About fetal dreams | Since you choose to come to this world, it must be because it is worth it

It is said that every baby once chose a mother in the sky, and after choosing a mother, they may have a dream to the mother.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are curious about various phenomena, especially curiosity about the sex of the baby.Therefore, there will be a lot of experience in identifying the sex of the baby, and the dream of fetal dreams is one of them.Especially for some elderly people at home, the sex of the baby is often guessing the sex of the baby.

Zhou Gong interpreted the dream, and Zhou Gong has explained his dreams since ancient times.With the continuous development of the scientific field, people have more and more understanding of dreams.In fact, the reason why there is a dream is often dreamed of dreams and nights, because we think too much during the day and some memories that the brain feeds to us.

Is the baby dreams accurately?Regarding this issue, I am afraid that different people will have different views.Some mothers have a baby dream during pregnancy. After the baby is born, she will be convinced of the dream of fetal dreams.Some mothers have the fetal dream when they are pregnant, and they will feel that the baby dream is not allowed.

For me, I think the baby dream is a very magical thing. My fetal dream is different from the above two, so that I don’t know whether it should be a letter or not.During my pregnancy, I had three baby dreams, two of which were about the same little girl.

A baby dream was about three months when I was pregnant. When I returned to my hometown on the weekend, I dreamed of it. This baby dream was too scary, and the dream was scared when I woke up.I usually forget to dream, but I am still impressed by every detail and even the picture of this dream.I dreamed that I was lying on the bed and sleeping, and then faintly felt a person around me, so I opened my eyes and saw a little girl wearing a long hair and a white skirt sleeping with me.It looks pale, her eyes are like panda eyes. This little girl is a female ghost.Said to ask me to promise her one thing, she helped me three things unconditionally.I asked her what was going on, and she said that she hadn’t thought about it, and told me when she needed me, and then I agreed with the ghost.

In the first thing, the little girl took out a bottle of medicine and took out a few pieces of white pills from the medicine bottle. I asked me to eat it, and I did it.

The second thing, I do n’t know why I came to a cliff, and accidentally lost her feet and dropped the cliff. When I was about, the little girl suddenly saved me.

The third thing the little girl hasn’t said yet, because she casts in my bed in my bed. I am afraid that she will hurt the baby in the stomach. I am scared, very anxious, and then wake up.

The second child dream was about six months of pregnancy. The little girl was back again. She still wore a white skirt and her hair became longer. She had grown up to about four or five years old.She and my little girl sitting on a very round wood in the forest.When I went to find my little girl, I saw it and was stunned!Then I woke up again.

The third dream was dreaming when I was about eight months of pregnancy.I dreamed that my husband and I were sleeping, and suddenly I opened my eyes and saw a baby sitting on my husband’s chest and playing with my husband. I was only five or six months old.

Then I didn’t wake up and then had a dream. I dreamed that I was lying on the bed to play with my mobile phone, and then a little boy quietly looked at me in the gap in the door. It was about five or six years old, wearing a set of black clothes.After I found it, he ran away. I immediately got out of bed and chased.

It’s really amazing. I think my baby can’t wait to see what his mother looks like and what kind of person, so come to see me quietly.

In fact, the male compatriots also have a baby dream. My husband dreamed of my son once. It was probably when I was four months pregnant. He said that he dreamed that my son was growing up, clean and thin, and he was tall and thin.He is helping to do housework at home.

Now that my baby is more than four months old, it is a boy.Very well -behaved and cute, I think he will like this world.

Everyone feels that the baby dream is not allowed. Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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