After 10 days of marriage, my wife said that she was pregnant. I suspected that there was a fraud. I wanted to find out the truth. Is it necessary?

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As soon as she got married with Lin Zi for 10 days, she was holding a pregnancy inspection stick with two red bars printed, ran to me, and told me slightly with shame: Husband, you see, you have to be a father!

What?I am pregnant in 10 days?It’s so amazing, I was happy to hold her a few laps, I have my own child!

When I told my mother the first time, she began to be particularly excited, and the wrinkles on her face smiled like stretching flowers.

Later, as suddenly remembered something, he lowered his voice and asked: After 10 days of marriage, there will be pregnancy.

After listening to my mother’s words, my enthusiastic heart was poured by a pot of cold water, and my head buzzed.Fortunately, the response was fast, saying that we had not just met for a day or two, and made a face with my mother, eliminating her concerns.

But in fact, I know the most. Before we got married, we had skin relatives, but every time we had safety measures.We all belong to the night of getting married. Older youths, thinking that we have to include children in our life plan.

So on the day of the wedding, although it was already hard, we still fought heartily at night.

With a child, my mother must be the happiest. In her lifetime, I can see my child birth, but I can also be a heart disease of her old man.

But how can I have an unknown hunch?Is it really so accurate?Is that time?And only 10 days will be known?

But seeing Lin Zi’s excited expression, and thinking about my mother’s expectation, I swallowed a few sip to keep myself calm.

Besides, even if the child is not mine, do you have the courage to divorce?After finally getting married, my mother finally put down the stone in her heart.

Men’s face is important, but in the face of money, there is no signs of money now. I can only put my questions in their hearts first. Wait for the child to make a judgment before the child is born.

There will always be the day of the matter.


My name is Gong Liang. I am 32 years old. I have never dared to fall in love at home. I am still single.

Knowing with Lin Zi, I got the wrong courier at one time.

Once I was at work, I received a strange phone call and asked if I bought a package. I started to think it was a liar and was about to hang up. The voice over there said that she was my neighbor opposite.At that time, the staff gave her the express and avoided it, and she called me directly and asked me to get her directly after work.

I did buy a package and was about to get it after get off work today.

Recently, I changed my job and had a higher income. In order to work convenient, I rented this apartment. I went out early and returned every day, and I didn’t know who there were some people around the surrounding neighbors.

It was almost 8 o’clock when I got home from get off work, and I knocked on the opposite door.The door opened was a girl around 27 or 8 years old. A long black hair fell down naturally. It is estimated that it was just a bath, and there was a light fragrance on her body. I smelled it well.

Before I spoke, she said in a very gentle voice, oh, are you Gong Liang?It sounds so good.

I nodded, she said, you wait, turn around, turn into the room, and soon have an additional package in her hand, and I push it with my hand.

She said, sorry, when the courier gave her, she didn’t pay attention at that time. After I opened it, I realized that it was not my own.

She was Lin Zi, that was the first time I met with her, and the two gave WeChat politely.

In the future, no matter if you go out or go home, you will look at her more involuntarily. Deep in my heart, I hope to meet her.

Just from that since then, I rarely encountered her.I often come back at night. She didn’t see the lights in her room. I just arrived at the new company. I was very busy at work and didn’t have much time to study.


Because the property management of the apartment is very loose, I often hear someone who loses things at home. I returned very late that day. When I met a young man, the hat pressed the head very low.gone.

When I went out the next morning, I saw a unique black ribbon on Lin Zi’s door handle, and an ominous premonition suddenly appeared in my mind.

Is the black ribbon appearing on this handle, will the man secretly mark yesterday?

I was in a hurry, and the garbage that I was thrown in my hand was placed in front of Lin Zi’s house, and then quickly took off the black wire.

In the future, I put some garbage bands of different colors in front of her house, and then threw away the day before.

After almost half a month, Lin Zi suddenly asked me to dinner on WeChat.I was surprised and asked why, she said, then you will know.

Beauty meets, how can there be no reason.I only knew that in fact, Lin Zi was installed on the cat’s cat’s eye. She often had a business trip, and it was half a month.

I saw that I put the garbage in front of her door that day, and I was very angry. I felt that my person was like this. I wished to come back on the spot and violently.

But the next day, she had a prompt sound in her mobile phone at 2 and 3 the next night. When she turned on the video surveillance, she saw a strange man shaking in front of her house and was about to call the property, but the man looked at the garbage under the door.There is no black ribbon on the door, and my room lights opposite are always on, so I left.

She almost screamed at the screen and didn’t fall asleep all night.Later, I thought that I found that it was timely to make them smoke bombs, so that the thief did not make the thief succeed, so the first thing she returned home was to thank me.

After that meal, Linzi and I had more communication.It turned out that she was doing sales. A person in this city has always been a career. Now she is 31 years old and has no boyfriend.

I was secretly overjoyed and did not show it, but soon I lowered my head unconfident. How could she see this condition?

There is no house and no car. I just stabilized at work. There is a mother at home. My body is not good. I never hope to find such an excellent and beautiful girl as a girlfriend.

But Lin Zi did not know why, but he took the initiative to approach me. One or two went, I was quickly won.

I was in love with her until I got married. About 4 months before and after, I couldn’t believe everything.


When I told my mother about Lin Zi’s pregnancy, my mother was so happy that my mother knew that I had a close contact with Lin Zi before marriage, so I didn’t think much.

I can only swallow this fly in my heart. After all, there is no real evidence now, everything is just guessing.

