Acupuncture treatment infertility, when can I see the effect?The doctor’s answer is surprising

From ancient times to the present, "fertility" is a matter of concern for every family. Although the level of modern medical technology is constantly improving, there are not a few families who have troubled by "infertility". To this end, Sun Yaxian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen UniversityDr. Hou Jiayun, the attending physician of the Department of Acupuncture, said in an interview with family doctors. He specifically talked about the infertility of the "thirteen needle therapy for gestation".

Dr. Hou Jiayun said that since the launch of menstruation to promote the thirteen needle therapy, it has brought good "pregnancy" to many ladies.Essence

Modern medicine is relatively advanced, and there are more choices of drugs. It can focus on improving a certain symptoms and a certain cause, but infertility diseases are relatively complicated. Some reasons are not clear, so Chinese medicineAcupuncture is to jump out of the framework and analyze from the overall person.Specifically, it is to analyze the disease and treat the disease from the hypothalamus, the pituitary, and the gland axis, and improve the ovarian function as a whole. Clinical data shows that many women can improve their physique after receiving the thirteen needle therapy for pregnancy to promote pregnancy.Going to pregnancy smoothly.

According to the physiological structure and functional characteristics of the ovary, it takes three months to half a year to improve ovarian function.There is adjustment, and one to three menstrual cycles also need to be adjusted.That is, the minimum adjustment time is three months. Generally, it is three months to half a year, so as to have a relatively good curative effect.

The use of menstruation to promote thirteen needle therapy for infertility is mainly for three parts of acupuncture points, acupuncture points on the head, acupuncture points of the abdomen, and acupuncture points of the lower limbs.

The acupoints on the head are mainly Baihui and Shenting points. The role of these two acupoints is to release pressure, relax, and adjust their emotions.

The acupuncture points of the abdomen, such as Zhongli acupoints, Guanyuan acupoints, and uterine points. The role of these three acupoints is to improve ovarian function and improve the function of uterine.

There are also some acupuncture points of the lower limbs, such as Zusanli, Taixi, and Tai Chong. The combination of these acupoints play a function to adjust the function of the liver, kidney, spleen and stomach.The overall combination of these three acupoints has played a general person to improve the ovarian function and improve the physical fitness. Only a good body has a good ovarian.

From the clinical experience, acupuncture treatment is mainly used to promote the thirteen acupuncture therapy for pregnancy. There is no side effect of acupuncture treatment. That is to say, most people can accept this treatment method.

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