After dinner in pregnant women, I always feel that my stomach is very hard and bloated. Most of them are these three reasons.

Many pregnant women in life have become very careful after pregnancy.After pregnancy, the pregnant mother changed a lot of bad habits, and she also paid great attention to her diet.In addition, pregnant mothers also pay great attention to observing the changes in the stomach during pregnancy.Especially after the third trimester, the more frequent fetal movement, it is difficult to not pay attention to it.There are a lot of pregnant mothers in life. After dinner, I feel that my stomach has become very hard. What is going on?After dinner in pregnant women, she always feels that her stomach is very hard and bloated. Most of them are these three reasons. Don’t worry too much.

1. Eat too full

After the pregnant woman is in the third trimester, her appetite will become better, so they may not be able to control it when eating at night, causing too much to eat, and may cause the pregnant woman’s stomach to be hard and swollen.There are also some pregnant women who are afraid that they will be hungry at night, so they will deliberately eat more when eating, and don’t want to get up in the middle of the night.Therefore, the stomach is very hard and bloated, which may be caused by eating too many.

Second, pseudo contractions

It may also be because pregnant women have false contractions. At this time, the pregnant woman is very normal for a very normal symptom after the third trimester.Pregnant women have false contractions, which also means that it will not take long.The duration of pseudo -contractions is short and weak, and there is no regularity in time.When contractions occur, pregnant women can feel that the uterine muscles have obvious contraction, the lower abdomen is hardened, accompanied by mild pain.

Third, fetal movement

Another reason may be because the baby in the stomach is too naughty and often moves around.In the third trimester, the fetal movement will become more frequent than before.After the pregnant mother eats, the blood sugar will be relatively high. In this case, it is easy to cause the baby to excite, and the fetal movement will become frequent.

After dinner, the pregnant mother always feels hard and bloated, so don’t worry too much.In order to avoid this situation, pregnant women can disperse the steps appropriately after dinner, which can alleviate this symptom.

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