After 4 years of the woman, the woman was pregnant unexpectedly?Is the contraceptive ring unreliable?

Ms. Lin, 35, is 5 years old. For work reasons, she and her husband have not wanted two children in recent years.

So I went to the hospital to place a contraceptive ring 4 years ago. So far, there is no obvious discomfort. I usually do not go to the hospital for examination.

But in this month, Ms. Lin found that she had been on time that she had not come for more than ten days on time. She was so embarrassed that she was worried that she should not be pregnant.

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So I bought the early pregnancy test paper and checked it, and there was an obvious "two bars".

Ms. Lin would be suspicious and came to the hospital for inspection. After blood testing and doing B -ultrasound, she was diagnosed with pregnancy.

And the doctor told her that the "T -type" contraceptive ring placed in the body 4 years ago was still in the uterus, but the location had been moved down, so there was no contraceptive effect.

After seeking the opinions of Ms. Lin’s husband and wife, the doctor performed painless artificial discharge surgery for Ms. Lin, and at the same time took out the contraceptive ring.

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There are many types of in -palace. The common shapes are ring, twist ring, mixed ring, T -shaped ring, etc., usually made of stainless steel, plastic, silicone rubber and other materials.

Part of it does not have medicine, and now it is more used in the contraceptive ring plus progesterone or copper, which can improve the contraceptive effect.

After the menstruation is cleaned for 3 to 7 days, it takes two days after the upper ring. It avoids heavy physical labor within one week.

In the first month after the upper ring, I went to the hospital for examination after menstruation, and reviewed every 3 months later.

Can be reviewed once a year in the future.

Within 3 months after the upper ring, especially the menstrual period, pay attention to observe whether the ring falls off.

If you find it off, take other contraceptive measures in time, and wait for the next menstrual period to go to the hospital after menstruation.

Like Ms. Lin, after 4 years of the upper ring, she has a ring of pregnancy. It may be that the endometrium of the factor’s endometrium and the scouring of menstrual blood may cause the ring to move, so I get pregnant unexpectedly.

After the on -board, most women have no adverse reactions or very mild, and some women may have obvious discomfort or complications after placing the in -palace.

Therefore, it is necessary to go to the hospital for regular review and find the situation in a timely manner.

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1. A small amount of bleeding:

Within 3-4 days after the board, the uterine contraction caused by the stimulus of the ring, at the same time, can be wiped out of the endometrium and caused bleeding.

There is no need to treat without much bleeding, and it usually returns to normal after a week.The time and amount of bleeding should be noticed in the usual menstruation, and timely go to the hospital for review.

2. Abdominal pain Limacxis:

After the lane, the in -palace of the palace stimulates the uterus can easily cause contractions, which can cause slight lower abdominal pain or backache.

3. Increase leucorrhea:

Some intrauterine fertility rings with tails can cause a significant increase in uterine secretions.

After a period of time, it has improved.When there are more secretions, symptoms such as fever and lower abdomen pain, you need to seek medical treatment in time.

4. Reproductive tract infection:

If women have the history of reproductive tract inflammation in the past, or premature rooms after the ring, or the same room can cause infection, which shows that the secretion is significantly increased and there is odor.

In severe cases, infected people should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

5. Show or shift:

Most of them occurred in the upper ring one year, especially the first three months of menstruation.

The natural falling of the birthplace is related to the large, too small, not placed at the bottom of the uterine cavity, the pine of the subject, the strong labor intensity, or more menstruation.

After the position of the ring is offset, it is prone to ring pregnancy. Therefore, it should be reviewed regularly according to the doctor’s advice.

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