A 13 -year -old girl in Guangzhou was sexually assaulted by her father for four years of pregnancy and abortion.

—— 【· Foreword ·】 –

Women’s rights protection was a hot topic of society. Girls were more or less harmed because their physical strength was relatively small.

A family who lives in Guangdong, her daughter Wang Mou, came to the police station to claim that she had been violated for a long time, and the person who had to sue was his own father.

—— 【· harm to young daughters ·】 – »

What did Wang Moubing suffer?What kind of encounter made her swallowed, and did not initiate resistance as soon as she was violated?Things should start with Wang Moubing at the age of 13.

At that time in 2007, his father Wang started to his daughter for the first time.Why did the biological father reach out to his daughter?Wang, who lives in Heping County, Guangdong Province, married Wang Mou Bing’s mother Song, and Song was timid and weak.Wang has always been dissatisfied with his wife, but he has a low level of culture and his ability to work is not good, so he barely lived in Song when he encountered Song.

Song obeyed his requests, so this gave Wang a great sense of satisfaction.After that, five children were added at home, four girls and one son, and the heavy burden gave Wang’s pressure to rest.

Wang became even more irritable, and went home to fist on his wife.Wang Moubing was the eldest daughter in the family. Her father attracted her handsome appearance, so she often peek at her daughter’s bath.

But this could not satisfy Wang’s crazy behavior. He secretly committed an invasion of Wang Moubing, who had taken his child out of the house with a gap in his wife.Afterwards threatened her daughter, don’t say it.

The daughter is still young, and there is no concept of these things, and she is not knowing that she is encountering violations.Although the poor Wang Moubing felt that his body and mind were painful, he did not dare to speak out, and he was afraid that his father would kill himself.

In just two days, he continued to violate it.Such behavior continued, and Wang even rented a house for her daughter for her behavior. It was called to think for her daughter.

Her daughter Wang Moubing also asked her mother for this matter, but her mother did not believe it, thinking that she was nonsense, so she stunned.Wang Moubing can only get deeper and deeper in the painful abyss.

—— [· The abyss beckon you] – »»

Wang Moubing’s non -human behavior was heartbroken. She asked her mother for help, but was rejected by her mother, thinking that she was talking nonsense.After being learned of this by his father Wang, he was beaten.This consequences gave Wang Mou Bing a strong blow. At this point, she didn’t dare to ask for help from the outside world.

Wang’s behavior began to become unscrupulous, and then extended the magic claw to his daughter’s classmate.In 19 years, when her daughter took Bo Mouyi home to play, Wang saw the good -looking parents and could not help but move.

Take the opportunity to open Wang Moubing, the intention is not track.But her daughter knew her father’s face and did not want to leave.After that, the father had aimed at herself, and this time she was pregnant unfortunately.

This behavior made Wang a panic, he had to abort with his daughter.Even to the neighbor’s neighborhood that the daughter was ignorant, she buried the truth.

With the first time, there will be countless times in the back, and Wang Moubing, who has succumbed to Wang Moumou, has already given up his resistance.At this point, Wang also took her daughter three abortion surgery.

In the past few years, the infringement of Wang Mou Bing was hazy. Until 2011, 17 -year -old Wang Moubing was determined to resist. When his father committed a crime, Wang Mou Bing stopped loudly.Wang was afraid that his behavior would be discovered by others and began to converge.

The mother’s ignorance, the father’s sinful behavior caused Wang Moubing to pain in his heart.I no longer believe in the family’s family relationship, and her life has been destroyed in her life since she was a child.

—— [· The beginning of counterattack ·] –

At the age of 21, her daughter Wang Moubing began to be able to break with her parents with her age. She lost confidence in her family. She cut off everything with her parents.

She began to report to report her father and find her former classmate Bo Mou B to discuss how to prove Wang’s crime.The case was reported to the police and wanted to complain about his painful experience.

When the police learned of the facts, they quickly asked for investigation. When asked about her mother Song, the mother said weakly, and she was afraid of being beaten.So the choice turned a blind eye, and did not believe that the mother had not found her husband’s behavior once.

Fortunately, when the police heard Wang Mou Bing’s complaint, he controlled Wang as soon as possible. This year was August 26, 2015. This was only detained. After that, the police found Wang Mou’s crime through various channels.evidence.

Wang just started to refuse to admit his actions, and slandered unreasonablely. This was a joint accusation of the two girls.In the face of the suspect’s inadequate cooperation, the police had to obtain evidence.

But at this time, the cowardly mother spoke, and her evidence was given a heavy blow to Wang.During that time, she found that her daughter’s mental state was very bad. After that, she found that her husband often stayed in her daughter’s room. In a peeking, she broke through Wang’s behavior.

At this time, Wang also confessed to his crimes. The court sentenced Wang to nine years in prison. This just nine years could not make up for his crimes that he committed Wang Mou Bing.Double torture.

Wang Moubing finally defeated the younger helpless self. He was 13 years old and was weak and could not resist the demon.As for helping her mother, she started to give up resistance. Wang was a representative of the strength at the time.

In the face of a powerful enemy, Wang Bing was shrank. She had no strength to fight, and Wang’s threats and threats made a little girl have given up resistance.

—— 【· Justice will eventually defeat evil ·】 – »

She was isolated and helpless, and she didn’t know who could help herself, so she spent four years in fright.She started to resist, but simple scolding may have no effect on Wang.

Although there are deterrents, Wang’s behavior will temporarily converge, but what about it in the future?The damage is only once and countless times. In the face of such a person with a moral three views, it is impossible to stimulate his shame at all.

The first time he had the ability to protect himself, Wang Moubing called the police and sent his biological father to the commanding heights of law.Such a devil staying in society will only be harmful.

Wang was finally arrested. Just four years after the lack of justice, it was sad for Wang Moubing, a partner, and thought of it when she was young when she was a child.

It is caused by the inaction of her mother and the unknown of her father. How suffocated such a family life with distorted ideas?The damage of native families has a huge impact on people’s life.

I hope that Wang Moubing can slow down his pain in the future growing river, because after the heavy rain, the rainbow in the sky has just emerged.

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