After a caesarean section, you will be pregnant with a second child, and the expectant mother must know!

Many families have only one child, but a child will inevitably be alone. Since the policy of "comprehensive opening up", many couples work hard to have a second baby.But there is a problem at this time. When many mothers have a cesarean section when they have the first child, do they have to use a caesarean section for the second child?

First of all, let’s take a look at the current situation of childbirth in my country -three pregnant women, one caesarean section.

The domestic caesarean section ratio is as high as 33%, which means that one of the three pregnant women takes a caesarean section. Such a caesarean section is as high as the third place in the world, second only to Chile and Brazil.Research from the Department of Health found that in order to select Jishi Liangchen production, pain, cesarean section, more than natural business insurance payments, and natural production can cause vaginal relaxation to cause vaginal relaxation.In fact, not all of them are based on medical needs.

So, what is the need to have a caesarean section?

Cester section surgery conditions: fetal distress, large fetal, too small pelvis, incorrect fetal position, mild pregnancy hypertension syndrome, natural production process cannot continue to progress, fetal immature, fetal volume smaller than actual month, and front placenta (front placenta (front placenta (Low placental), placental stripping, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, maternal suffering from a certain disease, and have undergone a caesarean section.

From this, we can see that domestic medicine believes that pregnant women who have undergone caesarean section need to choose a caesarean section when they have a second child.

Some doctors believe that the mother who once caesarean section has continued to increase the uterus due to the development of the fetus, and the uterine wall becomes thinner, especially at the cutting -edge tissue at the mouth of the surgical knife, which lacks elasticity.Fresh knife scars are easily swollen and broken during the end of pregnancy or during childbirth. Once the uterine rupture occurs, it may cause fetal distress, postpartum bleeding, and even cause medical disputes.After such arguments were proposed, they were constantly argued.And after such a concept was proposed, women who had a cesarean section had certainly unwilling to try naturally, which caused the phenomenon of increasing the cesarean section year by year.

These concerns also remind us that the mother who conceives the second child after a cesarean section should pay more attention to the protection of herself to ensure the safety of themselves and the fetus.

Physical examination is important

Caesarean section needs to go to a regular public hospital or a maternal and child health care hospital for a comprehensive physical examination before the second child is prepared for pregnancy, including basic quality examination, gynecological examination, caesarean section wound examination, special disease examination, blood examination, etc.Among them, a caesarean wound examination is particularly important. Look at the time of wound recovery, the degree of recovery, and whether the wound is suitable for pregnancy again.In addition, gynecological diseases directly affect the pregnancy of the fetus. If there are gynecological diseases such as vaginitis and cervical pelvic inflammatory disease, it needs to be treated in a timely manner.

Master your own fetal movement correctly

Fetal movement is one of the factors to determine whether the fetus is safe.Generally speaking, the number of fetal movements during pregnancy is 3-5 times per hour or more than ten times a day. Mom can monitor the condition of the fetus according to the fetal movement. If the number of fetal fetal movements is abnormal, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.Before the fetus dies, the fetal movement will slow down until it disappears.

Prevent the abdomen from squeezing abdomen in advanced pregnancy

In order to prevent scars cracks, it is necessary to pay attention to protection and not be squeezed.In daily life in the evening of pregnancy, you should avoid the crowds of the crowd by car, walking, etc., and the housework should be appropriate. Sleep should be lying on your back or sideways. Sexual life should be restrained to avoid the abdomen.

Pay attention to emotional changes

You may find that your second pregnancy will be worried about the problems that occur during the first pregnancy or production, and the experience of the second pregnancy has reappeared again.Maintaining such emotions will make pregnant women feel fatigue during pregnancy and form too much psychological pressure.In particular, some pregnant women do not control their emotions to vent their family, causing family discord, especially for the first child, which will have a bad impact.

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