After 10 days of ovulation, these three phenomena appear in the body. Congratulations to your plan to complete

The colleagues sitting next to me, wheat, have been married for three or four years, but have never been pregnant with children. The wheat is also very anxious. Because she particularly likes children, she will ask me something about pregnancy.Wheat’s holiday has never been allowed, so she has always been confused about the date of the holiday. Yesterday, the wheat quietly told me that she was a little nauseous recently, and she was always retching. Is she pregnant?

Wheat is usually a standard foodie. Wheat’s husband thinks that she has eaten something that has not been clean recently. It is a bit indigestion. She never exercise or lie on the bed to watch TV, or sit on the computer to play games in front of it.Digestion will definitely be uncomfortable, so I pull the wheat every day and live a live broadcast to lose weight, but the situation does not show any signs of improvement, but the symptoms are even more serious.

The wheat couple came to the hospital and hung the number of internal medicine. They wanted the doctor to check the gastrointestinal function and told the doctor the nearest symptoms. The first response of the doctor was to ask them, "Are you pregnant? Go to pregnancy first."The first reaction of wheat and husband is how it is possible, but the doctor insisted that they would go to the pregnancy test first and then check it. There was no way. The wheat could only do pregnancy test first.When the wheat took this result to the doctor, the doctor asked the wheat, "Are you always sleepy or nauseous recently, how long have you not come to the holiday?" The wheat reacted, it seems that I haven’t come for two months. I haven’t come for two months.The regular holiday, because the menstrual period has never been promising, so I have never taken it seriously.

The doctor went on to say, "You are really confused. Congratulations, you are pregnant, and you have been pregnant for more than 2 months according to the last menstrual period." The doctor instructed some precautions for the wheat and reminded the wheat for the time and project of the next delivery.The couple left the hospital so ignorant.

After returning home, the young couple slowed down, and quickly notified the parents of the good news of pregnancy. The wheat was also fortunate. Fortunately, some time ago, it was just a simple jumping exercise.Lost with this child.

Many women do not worry about their children after marriage. They want to work hard for two years while they are young.Signs of pregnancy may not even know even if you are pregnant.

In fact, when the fertilized eggs are in the uterus, there are some symptoms, and can be seen through the secretions of the underwear. Some women still have a small amount of bleeding.See if there is an experience in the same room during ovulation. If the underwear has these signs, then ten or nine is pregnant.

Of course, each woman’s constitution and tolerance are different. Some women are very sensitive, as long as there are some changes in the body, they will perceive.Some women have a slow perception, and the subtle changes in their bodies will not know at all. Even if they find changes, they will be ignored because they occur in an instant.In fact, after women are pregnant, more symptoms will occur.

1. Rise body temperature

Women’s body temperature is not static. After ovulation, women’s body temperature will increase slightly and fever. Mothers who drink more pregnancy also use this method to detect their ovulation.Will quickly test pregnancy to see if it is successful.

2. I want to sleep and often feel fatigue

After the fertilized egg settlement, the hormone level in women’s body will change drastic changes, especially progesterone, which will begin to rise gradually. Therefore, women will feel tired.Sleep all day.

Third, the chest starts to feel swollen

This feeling varies from person to person. Some women do not feel any in the early stages of pregnancy, but some people are very obvious, and their chests will feel swollen.There are also women who mistakenly think that they are going to the precursor of vacation, so if you find that you have a feeling of chest swelling, it is better to test it, see if the baby comes to knock on the door.

There are traces of pregnancy. Although the symptoms vary from person to person, I hope that all women will focus on the changes of their bodies. Don’t ignore the symptoms of early pregnancy.

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