After 00, girls are pregnant and marry West Africa to lose my contact?How terrible is the real West Africa?

A few days ago, a post -00 girl was pregnant and brought a baby to marry West Africa on the entire network.Many netizens broke her heart for her.However, the netizens who were facing persuaded, she resolutely embarked on the so -called love road.However, after deep cake, it was found that the man’s background was not simple, everything was a conspiracy!Even the news that the girl lost contact and shocked the embassy. Now I have responded in person. What is the truth?

On a social platform, a blogger named Zhou Zhou in West Africa is very worried.Through her social dynamics, she can know that she is not studying at present, 5 months with a post -80s African husband’s certificate, and is currently 32 weeks of pregnancy.

On the way to West Africa, she published a dynamic, saying that she encountered an interesting Customs brother, and asked her as "East One West and One sentence."Just such a dynamic has attracted comments from most netizens.Netizens have expressed that they hope that girls will not be obsessed, which is not the so -called love.

But in the face of more than 20,000 persuasion, she was obsessed and resolutely deleted it.At present, when a netizen working in West Africa contacted the girl, she found that her social platform had changed, her circle of friends was closed, and even gender had been replaced.I have not responded to the news of this kind person for two days.

Just when everyone couldn’t contact her, when she thought she was out of contact, as the incident was exposed, the embassy also actively involved in the investigation.Later, the woman responded, saying that she was very healthy and lived well.This dispels the doubts of netizens.

However, after people’s investigation, it was found that the man was not as handsome as the girl said.Her West African husband said that he was starting a company in China, but he was actually in a state of bankruptcy.And they suddenly returned to West Africa, and the girl had no ticket money in their hands.

Secondly, according to people familiar with the matter, there are already two wives in the man’s house, and they live in the soil house, and they are not eating well.Girls admire vanity. I have said that the inspection cost of the property before is as high as 182,000. It also said that it was the other party’s account. In fact, it was only 2,000 according to the exchange rate.Moreover, the man has not accompanied her to check for a checkup.

The girl also responded to the news of the Internet.It means that the husband’s family does not have a long wife.Her life is very good, I hope everyone can rest assured.

Therefore, this so -called love is just the woman believes in the lies. In fact, the man does not love her so much, nor is it rich.So why do so many people oppose her to West Africa?How terrible is the real West Africa?

It is worth mentioning that on July 29, local time, West Africa has just accepted the relief of the world organization in terms of food crisis.

Public data shows that West Africa will have 38.3 million people falling into a grain crisis.The people here live in adobe houses or thatched houses every day, and they eat their hands.

Not only that, the polygamy system is implemented here, where the female status is low, and there is basically no say.In addition, the medical conditions here are quite backward. Don’t be rural areas. Even hospitals in large cities can’t even keep up with domestic county -level hospitals.

And this is the high incidence of diseases and riots, especially the HIV infection rate is the highest in the world.Chen Yi of West Africa is already an example. Is it still blinded by this lie?I hope that this girl can leave the sea soon and see the true face of the other party!

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