After drinking the little aunt’s tea, she fainted, and then she was pregnant with a stranger’s child 2

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After drinking the little aunt’s tea, she fainted, and then she was pregnant with a stranger’s child.

Story profile: Mu Xiaoxiao, who was in his hand, was put on a little aunt and threw it to a strange man. She was pregnant with her baby.L for undercover … (have nothing to do with graphic, picture source network)


A group of people in a group of people surrounded the casino.

"What happened? Why not let people go out?"

"Who knows?" The guests in the casino expressed their dissatisfaction.

"Don’t be noisy! Let me be quiet! We are looking for someone now. We will let go when we find it!" The leader in black scolded seriously.

When Xiaoxiao was curious about what was going on, Mu Mao cat had run into the crowd and inquired around.

"Good son, what did you like?"

"I just said, it seems that the people of the Night Empire met a killer nearby, and now searching for my associate … Mommy, you, you will not be that associate?"The underworld is influenced, and naturally I know what my mother is doing.

"Don’t talk nonsense. You don’t know if I haven’t received a job for a long time for your little aunt."

"No wonder I think the recent food is getting worse and worse. Mommy, if you don’t like work, then change me to make money to support your family."

The words of his son, Mu Xiaoxiao’s tears moved his eyes, and he was going to hug him.

Suddenly, a black man inserted into the middle of the two mother and child."Huh! Strangely, someone would bring the child to the casino, which was suspicious. Come, first grab me to the mother and child!" The man waved his hand and saw a group of crickets surrounded …

For a moment, the two mother and child were surrounded by groups.

Xiaoxiao glanced at the people in black: "I think you made mistakes, I’m not the one you are looking for." The cat moved the cat behind him to protect it.If she could, she tried to fight with the people when she was not with her son.

"Don’t talk so much with Lao Tzu, follow the interrogation, not let you go again!" The man in black believed that the two mother and child became suspicious, and his tone became fierce.

But this trick is not easy to make Xiaoxiao, she hates the kind of unreasonable person: "Sir, please pay attention to your attitude, I’m not the one you are looking for."The aura became obviously cold.

Mu Mao, who was standing behind him, held his hands on his chest. After finishing, these uncles really annoyed the mother, and only prayed that these uncle died early and gave birth.

"Lao Tzu’s attitude is like this! Come, grab the two mother and son back!" A command.Several people rushed towards Xiaoxiao.

Some even picked up the fist directly!

For them, to deal with a woman and a child, you can get it casually!But……

If they meet ordinary women, they are really good, but unfortunately … the little flying dragon on the underworld!Legendary top killer!

Speaking of the time late and then, Xiaoxiao rose empty, and the two who kicked the flying over.When she landed, she reached out and caught a smashed fist.These people are not merciless, she will naturally not show mercy, her wrist is hard.The crisp fracture of ‘card rubbing, stuck’.

"Ah!" The man screamed softly, and he felt that his wrist was about to be broken. How could it be, how could a woman have such strength?Intersection

"Ha! Stinky woman, it seems that you are really a killer’s associate!" The leader in black pointed at Mu Xiaoxiao’s nose, and everyone could see that such a powerful skill was not a killer associate?Intersection

Xiaoxiao narrowed her eyes, she knew that it was useless to tell the group of people anymore: "Cats, go." Hands reached behind and pulled his son, but fluttered.


Looking back sharply, I saw Mu Mao struggling in the arms of a man in black.

"Mommy … save me." Cats stretched their hands and reached out.

She was tightened: "Let him down!" The man who was frightened and scared around couldn’t help shaking, and no one thought that a woman had such a courage!

"Don’t be a woman, don’t be afraid, go together!" A group of people in black rushed up.

Xiaoxiao watched her son anxious, but had to solve these people first. Thinking of this, she violently picked up the wine bottle on the table next to her, and the shattered "slap ‘.

Hold the broken bottle and ran to the leader in black.‘Brushing’ Blood flashed in front of his eyes, the glass film pierced the man ’s throat directly.

At this time … all the people in black are dumbfounded!They did not expect that this woman was so fast, and the elder brother was killed first as soon as he came up.

The whole field was calmed down, and this trick was obviously used to capture the king first.She glanced at the people in black with a cold eyes and turned around to save her son.But, the man in black holding his son was gone?Intersection

‘Om’ Xiaoxiao ’s brain suddenly fell into blank, and quickly glanced at the surrounding cats.Oops!Is the son running around?Thinking of this, she flashed, and quickly came to a man in black, holding a shot to choke his neck: "Where did your people bring my son?"

The woman in front of me was killed without blinking. The terrible things were obvious to all. The man in black did not answer: "Black … the night empire … headquarters."

Dark Empire Headquarters.

"Lord, just got the news, all the people sent to the casino … All … were defeated."

On the sofa, Xuanyuan Lie held a cigarette in one hand and held his cheeks with one hand: "Who did it."

"When we searched the killer’s associates in the casino, we found a suspicious mother and child, suspecting that it was the killer’s associate! The woman was very good, we only caught her child."

"Child? Come in." Xuan Yuanlie’s black eyes tilted and said coldly.


After a while, Mu Mao was mentioned.

"Uncle Black, we just said good, you won’t use violence to me." His small body was shaking in the air.

"Hush, see the Lord’s good time later."

Along the way from the casino, Mu Mao had a good relationship with the uncle in black that kidnapped him, so as not to accidentally lose his life.

"Lord!" The man in black kneeled on one knee as soon as he came in.Put Mu Cat on the ground.

Mu Cat slowly raised his small head, his eyes flickered and looked at the person sitting on the sofa in front of him.Wow!Cashi!It turned out to be more handsome than him, and it was so handsome!

Note that the child’s sight, Xuanyuan Lie’s cold black eyes slowly left, looking at the villain under him …

When the black eyes fell on the small figure on the ground, Xuanyuan Lie’s sword eyebrows frowned, and suddenly leaned up, clinging to the handsome little face.

Faced with the strength of his face, Mu Mao Cat’s little lips are dumb, and your face is raised up. You think you are so close to me, I am afraid of you.Brother can flow the blood of mommy.

When the man in black kneeling saw this situation, he immediately trembled and trembled. The child dared to provoke the Lord!You must know that the Lord is the rulers of the Night Empire.Hey, dead, dead, the gods can’t save the child.

"Put me back, otherwise my mum would fly here to disassemble your building." Cat and cat persuaded.

"Huh? Little ghost, if your mom is here, I will dismantle her for you first." Xuan Yuanlie’s eyes were cold, slowly sitting straight, leaning lightly on the sofa.

"If you disassembled my mother. I would disassemble you." The little guy was not timid.

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