After half a month of dyeing hair, did you have an impact on the fetus?


Guide: In the early days of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers did not know about their pregnancy, so it was easy to do some behaviors that might hurt the baby in daily life.EssenceOnce such a situation occurs, some pregnant mothers will start to struggle whether their children are still healthy, and should they have a miscarriage as soon as possible.

And we all know that some behaviors such as hair dyeing, drinking, smoking, etc. are usually harmful to the fetus. So after half a month of dyeing hair, you find that you are pregnant. Will it affect the fetus in this case?In the face of such a thing, Xiaobian also had friends who had encountered Baoma friends. At first they were also very worried, but in the end they gave birth to a healthy baby.

In other words, under normal circumstances, hair dyeing does not have much effect on fetuses, but this is not an absolutely safe judgment.After all, most of the hair dye contains chemical components, and these chemical components enter the blood through the contact of the scalp, and then enter the fetus through the blood circulation, which contains a certain adverse risk existence.

However, we can also understand that the toxicity of chemical components in hair dye needs to enter the fetus’s body through human skin and blood circulation, and most of the chemical toxicity in the process will be metabolized by the human body.In addition, although hair dye is a combination of chemical composition, as long as its quality is qualified, its toxicity to the human body is safe.

Therefore, pregnant mothers have dyed their hair without knowing it, and do not need to worry too much. As long as it is normal, the chemical toxic component of hair dye is not enough to affect the development of the fetus.It should be noted that this does not contain toxic hazardous hair dyeing agents, as well as excessively frequent and repeated hair dyeing behaviors, which has exceeded the normal category in itself.

There are two main situations of the influence of the fetus after hair dyeing: the first is that the chemical toxicity does have a bad impact on the fetus, which causes embryo deformity to develop. The result is that the fetus is aborted naturally.The second case is that chemical toxicity has no effect on the fetus, the embryo develops normally, and a healthy baby is born.

So, what should we do if we find ourselves pregnant after dyeing our hair?In this regard, pregnant mothers do not need to be too anxious. Generally speaking, the first three months of pregnancy are in the unstable period of the fetus, and there are many factors that cause the fetus to flow.If the ingredients of the hair dye do have an impact on the fetus, it is nothing more than the first case mentioned above, and the fetus has a natural abortion.

During this period, if pregnant mothers show any signs of miscarriage, even if it was not caused by hair dyeing problems, doctors would not recommend fetal preservation measures within 3 months of early pregnancy.Because this is a mechanism of survival of the fittest, such a fetus does not have much significance to protect the fetus, so pregnant mothers should relax this matter and let it go.

Of course, after pregnancy, pregnant mothers still need to maintain normal production checkup. If you are worried that your fetus has a problem, you can explain to the doctor to explain his situation and inner concerns.During the during pregnancy, if the fetus successfully spent 3 months in the early stages of pregnancy, it means that the fetus is not affected, and the regular production tests can also make us more accurately understand the fetal condition and respond in time.

Finally, for women who are pregnant or have consciously wanted to get pregnant, in these sensitive periods, try to avoid doing things that may hurt the baby.Because we really don’t know if we are pregnant this time. In order to come to the coming baby, we still need to consider security issues in daily life.

Important tips: After dyeing hair, it is found that pregnancy is found. Pregnant mothers do not need to be too anxious about this. On the one hand, the chemical composition of hair dyeing agents has limited effects on the fetus and will not bring much risk damage. On the other handIt will also be eliminated through natural mechanisms.Therefore, as long as you do a good job of the birth check during pregnancy, follow the doctors’ arrangements, and let it go.

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