Lin Zi said that the marriage is also ended now. The children are out. We have to buy a house as soon as possible. I thought, look, see, the fox tail has begun to expose. Why is it so easy?

Before the matter was not figured out, the house must not be bought.

I was dragged first on the grounds that the new house was bad for pregnant women first, and it was not too late to buy it when the child was born.In this way, I moved to her apartment, and she bought the apartment, and my room was rented together.The door to the door is pretty convenient.

I started to pay attention to Lin Zi’s every move, and wanted to find clues through some clues. It was really that day, I won’t make myself a big head.

After Lin Zi was pregnant, he automatically adjusted his post. There was no need to travel, and there was a lot less social. Like other pregnant women, life returned to the right track.

But the knot in my heart was not opened, and I was looking for the answer.

Sometimes I intentionally or unintentionally found a check in some hidden corners, and I was really found by me.

In a book, I found a hospital examination report 2 years ago 2 years ago, which clearly wrote a record of Lin Zi twice abortion!

Oh my god, if she is a good girl, how can there be such a unbearable past?In an instant, my head buzzed, and I felt that my head was shrouded in a grass.

No wonder, she has so good conditions, but she looks at me, a poor boy!

If my mother called to wake me up at this time, I guess I would go to Lin Zi like a lunatic to ask.

My mother’s illness recurred again.I run at both ends of the hospital, and when I go home every day, I fall asleep, and I can’t control the forest with pregnancy.Lin Zi performed very sensible. It was not as coquettish as other girls. Sometimes I spit it up to pour water. I did not see it, not my flesh, I have any pain.

Aren’t they all full of benefits and calculations in adult games?

Fortunately, my mother’s condition was controlled, and I arranged her in the apartment I rented.

Lin Zi a pregnant woman not only did not get my care, sometimes I was not at home, but also took a big belly to take care of my mother.

Sometimes seeing her uncomfortable, I really want to pinch her feet and hold back, but the thorn in my heart can’t be pulled out.


Finally surviving the suffering of her conception, Lin Zi gave birth to a son a month in advance. My mother couldn’t hold her mouth with a smile, and said that the Gong family had a back.

I looked at Lin Zi complicatedly, hugging the child, without imagining excitement.

Looking at this little boy who is completely unlike me, I can’t be happy at all. If I used to think there was a green light on my head, now I can sit down my guess.What premature birth is definitely Lin Zi and the doctor, and to lie to my ghost together.

It ’s just that the child did n’t have enough for a month, and my mother’ s condition continued to deteriorate. This time I did n’t control it. I will leave me forever. I have become a child without a mother!

When my mother left, she held my hand and told me difficultly, asking me and Lin Zi to have a good time and raise the child.

I couldn’t cry.


After busy my mother’s funeral, I think it’s time to break from Lin Zi. I always know if this child is mine.

But I have no courage to do parent -child identification. If I go, the child is not mine, what can I do, until now, I still have no courage to divorce;Stop there will not get happiness.

I am going to show off with Linzi on the weekend. I won’t wear this green or hat.

On Saturday morning, I sat alone on the sofa and silently, Lin Zi also saw my abnormality.

Set up the child, walk to me and ask me if I am uncomfortable.I moved my body back, handed the inspection report to her, sucked my nose, and said lowly, what’s going on, can I explain it?

Lin Zi took the report on my hand and didn’t see anything wrong with it twice. I asked me in doubt, and I didn’t see it.

I pointed to the stream and gave birth. She seemed to find the new continent. Yeah, the doctor wrote like this. I didn’t find it at the time. At that time, I just went to a check. I didn’t look carefully at what the doctor wrote.I must go to the doctor to make it clear.

Is it really just a misunderstanding?I still have doubts in my heart.

Okay, Gong Liang, it turns out that you have never believed in me, I will definitely make things clear!Lin Zi was unhappy when he saw my doubtful expression.

As soon as I went to work on Monday, Lin Zi hugged the child to the hospital. I didn’t worry, I asked for a long time, and followed.

Lin Zi fully showed her communication ability to sell and found the relevant person in charge of the hospital. Fortunately, the doctor who was looking for the doctor was still there, saying that it was the reason why the doctor was the doctor.

The hospital and doctor apologized to us before they realized that this was a misunderstanding.

The doctor pointed at the child and said that the child looks like his father, especially the nose, and he must be a high nose bridge in the future.

At this time, I calmed down and looked at the child carefully, which was exactly the same as when I was a kid. Do you use what kind of parent -child identification?What am I doing, my home was almost destroyed, walking on the way home, and slaping a few slap in myself.

I have doubts, just follow my little nine nine and think about it, and do not actively communicate and solve it.

Later, Lin Zi told me that the reason why I chose me was because of my kindness and sincerity. She saw too much love and injustice, and keeping a sincerity is the guarantee of happiness.

Of course, she has a lot of opportunities to choose to be rich and capable than me, but she sees the kindness in my bones. This is what many people do not have it. She thinks this is the most valuable.

If my house does not have enough ability, and even the most basic trust can’t get it, is it necessary to get married?She forgive me this time in her child’s share. If you play again next time, don’t live on this day.

I can love you or change you.This is Lin Zi’s original words. It is really my goddess.

Where can I dare to guess that I can marry this good wife in this life is the greatest gift to me.

If there is something between husband and wife, you must communicate in time. Only by telling the thoughts in your heart, the other party knows what you are thinking.Otherwise, it is easy to cause irreparable misunderstandings!

Fortunately, I did not show my dark side.In the next child, I promise to be a qualified husband, cherish this woman who is willing to accompany me and is willing to have children for my childhood, and I will double to her in the future!

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