A woman in Guangxi fictional pregnancy and having children, fraudulent "boyfriend" more than 50,000 yuan

Yang was arrested by the police.Photo by He Jianlin

Mr. Liang, a man in Lingshan County, met a woman Yang in 2016. After confirming a relationship of love in Guangzhou, the two lived together in Guangzhou. Two months later, Yang said that he was going to live with his mother when he was pregnant.living expenses.In July last year, Yang said that he gave birth to a boy. For postpartum physical discomfort, sickness and hospitalization, and buying milk powder, Mr. Liang Lu successively sent more than 50,000 yuan one after another, but he did not let Mr. Liang see his children.Until the end of last year, Mr. Liang’s mother was seriously ill. The old man asked to see "little grandson". At this time, Yang pulled Mr. Liang to blackened, and Mr. Liang reported to the police after waking up.On January 14, Yang was arrested. It turned out that she was 10 years older than Liang. She had her husband and had four children. The so -called pregnancy childbirth was fictional, and the baby map sent to Liang was downloaded online.

The two knew each other woman and lied to be pregnant

On January 14, Mr. Liang came to the Yantun Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Lingshan County to report that he was deceived by a woman named Yang and was deceived by more than 50,000 yuan.Mr. Liang said that in October 2016, he accidentally met a woman named Yang in Yantun Town, and the two had contact information.In the next few months, Mr. Liang, who was single, got along well with Yang. Later, he decided to love relationship and work together to work together to live together.In late December 2016, Yang said that he was pregnant. Mr. Liang was very happy and proposed to accompany Yang to the hospital for examination, but Yang refused on the grounds of Mr. Liang’s busy work. He also comforted Mr. Liang to make money to support his family.Good yourself.

Seeing Yang’s so sensible, Mr. Liang didn’t think much.Later, Yang proposed to live in a mother and brother -in -law’s house in Guangzhou on the grounds that he needed to raise his fetus with peace of mind.

Send the baby’s picture saying that the child has been requested to ask for money

In July 2017, Yang called and told Mr. Liang that the child had been born smoothly and was a son. Mr. Liang was very happy after listening and always wanted to see the child, but Yang always resigned for various reasons and only sent a few children.Photos to Mr. Liang.

Subsequently, Yang continued to ask Mr. Liang on the grounds that he bought milk powder for his child, postpartum physical discomfort, and sick hospitalization.Although Mr. Liang was not strong at hand, for "raising his son", she gave her more than 50,000 yuan in more than a year.

In December 2017, Mr. Liang’s mother was seriously ill and asked to see his son, daughter -in -law and grandson last.Yang promised to go back with "son", but Yang said on the same day that the traffic jam on the high -speed road was not returned. After Mr. Liang urged many times, Yang simply turned off his mobile phone and blackened his contact information with him.EssenceAt this time, Mr. Liang realized that he might be deceived, so he reported the case to the police.

There have been four children in women who have already raised their families

After understanding the basic situation, the police immediately carried out investigation.On January 14, 2018, the police arrested Yang in Shaping Town, Lingshan County.After interrogation, Yang confessed to the facts of the crime of fraud.

It is reported that Mr. Liang is 25 years old, and Yang is 35 years old. Both are natives of Yantun Town.Yang had already married others and had 4 children. In November 2016, he left home because he quarreled with her husband.After knowing Mr. Liang, in the process of interaction, Yang found that the other party liked and believed in himself, so he had the idea of scamming Mr. Liang’s money.

And when Yang lied that when she was pregnant, she left Mr. Liang, in fact her mother had died, and she had no brother and sister -in -law.Yang left Guangzhou, returned to Lingshan’s own home, lived with her husband and children, and made some small trading in Shaping Town near Yantun Town.

At present, Yang has been criminally detained in accordance with the law for suspicion of fraud, and the case is still being handled.

Source | South National Morning Post reporter Zhong Xiaoli

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