After eating fruits during pregnancy, menstruation varies from person to person to person

Lan Lan and Fangfang are twin sisters. They grew up together and married on the same day. Both of them were pregnant around four months after marriage.Therefore, the two sisters often come to the production inspection together.

Although she is a twin sisters, the two are very similar, but their personality is not the same. Lan Lan does not like to talk, and Fangfang also likes to speak, and also likes to break the casserole to ask.

Once they came to the checkup, they came to my clinic. Fangfang asked me what fruit could not be eaten during pregnancy?

Most of the fruits can be eaten during pregnancy, and there are no fruits that cannot be eaten.

The rich vitamins rich in fruits are beneficial to pregnant women and are also beneficial to fetal nutrients.Eating fruits during pregnancy is good for pregnant women and fetuses, but they must also be appropriate. Do not eat too much to prevent blood sugar from rising, excessive weight gain, and eating fruits in the season.

If you have gestational diabetes, it is best to choose some fruits with low sugar content, such as grapefruit, cucumber, etc., you can choose to eat a small amount of fruits in the two meals, and then control the intake of the staple food.

During pregnancy, you can eat more fruits rich in vitamin C, such as kiwi, apples, pears, bananas, strawberries, grapes, oranges, cherries, etc., but the right amount is every day, not more than 400-500 grams.

The two sisters went back, and in a blink of an eye, the two sisters were successfully produced.

A few days ago, Fangfang left a message: The menstruation came 2 months after the birth of Lan Lan. I have not yet come for half a year after giving birth. Is it normal?

How long is the recovery of menstruation and hormone levels of maternal maternal, especially whether it is related to breastfeeding.

The time of postpartum recovery of menstruation varies from person to person. Due to the improvement of living standards and rich nutrition, some treasure mothers are common in about 30-42 days after giving birth.Some Baoma is not uncommon to menstruation for 2-3 months, all of which are normal.

Menstruation recovery after giving birth is generally based on the situation of each person and the length of breastfeeding time to determine the time of recovery.Breast -fed Baoma recovers the time of menstrual recovery, especially Baoma with more milk secretion. Most of them need to stop breastfeeding or even a long time to come to menstruation.

If you do not breastfeed after giving birth, or have little milk, menstruation will come in about 42 days.

Therefore, when the postpartum menstruation recovers is different from person to person, there is no unified standard.Pay attention to contraception during puerperium and lactation. Although there is no menstruation, there are often ovulation. You cannot think that no ovulation without menstruation is caused by accidental pregnancy.

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