8888 yuan a night, send a pig!Is the "Pig Scenic Room" worth it?

Recently, Wucheng District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

Two "Pig Scenic Rooms" were opened in a pasture

The room is next to the pigpen

You can see the big pig and the piglets across the glass

Eat and drink Laza to sleep

Cause widespread attention

What is the situation?

8888 yuan a night to get a 150 catties of pig pigs

On June 26, the reporter contacted Zhang Fan, the general manager of the "Pig Scenic Room" panda, pig, and two -headed two -headed black international ranch.

Zhang Fan introduced that the price of the "Pig View Room" was 8,888 yuan in one night. When the guests who stayed the next day, they could get a pig breeding by the ranch itself, or the pork from the courier for a year."The price of a pig is about 6,800 yuan, weighing 150 pounds, and the pigs sent must be raised for 365 days." After this, the house fee of the "pig view room" one night is about 2,000 yuan.

"At present, we have two pig view rooms, one is a parent -child room, and the other is a large bed room.The room is mainly for the model room made by the second phase of the project theme hotel. In the past, it was only open to VIP members. The management determines that the reservations are suspended in the summer and will be open to the public for free.

Pig House implements fully closed management

Can’t smell a smell

In fact, the location of this pig scenery is not an ordinary pig farm, but a garden -like paradise.The largest castle is the pig house, surrounded by gardens and tea gardens.

The pig house is fully closed management, and it can’t smell a smell.The ranch also deliberately arranged the cafe and the conference hall on the pig house. Children can visit the whole process of breeding of piglets from pregnancy, breastfeeding, and conservation to fattening.For most children who have eaten pork but have never seen pig running, it is a big selling point.

"The two ends of black heads are dark, their bodies are white, and they are close to the panda color. Therefore, they are also called ‘panda pigs’. They have a long history of breeding in Jinhua."Zhang Fan said.Traditional two -headed black farming relies on farmers and retail investors, and lacks unified breeding standards, which leads to uneven levels and quality of breeding, and the overall preservation is relatively low.Therefore, the ranch also carries the functions of the two black breeding standard demonstration factories. At present, all links such as feeding, cleaning, and fresh air system have been realized.

Behind the "Pig Scenic Room"

Is the local high -quality and good breeding protection

"Pig Scenic Room" can stand up, behind Zhejiang’s protection and development of the characteristic "pig" species of both heads.

Zhu Suwu, director of Jinhua Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Machinery Development Center, told reporters that as one of the four famous pigs in China and the first batch of livestock and poultry genetic resources in the country to protect local pig species. As early as 2013, Jinhua won the national agricultural product geographic logo certificate. 2017It was also identified as a public brand of the top 100 agricultural products in China in the year, but for a long time, the disadvantages of resource protection and industrial development have been restricted to the protection and industrial development due to the slow growth rate, low lean rate, and long selection cycle due to the slow growth rate, low rate of lean meat rate, and long selection cycle.The introduction of pig species was introduced, and the local high -quality and good species were endangered. In 2000, the two black pigs had only 40 black pigs and less than 1,000 sows.

In addition to creating agricultural and tourism integration projects such as pandas, pork, and pigs, in recent years, Jinhua has also carried out the geographical indication protection project and the revitalization of the two Ukraine industries.As of now, Jinhua’s two -headed sow has reached nearly 5,600 heads, with more than 60,000 pigs in the storage column, with an annual output value of more than 600 million yuan.

Looking at the floor -to -ceiling window of the "Pig View Room", the breeding industry is no longer old.A group of new farmers have also participated in it. Many of them have both understanding rural areas and familiarity with urban consumption. They respect both traditions and new technologies, so that the seemingly incredible "pig view rooms" become a reality.

There are more than two black heads.In fact, the whole family of Zhejiang is very strong, not only in many high -quality and good breeds, but also a lot of the title of national agricultural products.

Light and Jinhua’s two -headed livestock and poultry, there are Laun Yun Ma ducks registered in 2010, Taihu Goose, Huzhou selected in 2013, and Huzhou Lakes sheep, Xianju Chicken, Yongkang Gray Goose, and so on.

Although many of these varieties have faced the difficulties of germplasm resources and cannot be opened in the product market, in recent years, provinces, cities and counties have multi -pronged approach, while carrying out the protection of geographical logo products.Multi -party forces such as government departments have vigorously promoted the protection of germplasm resources, and many traditional high -quality varieties rejuvenate.

2023 New Outstanding varieties unveiled at the Zhejiang Seed Industry Expo.

Source: Wenzhou Business Daily

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