A man in Anhui was seduced by a successor, and the mother and daughter were pregnant after the sinking.

"Comrade Police, I’m killing, I’m going to surrender …"

In 2005, a pale woman in Anhui walked madly into the Public Security Bureau and bluntly killed people.In the surprise eyes of others, she slowly spoke, telling the reason why she came here.

Along with her telling, a terrifying tragedy case appeared under the sun.

Liu Ruiyue was born in a small village in Anhui. Her parents are all local farmers. From a young age, Liu Ruiyue dropped out of school.When she went to the town once, she met Xu Jiahao.

Xu Jiahao’s family was poor, and there were many children in the family. He met Liu Ruiyue who came here to buy things here in zero work in the town.When the two loved at first sight, Xu Jiahao liked this clever girl, and Liu Ruiyue was also secretive for the simple and honest boy.

However, Liu Ruiyue’s family was much better than Xu Jiahao. Liu Ruiyue’s parents did not agree with the two of them together, but they couldn’t hold their daughters like it, and soon the two got married.

Shortly after marriage, Liu Ruiyue told her husband that we could not be a peasant for a lifetime. When the farmers’ income was too low, they had to start a business to do business. After discussing the two, they decided to get out of this ravine and open a fire paper farm.

This young couple is full of hope for new life and the motivation for the future. In the age when they only pay, they will always work hard day and night.Essence

The fire paper factory was booming in the hard work of the couple, and soon expanded the scale into a small factory.

At this time, Liu Ruiyue was pregnant, and Xu Jiahao said at a good day, saying that I finally had a son, my baby son.Liu Ruiyue asked her husband, what if they were daughters?Xu Jiahao waved his hand and said, it must be his son.

Soon after Liu Ruiyue gave birth to a beautiful daughter, although Xu Jiahao did not say anything on the surface, he was not as enthusiastic about his daughter.

Seeing that the business was getting better and better, Xu Jiahao was busy dealing with the factory’s foreign affairs, and Liu Ruiyue took care of his daughter while taking care of the factory’s internal affairs. The days were bland and warm.

Liu Ruiyue thought that life would continue like this.But as the saying goes, men will deteriorate when they have money, and Xu Jiahao failed to escape.

The life of the two gradually became rich, and it was no shortage of clothing, clothing, housing and transportation.I do n’t know if the words that the mother said before marriage, "The poor man will be worse when you have money, and you will regret it in the future." Liu Ruiyue found that his husband gradually changed.

The husband dressed every day, and he returned early and returned early, and sometimes he didn’t even return home. It turned out that the husband found a young and beautiful girl outside, and bought her a house in the county to take care of his illegitimate child.

Liu Ruiyue always thought that Xu Jiahao had disgusted her to give birth to her daughter, so she was cold to her, so she had always moved to Xu Jiahao.

Until Liu Ruiyue took the car and rushed to see her husband, and the driver sent her to Xu Jiahao’s door, the door was suddenly pushed away, and a girl with a flower branch exhibited from the inside.At that moment, Liu Ruiyue understood that he and Xu Jiahao came to the end.

She didn’t hesitate too much, decisively married her husband, and simply, just like she ignored her family’s opposition, and married Xu Jiahao with her good expectations for love.During the divorce, the court sentenced her daughter and fire paper factory to Liu Ruiyue.

After the divorce, Liu Ruiyue washed her face with tears all day, but looked at her daughter and the huge factory, and gritted her teeth and became strong.She accepted the change of the man and the fact that she was abandoned.

But she couldn’t admit defeat.Soon she put herself into the factory and turned around the factory all day.At this time, the 16 -year -old daughter would feel bad for her sweetness. In order to help her mother reduce the burden, she did some laundry and cooking. Sometimes she also helped the factory workers cook.

In order to make her factory better develop, Liu Ruiyue took out all the materials that saved a lot of fire paper in one -time material bamboo linen.And this bamboo hemp was stacked at home.

One day when I cook sweetly, I accidentally drop Mars into Zhumi.Bamboo Ma belongs to flammable items. In just a few minutes, it was burned.Sweet sweets are too late to save the fire, and Zhu Ma has raised a fire.

When Liu Ruiyue learned of all this came, it was already a pile of ashes.

In the face of this ashes, she fell into endless despair.Thinking of his misfortune, thinking of his savings, thinking of the wages of workers, and unpaid debts, Liu Ruiyue has collapsed.

She watched the woman standing on the side and scolded the air: "You broom, you, your disaster star, if it wasn’t for you as a girl, your dad would not find a life son and don’t want us! Because of you, I am divorced, I am divorced! Now you have burned my factory again, what’s the use of you? … "

And this series of scolding made sweetness sad, and she never thought that her mother would look at her like this.Since then, the sweetness has become silent, and the relationship between the two mother and daughter has gradually been alienated.

Just when everything was in despair, Liu Ruiyue met a noble man Sun Jiacheng.Liu Ruiyue did not think that this noble man later let his family destroy.

