After half a year of pregnancy, I don’t know who the child’s father is. What can I do?

It takes 3 months or more to conceive a healthy baby, including developing good living habits, strengthening reasonable nutrition, and maintaining a relaxed and happy attitude.Before preparing for pregnancy, you need to do a detailed physical examination.

At the age of 29, he is now 6 months pregnant.Suddenly in recent days, I felt that this child was not my husband, so I took many ways to try to kill the fetus, but the result was unsuccessful.

I am extremely painful. I invite you to help me today. Can I find a hospital for me and induce the child to induce labor, otherwise I will not have peace and pleasure in my life.

Teacher, you listened to my requirements above, maybe I thought I was stupid or crazy. How can I treat myself and treat the fetus in the belly like this!In fact, I have a cause.

I married my husband at the age of 24. At that time, the conditions of our husband and wife were not very good. We discussed the struggle for three years and five years.

Since then, my husband has been doing business. I can do a small business.He was rich, but his relationship with me also faded, and he began to find flowers outside and ask Liu.

I advised him to be invalid, with a resentment, I also started an attempt to try, and mixed with a classmate who had loved me in the early years, thinking that this was a balance.

Later, because my husband suffered a lot of losses on a woman, he realized that he had come over, changed the evil to the right, and restored his previous love for me.I am also very happy about this, so I also want to pack my own absurd things, but it is easy to talk about it.My classmate said nothing but let me go. I was afraid that things were revealed, so I had to take a slow cooling method.

Half a year ago, my husband proposed to ask for a child, and I thought it was almost 30 years old. It was time to ask for a child.

I remember my last menstrual period was August 2nd. I had a relationship with my old classmates on August 14, and two days later with my husband.

Previously, I have always adopted a safe period of contraception and never had problems.For a long time after pregnancy, I never thought that this child was someone else, and thought it was my husband.

Because my menstruation has never been accurate, it is often delayed for 2-3 days.If calculated by a safe period, the 14th day of menstruation is the ovulation period, and ovulation on August 16 is encountering her husband’s sperm.

But recently, I read an article and said that sperm can survive in the vaginal uterus for 2-3 days to welcome the eggs. In this way, this fetus may be old classmates.My husband.

Thinking of this, I was messy and hated myself. I felt that I shouldn’t do this retaliatory attempt. In case of this child is someone else, my life is over, I’m sorry for my husband!what to do?

So I decided to take the child to kill the child, but he just couldn’t come down, so I wanted to die again, and I was reluctant to leave my husband, not to mention that my parents had only my only daughter, I really regret it, I really regret it. I really regret it. I really regret it. I really regret it.Why didn’t you expect this possibility in two months?

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