A circle of friends who are suitable for official announcement

Share the short sentences of friends in the circle of friends who are suitable for official announcements!

1. A body, two heartbeats have not met, but love you deeply.

2. It turns out that when she is pregnant, she can also be a little fairy. Sure enough, expectant mothers are the most beautiful.

3. From me, it is no longer a person, and there is TA for the belly.It is not easy to make a numbness every three differences.

4. My armor and my weaknesses are excited and nervous.

5. The most expensive house has finally rented out, for ten months, there is no postponement.

6. Receive the most precious gift this month, welcome Xiaobao to our world. Since then, it will be a family of three.

7. Parenting experts, how to ask prenatal education, wait online!

8. The "grinding little fairy" in the stomach has arrived in the battlefield for 6 months!

9. She said that she was pregnant. She couldn’t find my child’s father. She asked me to borrow money, and she said that she would not return to me. Is the story ridiculous?

10. For eight weeks of pregnancy, the baby jumped happily in my stomach. When I closed my eyes, I was very happy.

11. I have been pregnant for more than five months.There is one more you in the world, and I have one more world.

12. Thanksgiving!This year, when I got married, my wife was pregnant, and with her own big house, the work was smooth. I was really wondering!

13. In October, pregnant mothers in the world are the hardest and most beautiful!

14. Go to Baishan for a trip, get pregnant, very happy, emotional fate, gratitude!

15. Recently, you have a good appetite, after all, you have to eat two people’s meals.I touch your heartbeat, I am very happy ~

16. Happy, pregnancy is really happy, her husband takes care of it, and the fruits are in hand every day.

17. Two months, I am still disgusting every day but I do n’t vomit. I want to eat it. I feel that I have doubled the care of my husband after pregnancy. I am very happy ~

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