A 37 -year -old man in the United States naturally became pregnant and successfully gave birth to a baby boy. Is "he" a male or female?

Can men get pregnant?A 37 -year -old "man" in the United States was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby.The "male mother" is Benite, a "guy" with a strong face and a strong body. In October 2020, he produced the next baby boy, Bened and his husband were excited.Hugs together.Bened’s appearance is completely a healthy man. It may be natural to become a woman. What is going on?

Bened was born in California, USA. When he was taken out of the delivery room, because the reproductive organs were not obvious, everyone thought that Bened was a cute little princess, and Bernett also thought he was a girl.He will leave long hair, wear skirts, and go to a women’s toilet.But in adolescence, strange things happened.

As a girl, Belinet should become sturdy, but at the same time as the breasts developed, Benite’s voice began to become low, and he clearly felt his prominent throat knot.Around his mouth, his beard began to grow crazy, and his appearance became more resolute.Is he a man or a woman?Bened was deeply confused, and for the first time, he doubted his gender.The change of appearance also made Bennett the object of other people’s ridicule. In the eyes of outsiders, he was simply a monster.Bened wanted to figure out his true identity. He contacted a professional hospital and conducted a complete check on his body.The test results were very unexpected, and Bente was a bisexual.

The bisexuals are also called male and female martial arts. They refer to special people with female characteristics and male characteristics at the same time.In chromosomes, they are different from men’s XY and different from women’s XX. They generally have bisexual chromosomes, such as XXY.Persons with both sexual specialty, but generally only one reproductive system, but there are also a few who can have male genitals and female genitals at the same time.Persons can change to "one sex" through surgery.He turned out to be a bisexual, and Beline was also shocked by this result. He didn’t expect that he had been a yellow flower daughter for decades, and suddenly became a young man.

Bened’s body is special. He has a female reproductive organs and can have a child who can have children normally. At the same time, he has the second sexual characteristics of men. The appearance looks like a strong man.Where should I go?I used to be a woman’s life and love, can I still accept such a life now?After thinking about it, Bened made a decision that he had to choose his own gender instead of defining himself by others.

In 2014, Bened entered the door of the hospital, where he was going to perform a series of degenerative surgery and turned himself into a man.Since then, Bened has began to live as a man. He no longer wears skirts and scratch red, but injects male hormones regularly and shaved.In 2015, he chose to remove the breasts he had developed, and he completely became a man in appearance.Things developed in the direction of Bernet’s hope, but in 2017, Bened, who had lived for a long time, was in love.

Bened met a man named Malik, and the two fell in love at first sight.Malik is a normal man, and Bente also retains women’s reproductive organs. The two were married in 2019, and then Bernett found that he was pregnant.With a lover who accompanied him for a lifetime, Bened no longer entangled in making himself a man through hormones. He began to raise his fetus wholeheartedly at home. In October 2020, Bennett was led by giving birth.A boy and named it Hudson.

Looking at this cute elf, Malik and Bente embraced excitedly."I know my body can be pregnant, and at the same time I realize that my body is just a tool, rather than the stereotype of gender." Although it is already born, Bente still thinks he is a man.He will let the nurse call himself a sir, and he also thinks that he is the child’s father.

"Sometimes people still intertwine fertility and gender, and I am just a father who has given birth to his child.""My happiest moment is when the child calls my dad."Now Bente often shares their family of three on social platforms, and Had, who has two dads, is growing healthily.I believe that under the care of such a loving father, Hudson will be able to be an enviable person.

There are no worlds in the world. There are actually many bisexuals like Benite, but they are not as lucky as Bente.As a special group, bipples have always been discriminated against society. They often encounter injustice and often appear abandoned or abused in some underdeveloped areas.Born as a person, we are all equal. I believe that with the advancement of science and technology and the popularization of scientific knowledge, people will eventually leave the inherent prejudice and treat this world equally.

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