After a cesarean section, you will get pregnant again, and the embryo is more likely to bed in the wound?Growing knowledge

Wen | Tao Ma

Some time ago, Ran Yingying revealed the photos of her third child. She was cute and very cute.Many people are envious of Ran Yingying, successful career, family harmony, and three sons, which are the winners of life.But her success also paid a lot by herself, including the three sisters, and she was also risky.Because the fertilized egg of the third child happens to bed on the mouth of the previous caesarean section. This is a very dangerous situation and may have severe bleeding.According to reports, Ran Yingying has been ready to remove the uterus before childbirth.Fortunately, everything goes well, and the third child Mengbao is born smoothly.So some pregnant women are curious: If the cesarean section is pregnant again, is the fertilized eggs more likely to bed at the mouth of the knife?I understand after reading it.

Influence of scar uterus

If a woman’s last child is a caesarean section, when you are pregnant again, the fertilized eggs are bed at the cutting mouth of the last caesarean section. This is called a cesarean section scar pregnancy.As long as women have experienced caesarean section or have undergone uterine surgery, the uterus will leave scars. Such a uterus is called a scar uterus.If pregnant women are scar uterus, there will be many harms, such as placenta implantation, triggering major bleeding, uterine rupture, and so on.Therefore, if a pregnant woman gets a cesarean section, there must be a lot of attention when they are pregnant again.

How can a mother who has a cesarean section avoid scar uterus again?

Of course, not all mothers will have scar uterus when they are pregnant again after caesarean section.If you can do this, it is still very safe.

1. The time interval between two babies is more than 2 years

After a cesarean section surgery, women’s uterus will be damaged to a certain amount, and it takes time to recover.In 2-3 years after cesarean section, the degree of uterine scar muscles can reach a good state.So we generally recommend that mothers plan to get pregnant after 2 years of caesarean section.In this way, couples need to take contraceptive measures during this period to avoid accidental pregnancy.

2. Before you are pregnant again, evaluate the uterus condition

The recovery of the uterus cannot be known through the degree of scar recovery through the naked eye, but you need to go to the hospital for professional examination.If the mother hurts the fetal caesarean section and wants to be pregnant, it is best to go to the hospital to evaluate the situation of the uterine scars to see if it is suitable for pregnancy.

3. In bedtime in bedtime in early pregnancy

Generally speaking, uterine scar pregnancy can be found through B -ultrasound.For women who have experienced a caesarean section, it is best to perform B -ultrasound within 2 months after menopause to understand the bed position of the embryo and exclude it at the scar.

4. Quality inspection

Generally speaking, in the scar uterus, as the fetus develops, the risk coefficient is also increasing.Then we recommend that this type of pregnant women should conduct color Doppler ultrasound inspections in the third trimester to understand the thickness of the uterine scar and judge whether the uterus will break.Therefore, this type of pregnant women should appropriately increase the number of births and do not be lazy.

Tao Ma said: Although not all women who have a caesarean section will appear when they are pregnant again, they will have scar uterus, but they must be for example.If this happens unfortunately, the impact is really unknown.If this is the case, it is necessary to pay more attention to the minimum danger to the minimum danger.

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