After eating the classmate’s day cake, Baoma filled the baby and vomited her throat!The truth behind it is furious

On the night of the end of Children’s Day event, the child began to vomit at the toilet at home.Because my mother just poured herself 30 ml of olive oil, 10 ml coconut oil, and 10 ml linen seed oil.

After pouring oil for the child, the mother saw that there was no effect, and she was so angry.She began to pick her child’s throat, ready to vomit.

The child was terrible, and began to retider to the toilet at home.On the small face, all of them were tearful.I couldn’t vomit, and the child cried and said to her mother, "I dare not, and I dare not. Who will give me a birthday cake in the future, I won’t eat it."

The cause of oiling and pouring throat is actually a small birthday cake?

In the 01 class group, Baoma accused "my son was poisoned"

Two days ago, in order to celebrate Children’s Day, a parent in the class bought a big cake for their children and asked him to bring him to the school to share with his classmates.

When I saw a cake to eat, the children were happy to laugh.When I went home in the evening, the parents of other classmates thanked the children who gave the cake in the class group, and they were happy in the group.

Suddenly, a mother of Bao made it: I just trained him.Our children never eat these.Occasionally, it is an animal cream on her birthday."

As soon as this remark, the atmosphere in the group was a little embarrassed.Bao Ma continues to post: "Both fruits and dried fruits are fine. It really does not work, as well as melon seeds. Real fat is unhealthy!"

Things have developed here, but it is still reasonable.Parents can understand for their children’s concern for their children to prevent children from coming into contact with trans fats.But what I never expected was that the future things developed beyond everyone’s expectations!

"I have to be metabolized for 50 days! I was quite happy before I saw the cream cake. Now, I’m shivering!"

"I have considered remedy and vomiting, I can give up!"

"I forced him to drink olive oil, coconut oil, linen seed oil, hoping to force it out of the body."

… …

Bao Ma sent a series of news to appear in the class group.Many people dare not answer.The mother -in -law continued to complain, and by the way, other parents reminded other parents: "I do right, I hope you don’t ask your child to target my son."

After that, it seemed to be her performance alone.

"My son is poisoned today"

"He is going to cry with his throat. Mom, I really dare not, who will not eat it in the future."

"Other people’s Xiao En Xiaohui changed the reputation after poisoning in my eyes."

"I hope 45 students, 44 students and parents are united."

"Teachers like you like this, in order to let the children eat in the class."

"I can’t die once, but I just feel irritable!"

When I saw this, I realized that Mao Seton opened!

Why do you have to pick up your child’s throat and vomiting oil?

Why did you look at the baby tears and begging for mercy: "Mom, I dare not, who will not eat it in the future", and I still proudly send it in the class group?

What trans fatty acids damage their child’s health and affect growth and development?It feels like the next second, the Nature papers of top medical journals will move out and back!

To put it plainly, just venting!The cake that is eaten is not an animal cream, and it is venting!

02 Unhealthy is cake or human?

Some children are not in good stomach and stomach, and their stomachs are easy to be uncomfortable.If the children in the class have the habit of eating birthday cakes to eat, Baoma wants to refuse others and protect their children’s health, which is understandable.

The essence of the problem is that the control of some parents is too strong!With the banner of unhealthy food, yin and yang blame others for "poisoning and reputation."

Such a parent sneered, "The teacher likes you like this", and actively broadcast his own discipline children in the group!

Such parents describe how the children are filled with oily, how they are poured with their throats, begging for mercy, how they are well disciplined, and they are not allowed to eat other people’s cakes in the future.It seems that I can think that I can go through this means in the children’s class group.

The phrase "I can’t die once, but I am irritable!", Exposed the most authentic side of this mother in private!

yes.She knows the harm of trans fatty acids, and the impact of an intake on the child’s body is very small.

so what?Anyway, what you need is only a grand stunner, an excuse to make you develop.

A mother, with the most harsh means, forces her children.The mouth is all "I am for you, I have quit my spicy and KFC. Do you dare to eat others’ cakes? Do you know how terrible the plant cream is? If your mother says, you don’t go to your heart, right!"

The deep inside is the idea:

How can their parents let their children bring cakes to school?Actually split the whole class to eat?What are you showing?Show your family money?

Bring things to give the whole class to eat, to please the teacher?It will come to this way, see how you can be able to be able to do your family!

When I thought of this, I wanted to disgust.The unhealthy than plant cream is the kind of control desire in the name of love, quietly twisted …

Children growing in this environment may never be "poison" of junk food, but they are dead.

At such a small age, because of a piece of cream cake, he was vomiting and reprimanded his mother’s vomiting.

At such a young age, because of a piece of cream cake, the parents of the whole class watched his parents "live" in the group.How do I face my little friends in school the next day?

At such a young age, how many times will he face the punishment caused by "eating cream cake"?

What’s more sad is that the day of all this is a Children’s Day.In his festival, he failed to be a happy child.

Dr.X said

Can garbage food be given to children?Of course eat less.But if you eat more junk food, the damage to your child is far from no pathological education!

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