, it is recommended to get pregnant again after 12-24 months.

Squared interval: The previous baby is a mother in cesarean section. It is generally recommended to conceive after three years.Because after the cesarean section, the complete healing of the wounds of the layers of the uterus and abdominal wall takes a long time. Only after the wound is completely healed can the fetus be given again.

Regardless of whether the birth or caesarean section, each mother’s constitution is different, and it is necessary to follow the doctor’s advice.

In the end, old health wants to say that pregnant babies are worthy of joy, but they must also consider the actual situation. They cannot exceed their actual affordability. After all, fertility is not a trivial matter.

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