Abducting girls forced prostitution, and they have to pick up customers when they are pregnant … People here want to be a pimple.

Trasekala, located at 80 miles in the Mexican capital, is considered the safest place in this country. Unlike other regions, Trascala has largely avoided the bloody picture of drug war and gang conflict.

But behind this peace, there is another dark way of survival. No matter how the outside world changes, the people there choose their own way of survival in a "closed enchantment" -pagi.

Each year, the population trafficking caused by sex transactions will generate a profit of 10 billion US dollars, and the number of victims is as high as millions.Engage in population trafficking activities.Among them, the Tenancingo town has become the core of the vigorous development of prostitution and population sales industry chain in the state.

In this small town with only more than 10,000 people, as many as 3,000 people are engaged in the leather customer industry, and more than 5,000 people directly participate in population trafficking activities. It is the largest supplier of New York customers in the United States.In 2011, the U.S. Immigration Customs Office arrested 32 sexual dealers, of which 26 were from Tenancingo.

Illustration: TenanCingo Town

Each year, relying on women to engage in prostitution transactions, people in the town can earn billions of dollars in profits. The colorful mansion looks like a gorgeous cake at the wedding. Even the decoration of the cemetery is luxurious like a palace … These are these …They are the most intuitive profits that forced women to prostitution.

Figure: Tenancingo town, a mansion built after the family who sells business after sending a business

The earliest discovery of this profitable business dates back to 1970. The wave of industrialization caused many factories in the town at that time to go down. Most of the unemployed people wandered everywhere. Where to find a job became a problem that everyone was worried.

Because of the popularity of forced marriage and "abduction bride" (a local custom, men will kidnap women who are not willing to get married, bring to the mountains and rape and bring them around. After the woman’s parents have to agree with this family affairs, they will be carried out beforeThe tradition of processes), increased masculinity and female hazards in Mexico has always been prevalent … Under the intensification of poverty, people there found the fastest way for money, namely: trafficking women.

In their eyes, these women will be raped by those who do not know themselves sooner or later. It is better to be sold to large cities by themselves, and they have money to make money.

The catalysis of various social atmosphere provides a perfect diner in the town to become the later "sex vending capital".

The most typical crime method of these travelers is to abduct girls in the name of falling in love.

They first went to the place outside Trascala to find the young girls who were young and poor, and then pursued them violently in sweet words. When girls and themselves determined their love relationships, they would persuade them to meet their parents with their parents.

When girls arrive in the town, the nightmare is the real beginning.

Karla Jacinto was brought to Tenancingo town by this routine.

At that time, at the age of 12, she met a boy in the city of Mexico. Just a short conveyant, Karla felt that he had met the person who knew herself the most in her life.

Figure: Karla Jacinto

That man told her that he was beaten by his parents since he was a child.

The tragic life caused Karla to have an empathy quickly, thinking that she was raped and abused experience at the age of 5, making her more affordable, and let go of everything back to Tenancingo with this man.

As soon as home, the man proposed to her, and brought Karla to see his parents and relatives, and even planned the wedding and future of the two.

Three months later, the man showed his true face. "He began to force me to prostitution. I fiercely resisted, but what was exchanged was a poisonous beating.The soldering iron is hot to scald my skin. "

Figure: Karla Jacinto

Every day in the future, Karla spends it in sexual abuse and beating.Until 4 years later, on the day she was rescued at the age of 16, she received a total of more than 40,000 men, and she received 20 or 30 people a day.Forced to continue picking up.When the child was born, she was snatched by the family of the Pirientist. Until the rescued, she had never seen her daughter.

Brainwashing is also a must -have skill for every leather. During the imprisonment, Karla even saw a wealthy woman in her family came to prostitution. When asked why they did this, they only muttered: "For love!"

In addition to tempting in the name of love, they will also choose to threaten women in a more rude way.

Miguel Rugerio met a handsome and charming boy at the age of 17. After a sweet promise, Miguel followed him back to the so -called hometown.As other people encountered, the future of those men promised not to exist, and Miguel was sold to Mexico City as prostitutes.

Once, she didn’t think of resistance, but after the man had been warning her "dare to resist your sister", Miguel could only listen to him obediently.Prior to this, she had seen how these people were snatched by a woman in the arms of a woman. The baby was only one and a half years old. If you do n’t pick up the guests as they say, it is difficult to imagine that the child will be suffered.What kind of treatment.

In order to ensure the safety of their families, they can only desperately pick up customers, from the initial reception of more than a dozen people to 40 or fifty a day.

Sandra could not escape this sweet words.

