After a woman is pregnant, how can the husband be solved if there is a "physiological needs"?After reading it

The time for pregnancy to experience is very long. During this period, women have many taboos in many ways, because women are very fragile during pregnancy, and when pregnant mothers are hurt, children with belly will be guilty.Speaking of taboos during pregnancy, "normal life between husband and wife" is a taboo.

In the early days of women’s pregnancy, the embryo was unstable, and the fetus was formed. At this time, the husband and wife in the same room can easily lead to abortion in pregnant women.Women are pregnant in the late pregnancy, the fetus is about to be born, and the pregnant woman’s uterus will be exaggerated. At this time, the husband and wife in the same room will easily lead to the fetus infection.Therefore, the couple in the early pregnancy and the same room in the early pregnancy.The fetus in the middle of pregnancy has been relatively stable. For pregnant mothers who are healthy, couples can properly in the same room in the second trimester. This has certain benefits to the fetus and also solves the physiological needs of the couple.

1. Promote the relationship between husband and wife

Women need a long period of time, and women need to confine after giving birth.During this period, the physiological needs of men will also make them feel very distressed, and this will even cause some contradictions.

Therefore, women can properly live in the middle of pregnancy during pregnancy, which is conducive to promoting the relationship between the couple.

2. It has a certain benefit to the fetus

The interaction between the couple during pregnancy can properly change the internal environment of the women’s uterus, so the adaptability of the fetus in the uterus can be exercised, and the child’s adaptation ability will become stronger after birth.

In addition, the life of the couple will also meet the physiological needs of pregnant mothers, and the pregnant mother will secrete dopamine at this time.Dopamine can relieve the pressure of pregnant mothers, soothe their mood, and the fetus benefits, and their physical and mental development will be better after birth.

1. Pay attention to the health status of expectant parents

First of all, the premise of living in the same room during pregnancy is that the couple’s physical conditions are good and cannot have a history of major diseases. If the pregnant mother has had abortion, premature birth, and vaginal inflammation before, the couple must not have the same room during pregnancy during pregnancy.Life.

In addition, if men were suffering from illness at the time, the couple could not live in the same room during pregnancy. This was mainly to avoid the expectant dad’s disease to the fetus through expectant mothers.

2. Pay attention to hygiene

During pregnancy, women’s bodies are relatively weak, and they are vulnerable to germ infection. Therefore, when husband and wife live in the same room, they must pay attention to the sanitation of the environment, close clothes, and prevent equipment, so as not to be attacked by the germs and infect the fetus.

3. Pay attention to the number and strength of the same room

Pregnant mothers are inconvenient during pregnancy, so they must pay attention to their posture when they are in the same room, so as not to cause the fetus to be harmed.

In addition, although you can have the same room in the middle of pregnancy during pregnancy, expectant parents should also pay attention to the number of times in the same room, not too frequently.

Adults or women will inevitably have physiological needs. During the pregnancy, expectant parents should pay special attention when they are in the same room. As long as you do what you need to pay attention to, expectant parents can also properly do the same room.

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