A woman in Shanghai was pregnant after being raped. The child found leukemia.

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In the Shanghai Children’s Hospital in 2008, a pair of parents waited anxiously outside the operating room, and the surgery was undergoing surgery in the ward that they were only 4 years old that year.

The younger daughter had leukemia. At the danger of life, a "stranger" took the initiative to find the couple and was willing to donate her bone marrow to save the life of this unintelligible girl.It also involves a rape case!What has actually happened?

The couple are Wang and He Mou. Wang has been working in the company, and Ms. He is a cashier in a convenience store in Shanghai.The two were not far away, and Wang accidentally met Ms. He when he went to the convenience store to buy things.Afterwards, the two knew each other and stepped on the palace of marriage step by step.

After thinking that after a lot of experience, the two could start their own life and break through their own world in Shanghai.But shortly after the two got married, the relationship between the two almost ruptured.

On the day of the incident, Ms. He was the same as usual.And there is a small huton between the place where she works and her home. For the sake of the cycling, she often chooses to take this road.But this passerby was scarce and did not monitor.

After Ms. He rode on this road that day, a man who was full of alcohol suddenly came in front of him.When she saw the situation, she was ready to escape, but she never thought that the man had caught up with her in two steps. Then, in order to fear Ms. He shouted, she fainted it directly.When Ms. He woke up again, she was lying on the ground with an unreasonable clothes. At this time, she knew that she was violated.

After returning home, like in the past, her husband Wang had already made food at home.When the husband smiled, seeing his wife’s clothes was not neat, and there were obvious tears on his face, he began to ask what happened.

After Wang’s repeated questioning, Ms. He said the entire case.She thought her husband would blame herself because of this and then left.But I did not expect her husband to comfort her and tell everything that was not her fault.

After a period of soothing, Ms. He’s status improved.At this time, the two discussed whether to report the incident to the public security organs, but considering that the wife was fainted at that time, they did not see the appearance of the suspect. In additionWitnesses, everything can only rely on their own words, it is difficult to get support.

And if this incident can’t find a crime, but because of being raped, let everyone around you know about this, then there will be no place to be complacent in the future.In the end, they decided to bury it in their hearts and stop it.

But after two months, his wife suddenly vomited frequently.So the husband took his wife to the hospital for examination. The investigation surprised the two and the wife became pregnant.This is a good thing. What is the two of them anxious?

Because the length of pregnancy is equivalent to his wife’s violations, it is currently impossible to determine whether the child in this belly is a husband or an infringement of himself.

So the wife wanted to kill the child, but her husband Wang hesitated and wanted to give birth to the child.He didn’t want his wife to be damaged by abortion due to abortion, and at the same time he didn’t want to let a life die. At the same time, he was still gambling and gaming this child was his own.

However, as a result, he lost. After the child was born, the child and husband had no blood relationship.While the two were lost, they knew in their hearts that although the child was not born of both husband and wife, it could not be used to give anger on the child because of some of the entanglements of the predecessors.Since then, the two have completely let go of the gap, treat the child as if they are out, and watch the child grow up day by day.

Unexpectedly, there are unbelievable winds, and people are blessed.Although such a stable life lasted for several years, when the child was 4 years old, it was broken.

One day the child was admitted to the hospital for sudden illness. During the treatment, leukemia was found by the hospital.People who get leukemia are generally difficult to recover thoroughly. The most stable and effective way to recover is to perform bone marrow transplantation.

However, bone marrow transplantation is not enough to have money. There is also a suitable bone marrow that can be paired, and the bone marrow transplantation is also very damaged to the physical damage of the transplanted person.Seeing the younger daughter to have such a serious illness, Wang and Ms. He did not refuse to treat because of their previous things. Instead, they did not hesitate to ask for their bone marrow.But the result is regrettable that the bone marrow of the two cannot match.

As despair, Wang thought of his daughter’s biological father, who had violated his wife.And where do you want to find this person?And if you find this person publicly, will it be tantamount to the public that his wife is violated?

Even the probability that the other party can take the initiative to take the initiative is extremely low.But watching the child who was dying on the bed, the two could not care so much. They issued a announcement directly on various platforms and newspapers. I hope that those who have violated their wives can still have some humanity, and they can stand up and save themselves.Daughter.

Heaven cares for them. Half a month later, the hospital informed Wang and He Mou’s bone marrow had been matched and could prepare surgery.After the two had the cost of surgery, the daughter was promoted to the operating room.They all knew in their hearts that the child’s biological father saw the registered newspaper to save the child.

But being able to take the initiative to take the initiative to take on to explain that their conscience is not bad, so although they know clearly, they have not continued to pursue it. Everyone opens one eye and close one eye, and no one wants to see who to see.The surgery was very successful, and her daughter turned to the general ward. A few months later, she would be an ordinary child who was healthy and healthy.

