After infusion of a pregnant woman clinic in Jinan, the abortion said that the doctor said that he was not pregnant.

The doctor prescribed the prescription for Ms. Chai (video screenshot)

B ultrasound display: Ms. Chai is pregnant (video screenshot)

A few days ago, Ms. Ms. Chai, Jinan City, had a cold because she was in a heavy cold to see a doctor near the Heyitang Clinic near the community. Because she was on pregnancy, she was worried that she might be pregnant and afraid of some medicines.However, I did not expect that after the injection, Ms. Chai had symptoms such as abdominal pain. She went to the hospital for examination and found that she was pregnant early.

Ms. Chai told reporters, "The doctor said that after 2-3 weeks after the month, the pulse can be pregnant, and the accuracy rate is 80%." Ms. Chai said that the doctor gave her the pulse and clearly told her that she was not pregnant.After hearing a doctor’s affirmation, Ms. Chai was at ease in infusion. 3 bottles per day and lost two days in a row.

After the infusion was completed on the first day, Ms. Chai started abdominal pain. The doctor explained to her that it was the symptoms of menstruation. Don’t worry, Ms. Chai didn’t care, but then, Ms. Chai had abdominal pain.Not very right, I went to the pharmacy to buy a test strip.After the test, she found that she was really pregnant.

Since the previously did not have a pregnancy infusion, the drugs such as left oxygen such as left oxygen were added to the hanging bottle. Ms. Chai was worried that the drugs had a bad impact on herself.Can have a miscarriage.

Subsequently, Ms. Chai went to the Yidang Clinic to discuss.But what Ms. Chai didn’t expect was that the attitude of the clinic was 180 degrees a big reversal, saying that Ms. Chai concealed her pregnancy to see a doctor.

Subsequently, the reporter and Ms. Chai came to this clinic together.Ms. Chai told reporters that the woman in the pharmacy was Director Li, who had admitted to the clinic in the previous recording.In the face of reporters, Director Li said that he had said it.

The reporter saw that in the information publicity of the clinic medical institutions hanging in the corridor, there was no doctor who had seen a doctor at the time.Ms. Chai also tried to call Dr. Huang, who prescribed the pulse for her at the time, that the other party said that she could not come back in her hometown.For Ms. Chai, Dr. Huang said that Ms. Chai had never said that she had become pregnant, and he never passed the pulse.

Later, the reporter saw Mr. Yu, the legal person of the clinic, and Mr. Yu did not agree with Ms. Chai.Mr. Yu said that Ms. Chai said that he had a cold and did not say about pregnancy.Mr. Yu said that if Ms. Chai had any objections, she could go to legal channels.Regarding the previous recording of Director Li of the clinic, Mr. Yu said, "Director Li is not counting, and we have no power to do the children in Ms. Chai’s stomach."

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