Sun Jiacheng is a native of Wuhu. He used to be a salesman. He experienced rich experience and knowledgeable.During that time, it was when the price of konjac increased the price. In order to supply foreign businessmen, the Sun Jiacheng’s growth habits, the environment, and conditions of the konjac can be touched clearly.

When he accidentally saw the ashes of the Liu Ruiyue’s factory, he told Liu Ruiyue that this ashes were very useful and were the best fertilizer for konjac growing.

After listening to the explanation of Sun Jiacheng and the depiction of the bright prospects of konjac planting, Liu Ruiyue was excited.Holding the idea of a dead horse as a live horse doctor, she accepted the invitation of Sun Jiacheng’s cooperation.

With the support provided by Sun Jiacheng, Liu Ruiyue planted a large area of konjac.As a result, it was not expected that this group of konjac is very happy under the feeding of fertilizers, and the quality of the output is surprisingly high.The two successfully made a lot of money by using this group of konjacs and put the money they got into the next output again.

In this way, Liu Ruiyue’s career was flourishing again. She opened a konjac processing plant, and her business became wider and more profitable.And all this is inseparable from the Sun Jiacheng.

And because she and the Sun family have come in, more and more people have contact, and soon they have nothing to talk about.Liu Ruiyue began to trust and appreciate the man.

On the 42nd birthday of Liu Rui, the Sun family became a birthday banquet.After three patrols, looking at the rich dishes full of tables, Liu Ruiyue, who was grateful to the Sun family, was even more emotional.

Liu Ruiyue unexpectedly discovered that some of the experiences of the Sun family were unexpectedly similar to himself and could not help but resonate.

The Sun Jiacheng has not been in harmony with his wife all year round, and his relationship has actually ruptured, but there has been no divorce due to the problem of property distribution.At this time, he watched Liu Ruiyue, who was hard -working and understanding, and heard her past bumpy experience, and became more and more pity.The atmosphere between the two gradually became ambiguous.

Since then, the two have determined the relationship and get closer.

In order to make Liu Ruiyue no longer sad, Sun Jiacheng gave his wife a lot of money, and the two divorced.So the Sun Jiacheng and Liu Ruiyue were logically, and sweetly formed a new home.

The arrival of the Sun family has added warmth to the family, and he will often take care of the sweet emotions and ease the relationship between the mother and daughter.

When the sweetness was sad, Sun Jiacheng would comfort and take her out to play.Under the long -term care of the Sun family, the sweetness of his father’s love since childhood slowly has a admiration for her stepfather. She began to jealous of the man’s love for his mother.

Once Liu Ruiyue went out to do business, sweetness climbed his bed quietly while Sun Jiacheng was drunk. The confused Sun Jiacheng thought it was Liu Ruiyue.So two people were described.

The next day, I woke up. When I saw the person on the bed sweet, the Sun family was startled and regretted.He said to Tian Tian that he only regarded her as a daughter, and the person who had to spend a lifetime was her mother. She asked her to forget the matter today and not hurt her mother.The sweetness consciously ashamed of the mother and could not say.

Soon Liu Ruiyue returned, and by the way, she told the Sun Jiacheng a good news that she was pregnant.The Sun Jiacheng was very happy, ready to celebrate a lively banquet at that time.

When the husband and wife were very happy, the daughter was sweet and vomited.

As a person who came, Liu Ruiyue only thought that her daughter had a relationship and scolded her. Sweetan also acknowledged that she was pregnant. Liu Ruiyue forced to ask who the child was, and let the child’s father be responsible.After Liu Ruiyue continued to ask sweetly, he had to say his stepfather.

Liu Ruiyue immediately felt that Wu Lei was bombarded. She thought she had the fortune to meet a man who knew her about her, but did not expect to meet a person with a human face.She found the Sun Jiacheng who worked in the warehouse, determined that Sun Jiacheng deceived the mother and daughter, and quarreled with him.

Sweet said that the happiness that the mother had to find was destroyed by himself, and consciously sorry for the mother and his stepfather, so he took a bottle of pesticides to the warehouse to explain everything to the mother.After she regretted it, she drank pesticides for death.Finally, sweet died due to the ineffective rescue.

Liu Rui Yue was painful. She thought that the source of everything was Sun Jiacheng, and he harmed sweetness and harmed herself.She collapsed very much, and walked to the warehouse with a hoe with a hoe to smash to the unprepared Sun Jiacheng.The Sun family quickly fell into a pool of blood and died.

Liu Ruiyue went to the hospital to hit the child, and then went to the police station. "Comrade, I was killed, I came from the first …" Waiting for her will be a long -term prison.

After all, Liu Ruiyue bought the order for her wrong, but unfortunately two lives and two unparalleled babies.

The occurrence of this ethical tragedy was because her daughter had not grown in a healthy family, which caused her psychology to distort it.As a daughter, her extreme willfulness hurts and hurts herself.

At the same time, Liu Ruiyue, who was mother, also had problems with the child, which caused the child to be extremely thought.At the same time, impulse, irritability and irritability.

In the end, this tragedy also reminded us that parents and children should communicate in time and listen to their children’s thoughts.The harmonious family environment can help children’s healthy growth.Don’t be impulsive when you encounter something, calm down and act calmly.

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