The man who raped Ms. He had not taken the initiative to investigate, but due to newspaper registration and other behaviors, the case had been boiled in the local area. The case before the New Year made the public security organs have to be forced to intervene.The public security organs launched a survey based on the clues and soon locked the man who donated bone marrow, which was arrested.

After being caught, he found that this man was a worker of Ms. He’s work site, Liu Mou.According to his explanation, he drank the barbecue stall with his colleagues on the side after get off work that day.Because I was not working well recently, I drank a few more cups and vent my dissatisfaction.

After a few people finished drinking, they dispersed, and they walked back to the place of residence.When I passed the road to the incident, I saw a little bit of color, and I suddenly fell into my heart. At first I just wanted to tease each other, but I did not expect that the other party was particularly violent. In additionNot good, and drink.

As soon as he was angry, he fainted each other, and then looked at He Mou, who had no resistance, and did something wrong.

After the crime was implemented, his wine also woke up.At this time, he realized that he had committed a sin, and after a while, he left.Later, because he was afraid of being arrested, Liu quit his original work and ran to the country.

From the beginning of life, he also changed his past problems and buried these dark things in his heart, and he has already had his own family in recent years.But when I saw the news in the newspaper, I remembered what I had committed the sin and had been struggling with what I should do.

If you stand up by yourself, it will definitely affect your family now, and you will be arrested for rape; but regardless of care, a lively life will be lost because of his cowardice.

As Liu was tangled, although Liu’s wife who saw news reports did not know the truth, she also said, "This crime person should really stand up and save this child."Touch.So he took the initiative to explain everything to his wife and decided to make up for it.

Although his wife was difficult to accept for a while, he also agreed with his thoughts.In this way, Liu took the initiative to find the hospital where they was located, and matched the bone marrow. Sure enough, the match was successful and the child was rescued.At the end of the whole case, Liu was sued to the court, and the court finally sentenced Liu to three years in prison for rape.

In this case, although He Mou’s experience is miserable, the birth daughter is not particularly lucky.Fortunately, everyone’s hearts are very kind, and in the end there is a good ending that can be accepted for anyone.

Liu’s criminal behavior has passed for so many years. Can the public security organs be held accountable?And the parties have not called the police. Why can the public security organs take the initiative to intervene?Liu was finally sentenced to three years in prison. What is the basis for the sentence of three years in prison?

There are certain time -pursuits in my country’s criminal acts, and generally use statutory maximum punishments as a basis for setting prosecution.If the legal prison is in prison for less than five years, the time limit for prosecution is five years; if it is imprisoned for more than five years or more than ten years, it is ten years.Twenty years; if you think that after 20 years, you must report to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate for approval.

As far as this case is concerned, Liu’s crime of rape was criminal, and the legal highest punishment of the crime of rape can be sentenced to the death penalty, so his time for prosecution is 20 years.In this case, only a few years have passed after the incident, so it can be pursued.

Why can the public security organs take the initiative to intervene?

Cases that have no report or can be resolved without permission are unable to control or cause social impact and constitute criminal cases. At this time, the police have the right to terminate the adverse impact of both parties on society and the act of controlling or investigating the case. This is an intervention.

Although the husband and wife Wang and Liu have not reported the case, the crime of rape of the criminal behavior of Liu is a criminal crime that needs to be held accountable according to law, so it is not possible to solve it in private reconciliation between the parties.The law is investigated.And at that time, in order to save the child’s report, it had caused a large extent in society.

In criminal cases, reconciliation between the two sides does not mean that the judicial organs do not investigate.Whether the criminal actor and the victim can reach a reconciliation will only affect the sentencing to a certain extent.If the victim is issued to the reconciliation, the victim’s understanding can be appropriately punished by the defendant’s conviction and punishment.

The general legal punishment of rape is more than three years, and the penalty of Liu has made the minimum penalty in this section, indicating that there must be a minimum plot of sentencing.What are you?

First, after seeing the social announcement, Liu took the initiative to stand up to help the children. This behavior showed to a certain extent that it was not bad and did not cause other social impacts.

Secondly, the two husbands and wives issued a understanding letter. From the beginning, they did not investigate it. Later, Liu came forward to save the child. Wang’s husband and wife said that he would not hold his responsibility.It can be understood according to the reduction of penalties.

Third, although Liu did not take the initiative to justice and could not establish a self -priority, he could confess his confession and can be appropriate.

The whole thing has developed to this situation is the best result.Liu was punished because of his original wrong behavior. The couple of Wang still went together to work together, and the children also regarded themselves as if they were out.

Although this story is unwilling to be mentioned again for each of them, at the same time, each of them is extremely lucky and strong, and no one chooses to let go.

What do you think about this matter?

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