After breast augmentation in Changsha, she was found to be pregnant. Why did the urine test before surgery?The hospital responded like this …

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On February 20th, Ms. Chen, a citizen of Changsha, spent 25,800 yuan, and accepted the prosthesis at the Yami Plastic Surgery Hospital. However, it was not expected that she was pregnant in less than 20 days after the operation.

After Ms. Chen reflected the situation to the plastic surgery hospital, her answer made her unacceptable.

Ms. Chen said that the plastic surgery hospital did not detect her pregnancy and had surgery without finding it clearly.

Before the hospital surgery, it was claimed that neither of pregnancy and preparation plan were performed, and the hospital examination was subject to the hospital examination. After the urine test, Ms. Chen’s test results were negative.After the operation, Ms. Chen was postponed, but the plastic surgery hospital said that this was normal.

Later, Ms. Chen did a B -ultrasound and found that she had been pregnant for more than a month.

Ms. Chen reflected her inspection results to the plastic surgery hospital, but the staff asked her to consult a professional doctor at the hospital. They could not solve it.This attitude makes Ms. Chen unacceptable.

Ms. Chen believes that the attitude of the staff seems to want to show that they have no responsibility to find that they have no responsibility, nor can they blame the plastic surgery hospital, and they seem to blame themselves.

Sudden accidents made Ms. Chen very worried that the operation was fully anesthetic, which had a great impact on the fetus. She hoped that the plastic surgery hospital could be actively responsible.If the child he gave birth to is a deformity, who should be responsible?Ms. Chen hopes that the plastic surgery hospital can acknowledge the hospital’s errors to bear this responsibility.

Ms. Chen was worried that the anesthesia had a great impact on the fetus and eventually decided to have a miscarriage, but the surgery had to hurt her body, which made her unacceptable.

Later, the reporter accompanied Ms. Chen to the Plastic Surgery Hospital. The person in charge of the area said that there was no fault in the hospital.The regional manager Ms. Hu said: "These things are reasonable and legal, and there are no problems."

Ms. Chen provided a hospital test report to Yami Plastic Surgery Hospital, and Ms. Hu did not agree that this was the statement that was already pregnant before surgery. She believed that the menstruation of the pregnancy cycle ended.

Regional manager Ms. Hu said that Yami Plastic Surgery Hospital is not a three -level hospital or a gynecological hospital. Here is only the most basic testing. Customers may also get pregnant during the operation or after surgery?

Ms. Chen was puzzled. She had only a total of ten days after her surgery. Can she get pregnant on the third day of the operation on the second day of the operation?Totally impossible!

Ms. Chen still believes that the general anesthesia surgery during pregnancy was caused by misdiagnosis of the hospital and should be responsible.Augmentation surgery spent 25,800 yuan, and later surgery, the hospital had to compensate at least.

However, the manager said that this needs to wait for medical appraisal, and after the division of responsibilities, compensation is compensated, but there is absolutely no way for the hospital to ask Ms. Chen.

Ms. Chen was very angry about the attitude of the plastic surgery hospital, and she decided to defend her rights through judicial channels.

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