After a man drinking a lot, why did the bladder break?

Source: Dahe Health News

Dahe Health News reporter Liang Lulu correspondent Xiao Jingjing

Recently, after drinking a lot of alcohol in Zhengzhou citizens, severe abdominal pain occurred, and the inspection turned out to be a bladder rupture.How can a good bladder break?

Mr. Wang went to the hospital for severe abdominal pain. Ultrasound examination showed a large amount of effusion in the abdomen and pelvic cavity.The doctor talked with his family members that Mr. Wang had a large amount of alcohol before the onset and had a history of prostate hypertrophy. He was still taking medicine.

The doctor hurriedly arranged that Mr. Wang inserted the urethra through the urethral exterior and entered the bladder. After the ureter was injected into 200 ml diluted contrast agents, the abdominal pelvic CT scan was found.Abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity.The reason was finally found: bladder rupture!

Why did the bladder break after drinking?Jia Bin, deputy chief physician of the Department of Urology, Henan Provincial Third People’s Hospital, explained that when drinking alcohol, Mr. Wang ingest a lot of water. After severe drunk, the urination reflection of the bladder weakens.The situation caused the stress of the bladder to increase sharply, and the slight external force caused the bladder to break.

"There are two cases of bladder rupture, one is caused by trauma, and the other is the bladder itself. The more the bladder storage urine, the higher the pressure in the bladder.Thin. At this time, if some external forces are encountered, such as cycling force, wrestling, strong impact, etc., it is easy to cause the bladder to rupture and not treat it in time.Because before it cracked ‘, it may have been involuntarily’ to let go of the urine, that is, the urine pants. "Jia Bin preached that friends who love to drink must pay attention. After drunk, alcohol suppresses the nerve center.The urination feels dull, and the bladder rupture may occur for a long time.

Patients with prostate hypertrophy are not recommended for drinking during treatment, let alone urinate for a long time. A large amount of urine stays in the bladder will also affect renal function.

Jia Bin told reporters that after laparoscopic bladder repair treatment, Mr. Wang quickly recovered and discharged.

At the same time, he mentioned that the bladder itself is actually a large flat muscle, consisting of a three -layer tissue, from the introverted as the mucous membrane layer, muscle layer and outer membrane.The good contraction function of the bladder depends on these three layers of structure. If urinating for a long time, it will cause the bladder elasticity to decrease, and it is easy to disrupt urinary incontinence or normal urination physiological reflexes.In popular terms, I can’t urinate when I have urine, and I always want to urinate when there is no urine.

"Urinary urination can also cause women’s urinary tract infections. Due to the complicated organ structure of women’s abdominal cavity, the urinary system is more likely to suffer from germs than men. Moreover, the uterus is located after the bladder, and the urinary diries can fill the bladder.Make the uterus backwards. If you often urinate, it is difficult to reset the back of the uterus. If the bladder severely compresss the uterus, the uterus will prevent menstrual blood flow, which can cause severe dysmenorrhea symptoms. If severe, it will affect conception. "

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