After breaking up, I found myself pregnant

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Nothing to say.The coordinate city B, the test strip was vomited in the afternoon, it was positive.I still can’t go asleep to tell my story.

After the 90s, a master’s degree in Britain, worked in a foreign company after graduation, met the child’s father through social software.I am six years old.We broke up in July for almost a year, and now I am pregnant.After measuring it, I was afraid of this for the first time after all. Then I called him. After breaking up, he had gone all the WeChat WeChat of our telephones, so I used my dad to call.He questioned how long it was for me to say on the phone, and I said there were two weeks.He said it was two months since we broke up.After he said this, my heart was cold again.I called him to tell him that the original intention was not to save anything, but it was time to let him know.

Now I really ca n’t fall asleep. I feel that there is a life there is really amazing to have a life.I am a person who likes children very much. I used to secretly determine that I must not abandon the abortion. I must give birth to the first child.So I paid attention, I didn’t expect to be playing with me this time.

My mother went to the hot spring with my friends today. I immediately called my mother to call him just after making a call.My mother said at the end of the phone and said that I would go back tomorrow, don’t be afraid.I cried even more.

I know that there will definitely be many people who can only blame you to protect yourself, or someone will say that it is nothing to get a fetus.I know that I am a fool who has been devoted to feelings. Even I even thought about it, and I had to go to the United States to start my career with him.

He and he met last year. When he first met him, he was a man who loved playing basketball positively.He used to be fat before, and then he lost weight and worked in law -related work.Master’s degree in Hong Kong.I am very secure with him. I have always discussed with us when eating and ordering restaurants. I have a good temper so I basically follow him. He also takes care of me.

I just checked in ten weeks of pregnancy and hung up an expert. The doctor said that I was going to be hospitalized. I ca n’t have an ordinary abortion surgery. In the afternoon, I have a B -ultrasound. Fortunately, my mother accompanies me. I think I am sorry for her.

I told my mother to tell him, my mother said it didn’t make much sense, don’t contact anymore.But I have told him last night. He just told me that he was limited to the day. I did n’t have time on the weekend. I did n’t contact him anymore. I did n’t have any room for recovery., But I just think that he has his responsibility, he should know!

For him, he must not have it. He was going to the United States to study for a PhD. I called last night to ask what to do. He said what to do and what to do!I just understand, haha!We once thought about several small BBs in the United States. Now I resign at home and rest. He is going to go to the United States.

The test results came out and said that this is so good that this is so good. The heart jumping bang is too powerful. Don’t you plan to ask for it?But there is no regret medicine.

I wanted to send him a test result, and found that he deleted me last night and sent me a text message saying, "What is the matter here, haha"

After telling him about the general situation, I decided not to contact him anymore. I took it all by myself and watched the last two sentences of his last two words.

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