After dreaming that my husband was derailed twice, I decided to take it back

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Last night I dreamed that my husband and a strange woman talked with a smile on the bench of the park. I stepped forward pretending to appreciate the lotus in the river. When my husband saw me, I continued to laugh with the woman and regarded me as air.

I blew my anger in a hurry, but I couldn’t speak, and then I woke up.

Dreaming of her husband’s derailment twice in a week, although the plot is different.The end result was that my husband turned a blind eye to me and went away with his new love.

The kind of abandoned taste is painful, poke the heart nest!

Even feeling even breathing is painful, just like real realities!

What is wrong with me?So insecure?However, I never doubt my husband’s character!

However, I feel that I have nothing. Except for half of my blood flowing in my body, that’s all!

Dabao was dragged at his homework at the age of ten, but when I urged her for the second time, I would write obediently even if I was reluctant.

And now my Bao said to me, "Mom, I already know! You don’t need to say anymore."

On the issue of Educational Dabao, my husband has argued with me many times in front of the child! But this is a violation of our previous agreement: "Never argue in front of the child, so as not to who she feels about the weight.No one can disrespect. "

But her husband violated the agreement and overturned my authority in front of the child.

In order to catch up with the discount in the store, he can also choose a gift for Dabao.I went out 35 days after giving birth. I chose a bottle and pacifier for Erbao in the store, and bought a set of children’s "Encyclopedia" for Dabao in Xinhua Bookstore.

Although taking a bus, it still has to take a road of about 2000 meters.The feet were so painful that he stopped three times on the roadside public bench.

When I got home, my husband was off work.As soon as I entered the door, my mother -in -law was full of anger and threw Erbao’s arms in my arms. I said in my mouth, "I always say that my feet hurt, and I have been buying a bottle for hours.Feed 30ml milk, the child kept crying hungry … "

I was used to my mother -in -law’s embarrassment, but I did not expect that her "face" would be so ugly and so explicit!

Husband said, "I haven’t finished reading at home. I bought a book again? You ask her not to read it?" I didn’t have a taste in my heart, I wanted to say something, but I felt very weak.

Coaxing Erbao to sleep, tears kept dripping on the pillow towel.It feels worthless!

I just passed the legal vocational qualification examination the year before. Last year, I was pregnant with Erbao for five months.My husband has always wanted a second child, but now I am happy!I have changed a lot to me and my temper has changed a lot.

After that, I had a rest at home because of the placenta. It has been 13 months. Except for discomfort during pregnancy and the necessary rest after production, the remaining six months are basically nothing to do at home.

Originally planned to prepare for the "first -level firefighter" exam, you can earn some fast.But he fell asleep, and he insisted for a month and simply didn’t listen.

Sometimes it is also spurred at night: I should learn something, otherwise I still have to stay at the origin after work, and the salary still does not rise.I woke up the next day and insisted on reading, but it was also a five -day popularity.

Some people consulted legal issues during pregnancy, and those who could avoid them avoided them.When you encounter the inaccurate, you are not analyzing the information from the Internet and looking for similar cases from the Internet, but asking colleagues directly on WeChat and then replying to others.

In fact, it is equivalent to copying the answers of others.After a long time, I am afraid that others will consult legal issues, and I feel that my brains are not enough.

It turns out that others are your mirror.People around them can treat themselves so much. They are all their current situation.

In the past, the mother who accompanied her children to study with her child, although she needs to be restrained on the bed, but the mobile phone brushes the food video;

Every room in the family is not as tidy as before, and the clothes of the wardrobe are piled up together;

The online classes of the first -level firefighters purchased only heard 1/20. The reason why her husband stopped was not so much energy. There were not so many units that could be attached to. Don’t spend money.

I vowed to tell him that I could do it!But now I have been beaten by my own words, and I am still disliked by my child, and I am not respecting my mother -in -law!Who is blame?

