A man in Anhui caused her mother and daughter to be pregnant at the same time, and her daughter cried and regretted: Blame me to do things and ignore the consequences

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In 1995, a tragedy occurred in Huangshan, Anhui, revealing the unfortunate ending caused by family contradictions, jealousy and errors.The Xu family was a harmonious family, but with the occurrence of a series of events, their relationship gradually broke down.

Xu Peng and Wang Jiaying are a peasant couple. They decided to let go and build a fire paper factory with savings.At the same time that the business was booming, they ushered in the birth of her daughter Xu Zhenzhen.However, Xu Peng’s cold attitude towards her daughter made Wang Jiaying feel sad and neglected.

Xu Peng always hoped that a boy would come to inherit the fire paper factory. The indifference to his daughter Xu Zhenzhen made Wang Jiaying realize that he was derailed.The investigation confirmed this fact, and Xu Peng also had a son.Xu Peng completely abandoned Wang Jiaying and Xu Zhenzhen, causing the relationship between their mother and daughter to break more.

After the divorce, the division of property caused Wang Jiaying to lose most of the property, while Xu Peng continued to run the fire paper factory.Wang Jiaying felt desperate. She bought a large amount of bamboo hemp as the raw material for making fire paper regardless of dissuasion, but this led to too much bamboo hemp in the plant, and there was a risk of fire.


The young Xu Zhenzhen wanted to share housework for his mother, but caused a fire due to improper operation.The fire could not be controlled, the fire paper factory was burned, and Wang Jiaying lost all property.She decided to sell the plot, but when she was lost, Liu Kaihe appeared in her life and brought her new hope.

Liu Kaihe proposed to use bamboo and gray fertilizer in the ruins of the fire paper factory to plant konjacs to rebuild business.He provided the start -up funds and helped Wang Jiaying to open a konjac factory.The success of the konjac factories attracted the participation of the villagers, and everyone became rich together.

However, Xu Zhenzhen had an emotional jealousy for Liu Kaihe and secretly started an underground relationship with him.She eager to replace her mother’s position, but Liu Kaihe resolutely rejected her.Xu Zhenzhen’s jealousy and wrong choices put her in pain and suffering.


One day, Wang Jiaying hurriedly left home to handle relative affairs, and forgot that she would not come back to tell Liu Kaihe.Xu Zhenzhen saw Liu Kaihe’s drunk and then went to his mother’s room, and mistakenly thought he was waiting for himself.They had a close relationship.

In the early morning of the next day, Liu Kaihe realized the mistakes he made after waking up, and felt deeply regretted and guilty.However, his repentance did not last long, because Wang Jiaying learned everything that happened.

She was filled with anger and anger, and impulsively launched a violent attack on Liu Kaihe, causing him to suffer serious injuries.At the same time, Xu Zhenzhen was also awakened by this sudden noise. She realized how serious the mistakes she made, deeply guilty and blame.She decided to bear the consequences of solving this problem.

The staff discovered Xu Zhenzhen’s move and sent her to the hospital, but she had missed the poison and could not be recovered.At the same time, Wang Jiaying underwent abortion surgery and surrendered desperately.In court, Wang Jiaying was sentenced to life imprisonment.


This tragedy has made everyone a victim and victim.Xu Zhenzhen caused irreparable consequences due to lack of father’s love and mother love, coupled with jealousy and wrong choices.

This case urges parents to truly understand their ideas when educating their children, and conduct benign guidance and intervention to avoid similar tragedies.At the same time, this story also reminds people to think calmly when emotional out of control, so as not to cause catastrophic consequences.Understanding and respecting the emotions and needs of others is the key to maintaining family harmony.We should establish a good communication and support system based on love and understanding to avoid such tragedy again.

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