After giving birth, when will the "aunt" recover?

When women are pregnant, menstruation will be closed, and it will recover again after giving birth, but there is still a period of time from the birth of the child to the recovery of menstruation. How long is it?Or, how long is it to recover menstruation after production?

In fact, the recovery time of the postpartum "aunt" is different for different people. It is less than one or two months, and the time for the elderly can be more than a year.If you have to find out a reason, whether the recovery of postpartum menstruation has a certain relationship with the length of breastfeeding and breastfeeding.

Generally speaking, mothers without their own breastfeeding baby will recover menstruation faster, and they will recover within 4-24 weeks. If mothers who breastfeed with breastfeeding after giving birth, menstruation recovery will be relatively slower.The left and right will gradually recover.

After giving birth to a baby, if you breastfeed for a long time, in order to maintain the abundance of the milk, the body will automatically adjust the menstrual date. Of course, this does not mean that the breastfeeding is needed when it comes.If the baby is not enough, you can choose to add formula milk.

Under normal circumstances, menstrual recovery time will be affected by breast milk secretion, but there are some artificial factors that will also bring a routine holiday and cannot recover on time. For exampleIt is not normal. The menstruation caused by these situations is delayed. It is harmful to the body. It is necessary to treat or go to the hospital for specialized diagnosis and treatment.

Another thing to pay attention to is that some mothers find red after confinement, but they stopped after cleaning. In fact, don’t worry. This is not a postpartum holiday, but only the exposure in the body after production will continue.About 4 to 6 weeks, there may be repeated during the period, which is harmless to the body.However, if the lochia has always been large, go to the hospital for examination.

After pregnancy, menstruation will follow your own parenting and living habits slowly. If you want to raise your parenting with breast milk, you don’t have to worry about it. The regular holiday may be recovered slowly, which is very good for yourself and children!

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