I remembered a TV series "Holding Hand" when I was in high school.The reason for fire is because it tells the dedication of women in ordinary families to resonate!

In the play, Xiao Xue, played by Jiang Wenli, made a strong backing for her husband Zhong Rui’s career. She chose a comfortable book administrator, and spent a lot of time spending on taking care of her children and husbands.

When her husband discussed his new project with her, she was busy taking a bath to the child and said that she had no time; when the husband shared that he finally bought the company’s best house after several turns, she understood that she had bought a house where she lived, and she was disappointed.

After seeing the expression of his wife, her husband could no longer be able to communicate with her, and only talked with her on the issue of educating her children.

After that, the husband was derailed and he must divorce her.She felt that she was too aggrieved, and she said that her husband was ruthless.

After crying with my mother, her mother told her calmly: "Xiaoxue, don’t mention Zhong Rui anymore, you should look at yourself, you have changed!"

After experiencing the change of marriage, Xiaoxue calmed down and reflected her marriage in recent years.After that, Xiaoxue recovered herself.Say the most classic words: women, do not lose yourself when!

And "The First Half of Life" Luo Zijun is also a baptist of marriage. These TV series resonate is to warn the women in the family: don’t "sacrifice" yourself for whom, that is not "sacrifice" but painting!

I think that the drama "Hand in Hand" is more objective to show the situation of Chinese housewives and more grounded!Because not all families invite nanny, and in the early days of men’s entrepreneurship, open source throttling is particularly important.In the play, Xiaoxue wants to ask a friend to visit the house, and her husband goes to the kitchen to help.

Xiaoxue asked her husband to make two eggs, fried a plate of tomatoes and scrambled eggs. The husband really hit two eggs in the bowl and handed it to Xiaoxue.

Xiaoxue told her husband: Use chopsticks to stir the eggs first to stir fry.With such a simple common sense, the husband does not know, and it can be seen that his wife pays this home!

After the husband divorced, he discovered that the neat and hot meals in the family, the suits of the tone before going out, were silently paid for his wife, so that he had a wholehearted investment in his career, and his current career was successful!This is also a balance of all husbands and wives in the family!

And I can frequently dream of my husband’s derailment. In fact, I have no sense of security in life.For the first time, my husband questioned the way I educated my children, even if I was right, I began to doubt whether I was wrong.

When I do n’t go in and pin all the hope on others, I lost from that moment.And if I don’t change, this day will become worse and worse!It is not respected by the family.

How lazy before, how hard it was to act.I am used to two hours a day a day, and it is uncomfortable to change it for half an hour. I really want to sleep more for a while, but when I think of that feeling of disrespect, I suddenly have no sleepy.

Then, I listed a list that I could do and what I wanted to do, and found that I stayed in the problem of "thinking" and urgently put on ‘I can do it’.

For more than a month, her husband’s voice is no longer expensive, nor is he fighting with your husband in a trivial matter!On the issue of my mother -in -law, I know that my mother -in -law has never had a sense of boundaries, making it impossible to change her.

However, I never compromise in the education of children, even if she offended her.Once Dabao wrote homework, her mother -in -law was not concentrated enough for her children to write homework.

I made a deliberate voice, pointing out that she should not correct it when the child works, and tells her righteousness: "You better not intervene in the education of your child. This is the responsibility of the parents.Just, you will relax. "

My mother -in -law was stunned first, although I murmured in my mouth, I didn’t care about me, but didn’t say anything.

Now I get up early to make yoga for thirty minutes every day to relieve my anxiety.Watch it three times a day, what you can do, and always remind you of the task you want to complete.

Seeing the case analysis recorded on the notebook, it feels more and more full!If a woman wants to rely on people, this person must be herself!Only when you are strong can you make yourself feel practical forever.

Women, there are so many important moments in this life, so many beautiful things, don’t waste good time on others!

You must lock your eyes on yourself and invest in your heart. No matter who you encounter and how big the wind and waves you encounter, you are still you!

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