Acne, pregnancy spots, pigment precipitation, prurites, and stretch marks are not afraid!The doctor teaches you the solution

In the process of pregnancy, in addition to the stomachs and one day old, the hormones in the body have also begun to undergo severe changes, allowing mothers to have acne, pregnancy spots, pigment precipitation, ethical rash, stretch marks, skin relaxation and other phenomena, which seriously affectsThe physical and mental condition of pregnant mothers, the doctor will take you to understand the way of skin changes during pregnancy, and prenatal and postpartum solutions!

Hormonal changes lead to acne during pregnancy

Acne is inflammation of the hair follicles, and acne germination during pregnancy is caused by changes in hormones. Like ordinary acne, most of them are secreted by oil or improper skin cleaning and maintenance.The problem of acne.

I believe that everyone has heard about the boys with acne; the skin of the girl will get better.This is because the sex hormone is different from the sex of the boy, so it has a greater impact and is easy to generate acne during pregnancy. In fact, the pregnant mother has a lot to do with the physical fitness.A mother has the problem of acne during pregnancy.There are many reasons for acne. Hormones are only one of the reasons. Physics, diet, sleep and cleaning will affect.Take itself as an example. In the early stages of pregnancy of three male babies, 1-2 acne will be taken, but the skin is not affected in the later period. Instead, when there is no pregnancy, because the pressure and the frequent business trip, the skin condition will deteriorate.Adult acne grows more serious than during pregnancy.

Solution: Prevention is better than treatment. The pregnancy process still needs to maintain the skin normally. It should be completely unloaded and not lazy, otherwise it is easy to block pores.Avoid fried and spicy food.Sleep must be sufficient and avoid staying up late.In case you are pregnant, do not squeeze or pull it.If there is a pigment -shaped acne scar after giving birth, red ones can be used to use the dye laser, and the black can use the laser to fade.If you produce atrophic scars or concave holes, you can use shuttle laser, leather seconds to focus on probe laser, Ultra Pulse laser, or mid -layer therapy for treatment.

Witches of pregnancy spots and pigments!Postpartum will subscrib

During pregnancy, there will be a lot of changes in hormones in the body.In the middle of pregnancy, lutein and estrogen will maintain a high concentration, making the uterus a safe environment suitable for fetal growth.However, in this situation, it is easy to cause the skin pigmentation of pregnant women, such as inducing dark spots (such as liver spots), or deeper black spots (such as freckles) and prone to moles.

In addition, the skin parts that are easily affected by hormones are also easy to blackened. For example, the lower abdomen, nipples, areolas, areolas, underarms, and vulva, but usually slowly restore the original skin color after giving birth. Pregnant mothers will be slowly recovered.Don’t worry too much.However, liver spots are more troublesome, because liver spots have hereditary physical factors, once they are induced, it is difficult to completely disappear.

Solution: Emphasize again that prevention is better than treatment.The problem of pregnancy spots is similar to other spots. The biggest reason is still ultraviolet rays, so it is the most effective method for preventing liver spots to prevent sun protection.In case you accidentally grow pregnancy spots, you must first continue to make sun protection; then you can use skin cleaning laser and leather picosecond lasers with dye lasers to lighten spots.It can even be combined with oral or droplet injection drugs containing antioxidant ingredients.

Itching must be life: aduction rash during pregnancy

Skin prurites often occur in the middle and late pregnancy, and there are many causes. After pregnancy, the dermis layer of the abdomen is enlarged, causing collagen and fiber protein structure to change, inducing immune reactions, causing prurites; some say that the cell cycle of the fetusOn the mother’s skin, the symptoms of allergies are caused; there is also a saying that the endocrine changes in the body are caused.

For example, when the author was pregnant with the first child, when the fetus was about five months old, he began to start with a rash of measles in the belly and torso, which was very uncomfortable.In response to the problem of skin itching during pregnancy, doctors will mostly open a local steroid ointment or antihistamine ointment. Those with severe symptoms may need to be treated by oral steroids or antihistamines.Because it usually occurs in the middle of pregnancy and the fetus is relatively stable, the drugs prescribed by the doctor can be used at ease, but it is mentioned that because of the aduition of pregnancy, it itchy to get life.Inflammation or purulent.

Solution: Generally, the problem of prurites will be relieved and even healed after giving birth.But the most worried is that in the process of itching, it causes broken skin infection, and then pigmentation is precipitated. After production, the laser can be used to lighten the pigment.During the pregnancy, it is used to reduce itching with doctors.

Stretch marks out!Solve the problem of annoying skin during pregnancy

Hormones, rapid weight gain, and baby grow rapidly. It is possible.Generally, the skin is excessively pulled, causing the collagen fiber tissue to break and stretch marks.It is usually produced from the middle and late pregnancy, and it is possible to appear in the belly, thighs, buttocks, and groin.The stretch marks that are just formed are pink. Over time, it will turn into silver -white stripes and become a permanent line that is difficult to disappear.

Solution: First of all, pregnant mothers must know that once stretch marks are generated, it cannot be removed 100 %, and it can only look unclear.If you are still red, you can have a laser.

There are thousands of postpartum problems!Professional doctor cracked one by one

In addition to the skin problems seen by the naked eye after delivery, there are actually many invisible problems, but it affects the life of postpartum mothers.

The pelvic floor muscle is relaxed, causing the problem of leakage and lower abdomen.Light and moderate can be improved with radio waves, laser, and private parts of the Kiger movement, private parts.If it is more than weight, it needs to be resolved by surgery.

The vagina is relaxed, resulting in not satisfying the sexual life. Even when the house is in the house, there is a wave of overcast (like fart) and other circumstances.Light moderate methods can be improved by laser laser, private parts, or in -vaginal filling.In severe cases, vaginal reconstruction surgery is needed.

The dryness of postpartum changes in hormones made postpartum mothers resist, and even afraid of sexual life.A private laser can be treated with neutral layer therapy.

The skin pigmentation of the vulva can improve laser, shuttle laser and neutral layer therapy.

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