absurd!My sister found that she was "married" with her brother -in -law

Being "registered for marriage," by "having a husband"

And all of this

I have been covered in the drum …

Some time ago

A woman in Beijing

I met such annoyance

What makes her less speechless

The named person is actually his own sister

"marriage partner"

It’s my brother -in -law

what happened?



Fangshan District People’s Court, Beijing

A tried to cancel the marriage dispute together

The sister was registered by her sister to get married

A series of problems caused

In the case of carefully studying

A judicial proposal was issued to the Fangshan District Civil Affairs Bureau

With the joint efforts of the court and the Civil Affairs Bureau

The issue of the wrong marriage registration of the parties for more than 20 years


The origin of things has to start with the sisters

Xiaohua and Xiaohong are sisters and sisters

Sister Xiaohua and her boyfriend Xiao Zhou are free love

In 1994, Xiaohua found that he was pregnant

But because your ID is lost


She hides her sister

Use Xiaohong’s identity information

Register to get married with Xiao Zhou to Fangshan District Civil Affairs Bureau


Xiaohong registered with her boyfriend Xiaohan to get married

Time came to 2021

When Xiaohong applied for a family small passenger car,

I found that I still have an unknown "husband"

Xiaohua told Xiaohong the truth about the truth

turn out to be

Xiaohong "married" with her brother -in -law Xiao Zhou 27 years ago

"The application for the small passenger car of my family is indeed imminent, and now my personal information is connected. Such an outrageous wrong marriage registration will bring me a variety of issues such as property, debt, inheritance, and reputation." Xiao Hong said.


Xiao Hong uses her brother -in -law Xiao Zhou as the defendant

Filte in the Beijing Fangshan District Court

Request to cancel her marriage registration with Xiao Zhou

After the Fangshan District Court was accepted

Because marriage is involved in citizens’ identity rights

To find out the facts of the case

Holding the judge Han Yu conducted a substantial review of the case

Han Jade Organization

Xiaohong, Xiaohua, Xiao Zhou, Xiao Han


In court

Xiaohua in court acknowledged

She married Xiao Zhou in the name of Xiaohong

Xiaohong immediately applied to the court’s handwriting identification

Request appraisal in the marriage application for marriage

The signature at "Little Red" is not signed by itself

It’s written by Xiaohua

The opinions of the appraisal agency are:

"Little Red" signature on the inspection material

Little red handwriting written with Xiaohua on the sample

Written by the same person

Based on the above facts and evidence

The court confirmed the marriage registration in 1994

It is Xiaohua’s registered registration in the name of Xiaohong

After clarifying the facts of the case

How to simply resolve the troubles of the parties in essence

Can be from the institutional level

Avoid error marriage registration on the parties

Become a worry about Han Yu facing

On November 18, 2021, the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs formulated and issued the "Guidance on Properly dealt with the issue of marriage registration with the method of replacement or falsification" (hereinafter referred to as guidance).

Han Yu carefully judged and judged, compared with the facts of the case

According to guidance

I sent it to the local civil affairs bureau

Judicial suggestion to revoke marriage registration

It is recommended that the Civil Affairs Bureau after verification

Rejected Xiaohong’s marriage registration in time

Standardize and improve marriage registration and archive storage work

Increase the punishment of marriage registration fraud

Fangshan District Civil Affairs Bureau

After receiving the judicial proposal

After full investigation and verification

Actively revoked the marriage registration of Xiaohong and Xiao Zhou

Xiaohong’s demand is finally realized

Really realized the case, people and people

in real life

Some people will go out for various purposes

Delicate use of false identity information

Or use the identity information of others to apply for marriage registration

If you find that you are "getting famous" to get married

You can protect your rights through the following channels according to law

After looking for the public security organs, the public security organs reported and reported that they were reported to be replaced by the parties to replace or falsify their marriage registration. They believed that there was evidence that there was a fact that there was a crime of illegal and criminal and met the case for the case.

After the court and the court accepted the relevant cases, if they were investigated and verified that the marriage registration should be revoked, the judicial proposal was sent to the civil affairs department.

Looking for the procuratorate, the procuratorate, in accordance with the supervision of administrative litigation cases and investigation and verification, believes that the marriage registration should be revoked, and the procuratorial proposal will be sent to the civil affairs department.

Finding the civil affairs department, the civil affairs department, the reputation of marriage, fraud marriage and other issues reflected by the parties, transferred the relevant clues to the public security, judicial departments, etc. In the fact that the facts issued by the public security and judicial departments, the relevant certification, the statement, the judicial suggestion, the judicial suggestion, the judicial suggestion, the judicial suggestion, the judicial suggestion, the judicial suggestion,After the procuratorial proposal and other evidence materials, the marriage registration is canceled in a timely manner.

Finally DV Jun remind everyone

Don’t take marriage as a play

Don’t give yourself, family and others

Bring no delusional troubles

Comprehensive: Beijing Fangshan Court, People’s Court Newspaper, etc.

Source: Guangdong Public DV site

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