After 5 months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to this feeling that this is a baby is snoring rather than fetal movement.

After May pregnancy, Baoma can judge the healthy level of the baby’s baby in the stomach through the condition of fetal movement. Many Baoma prefer this link. Each time you interact with the baby, you can sing to the baby or language.However, some Baoma, who is more careful, invented. Sometimes the babies will present a very subtle activity that is a very small and regular activity. It is a bit distinguished from the fetal movement. Therefore, it is doubtful whether the baby is in trouble.In this case, there may be a baby’s hiccup in your belly.

When will the baby be a snoring scene?

If Baoma is full and careful, she will invent this kind of behavior that is different from fetal movement, mostly now after July of pregnancy.The secondary development obligation of fetal babies in July is to develop their own lungs, so the baby baby will swallow amniotic fluid to enhance the function of the lungs.In this process, the diaphragm of the baby’s lungs will show paroxysmal or spasm expansion, thereby forming "snoring".

Is this situation average?

In general, the snoring of the baby is a general psychological scene. There is no harm to his body development. It can also help the baby to refine the function of the lungs and enhance the baby’s breathing talents.And pregnant mothers can also invented the accurate status of fetal babies after such actions.

If this kind of movement is always under the abdomen of the pregnant mother, there is nothing to do that; if this type of move is always above the abdomen of the pregnant mother, and there is no change in the attack after 28 weeks of pregnancy, then it will be very very changeable, then it is very veryThere may be a scene of fetal position incorrect. At this time, what the pregnant mother needs to do is: hurriedly enter the hospital to diagnose whether the baby can be abundant, and the doctor’s status of the baby will be positive.

When the fetal baby shows a snoring scene, what will the pregnant mother feel?

Many Baoma hints that the snoring scene of the baby is very similar to the fetal movement, but there are still districts between them: fetal movement is often now May after May, and the baby’s snoring often shows after July of pregnancy.Ordinary activities will have regular activities, and the fetal movement will become more violent after July pregnancy; and there is no regular time when the fetal baby hiccups.Within 2-5 minutes.Therefore, Bao Ma carefully approved it.

If the pregnant mother is worried that the frequency of hiccups of the baby’s hiccups is still frequently, then the pregnant mother can choose to stroke and hold her belly. The baby feels that the obligation of snoring will be temporarily suspended and choose to play with Mommy.

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