A male college student in Guangxi was on fire, and the woman outside the school was "second amnesia" after pregnancy. The content of the chat was explosive.

After turning around for the warrior who loves the love, many students can be said to have been "slammed", especially the company staff who say that they do not accept students from Shandong Clothing Vocational College, more like a jumping clowns.The love of school days is so elusive.

And no matter the age, people’s hearts cannot be speculated. Many college students don’t look at the campus, and the mind is already very deep. Whether in terms of life or ideology, it is not very simple. I have seen the behavior of this male college student.In the future, you may have a new understanding of college students.

The photo sent by this male college student is positioned at the Vocational and Technical College of Ecological Engineering in Guangxi, and it seems that he is also younger. In addition, college students from all over the country may also be the student of this vocational college student.one.

However, the school study is not the point. The point is that the male college student played with the feelings of others, and he didn’t want to be responsible afterwards. It was really amazing.

One girl was exposed to his girlfriend and was pregnant, but the male student said that this was not the result he wanted, so he left the girl and evaded the reality.I don’t ask, do not pay for your mistakes.

Not only that, the woman also found that he has always maintained a single person on a video platform. Some people want to add his contact information.?Even if you are not busy studying in school, you always think of some.

Even if you do n’t put your mind in learning, at least you have to give up at all. I really do n’t know how such a male student is from the family education and how his parents teach him.

It is not easy for the student’s academic performance to be admitted to the college, but he still does not work hard to deceive the girl through his own appearance advantages, which makes people feel like.

This student from the School of Industry and Design of a specialist college really disappointed the school’s cultivation for you. In fact, for a college student, this major is also good.Good state -owned enterprises work, and the follow -up of the matter is also outrageous

Because this male student frequently avoids, the girls have no way, they can only publish the truth, contact the school, and contact his counselor, but this boy is obviously anxious, which means that you do not know the woman at all., They are all fantasized by the other party.

However, the girl also took out the real hammer. She showed a chat record with this male student and the proof of the official announcement at the time. Although it looks a bit non -mainstream and naive, maybe this is the side of love, right?Essence

I believe that if this male student is pretending to be too good, girls will not be trapped so quickly. As college students, or junior students, they will never know how to repent. What should I do after the industry?

Which person dares to use such a graduate?Seeing that he was about to graduate from college, he was picked up to be bad. Regardless of whether he wanted to be promoted or wanted to take the postgraduate entrance examination in the future, he would definitely have a certain impact on him. The man should stand up his chest instead of only Nuo Nuo.

Presumably, if the girl is not too angry, she will definitely not expose the scars by themselves to unveil the real answer of this matter. I hope that all female college students must rub the wisdom eyes, do not meet people, and encounter such a scumbag.

In fact, for college students, the boy’s behavior is tantamount to digging and jumping by themselves. He has a good job, and has made things so big. In the future, it will be missed with public office work like civil servants.It is difficult to pass the work.

And students should not take the performance during the college period. Some students are incompatible and like to hit the guidelines. Even if they participate in the army, they will be hindered when they are in political trial. Students must be strict with themselves.Love is still living, and you must pay attention to other aspects.

Written at the end: For an adult, doing this kind of thing is obviously very irresponsible, and as a college student, it should be strict with the influence of higher education.Will always stand on a favorable side.

For this college student, in fact, it is enough to do things so shameless. I hope that students will not play with feelings like him, and spend a fulfilling and meaningful 4 years during college.

I sent a saying: What do you want to say about this male college student?

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