She was born in slums and she has 16 siblings. Because the family is too poor, Sandra began to work in a shoe factory in the town until she met Alfredo of the same age until the age of 19.

At that time, Alfredo asked Sandra if he was willing to go to work in his brother’s mobile phone shop. Not only was it easy, but he made more monthly earnings than in the shoe factory.

Figure: Sandra

Sandra, who was heartbroken, agreed to the job without even thinking, and then made a week of Alfredo and confessed to her. She said that she especially liked her. Let her go back to see her parents.It can arrive in minutes.

In this way, Sandra, who had never left his hometown, followed Alfredo and got on the bus. As a result, the train drove for eight hours to reach the real destination Tenancingo.

As soon as he arrived, Alfredo raped her. After a few days under house arrest, she sold her to Mexico.

There, Sandra was forced to change to high -heeled shoes and short skirts, and came to the prostitute street in the Red Light District under the guard of the special person.

Each guest charges 150 pesos (about 8 US dollars), 15 minutes each time, and receives at least 30 people per day.

In order to earn more money, even if Sandra comes to holiday, she is not allowed to rest. Alfredo stuffed a sponge with alcohol at her vagina, so she hurried out to pick up the guest …

Later, Alfredo decided to take Sandra to develop in New York, because the funds there were several times that of Mexico. Latin customers received $ 35 in 15 minutes. If they encountered English, they could still rise to $ 45.

Such a high return also made other leather guests jealous. In order to maximize the benefits, they began to smuggle a lot of girls to the United States, especially the Queens of New York, which almost became the development base of the Tenancingo people.

On the streets and subways in New York, specialized people will be responsible for distributing small cards. As long as you call the number above, some people will send the girl to you. Even if you are in a different place, someone can bring the girl to the door in time.

With years of development, a set of prostitution -based vending industry chain has gradually improved.Some people are responsible for looking for goals, and some are responsible for being detained and prostitution. After confirming that the girl is completely controlled, they will contact the snake head to smuggle. When they arrive in New York, there will be special people responsible for responding.

According to statistics, an average of 20,000 victims are sold to various parts of the United States each year. Such a large population loss has also played a lot of role.

In other words, Tenancingo’s police are the protective umbrella in the entire trafficking network.

In October 2019, "Fox News" sent reporters to the town of Tenancingo to shoot the documentary sold by the population.When their cars just entered the town, they were blocked by the truck of the municipal police.

The police from the car shouted to them: "You are not popular here, you must quickly leave!" Even passers -by on the street knocked the glass to question reporters why they appeared here.

In the documentary released later, the relevant persons revealed that these policemen have long been the secret guardians of those sellers.

From government departments to Pingtou people are in a protective state of madly forced prostitution. This phenomenon is unacceptable no matter what the reason is.

What is even more unacceptable is still behind. In Tenancingo, people here will even host the "Pirient Carnival".

In February each year, countless leather guests return to the town of Tenancingo from the United States to participate in the carnival parade organized for them.

That day, the whole town was like the Chinese New Year. The entire street was bleak and gorgeous by the flower ring, and there were also rotating Trojan for people to play.The pimped guests wore all kinds of strange costumes and took the prostitutes under their hands to march on the street.

In order to show off their control, some leather passengers even whipped girls in the parade.

In addition to declare sovereignty, this is a good opportunity to show off wealth. The more girls you have, the more you obey and wear clothes, the more beautiful you can, the more you can prove that you make a lot of money outside.

The original illegal industry was treated like a normal job.

The carnival parade also played a great role in propaganda. Those children who were still in school watched the adults who "returned to the country" and built a good house and drove a good car. They were infected in the crowd.Your yearning.

In 2010, the University of Trawara made a questionnaire on the 350 boys here. 16%said that they grew up quite a pimped, and 44%said that at least one friend told them that they had grown up and wanted to be a pimped guest.Essence

Even the family -oriented network chain is formed. Your father, uncle, and cousin are all leather. Those children are also saying: "When I grow up, I want to be a pimped!"

Today, the forced prostitution of Tenancingo has gradually become a default survival rule. Under the generation of inheritance from generation to generation, it has changed from a single leather business to a family business.Some children don’t even know the true meaning of this industry, but they know that as long as they do this, there is no shortage of money, houses, and cars.

Figure: Tenancingo Town Street

During decades of development, both women and children are completely normal for the behavior of "forcing prostitution". Even the police chose to stand on their own side, which more firmly strengthened the rationality of their thoughts.

In this way, the sin of the continuation of generations does not know when it is a head.

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