After pregnancy, don’t continue to work if these situations, pregnant mothers do not listen to persuasion

Today’s women’s careers are relatively strong, so they are generally busy in terms of work. Therefore, they also have a lot of career women, and they all pay more attention to their work.

Not all people can continue to work after pregnancy.

Sisi is a woman who is very attentive to work. Although she is just a large -scale chain supermarket, she loves this job very much. She can do her job well every day. In the eyes of colleaguesThe probability of Sisi’s future promotion and salary increase is very high.

However, when the busiest year ago, Sisi was pregnant. For this incident, the doctor suggested that Sisi rest, because near the year, Sisi is a large -scale supermarket, who usually needs to jump up and down, sometimes sometimes you need to jump up and down. Sometimes sometimesIt is also necessary to carry heavy objects, and pregnant mothers during pregnancy are not suitable for doing these.

But Sisi feels that now it is a critical period. If you ask for leave by yourself when you are busy, you will definitely affect your career future, so you are going to continue to work.

Fortunately, Sisi’s leadership learned the situation of Sisi in a timely manner, so he took the initiative to put salary leave for Sisi and let Sisi rest at home.

Indeed, many women are very responsible for work, but the work of some pregnant mothers will have a certain impact on the health of the fetus. Then, we must weigh it, should we continue to work.

After pregnancy, don’t continue to work if these are these situations. Don’t listen to persuasion

Because after pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to the safety of the fetus. For the health of the fetus, they must learn to choose. As the saying goes, "There is a good deed."Therefore, after pregnancy, if you are pregnant, you should not continue to work if it is in these situations.

The nature is not suitable for pregnant mothers

The nature of the work like Sisi is not suitable for Baoma, because during pregnancy, the pregnant mother is very taboo that is too tired and jumps up and down.It will cause bumps, injuries, etc., which are very dangerous for pregnant mothers.

In addition, in addition to fatigue and dangerous factors in the work content, some jobs that may lead to emotional fluctuations are not suitable for pregnant mothers, such as customer service, because customer service often faces unlikely complaints, so it will affect emotions.Mom’s pregnancy health is unfavorable.

There are pollution in the working environment

The impact of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is very sensitive. Any pollution during pregnancy may cause abnormalities in the fetus, such as air pollution, radiation pollution, sound and light pollution, and so on.Therefore, if there are some pollution in the working environment of the pregnant mother, the pregnant mother cannot continue to work to avoid affecting their fetus.

For example, after pregnancy, it is not suitable for working in some chemical factories, workshops with huge noise, etc., so as not to affect the health of the mother and fetus in some harmful factors in the working environment.

Pregnant mother’s pregnancy response will affect work

Factors that cause pregnant mothers to work, as well as some factors of pregnant mothers themselves.For example, the pregnancy response during pregnancy is relatively fierce, and she can no longer be competent.

For example, if some shopping guide, if the pregnancy vomiting is fierce, it is better not to come to work.

Therefore, if the response of pregnant mothers has affected the efficiency of work, and even play a negative role in the results of the work, then it cannot continue to work, so as not to please, and affect the health of the fetus.

Of course, pregnant mothers with these situations are not recommended to continue work, but if the working environment is suitable, the nature of the work, and the reaction of the pregnant mother itself will not affect the work effect, it is recommended that the pregnant mothers continue to work because they go to work because they go to work because they go to work because they go to work because they go to work because they go to work because they go to work because they go to work because they go to work because they go to work because they go to work because they go to work.In fact, it is also good for pregnant mothers.

When conditions permit, pregnant mothers have many benefits to work

Benefit 1: Reduce adverse reactions during pregnancy

At the time of pregnancy, in fact, many pregnant mothers may have some uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy, such as nausea and vomiting. When the pregnant mother is still at work, she will be regularly scheduled and more common exercise and communication.Affected by the behavior, the attention of the body’s symptoms of discomfort during pregnancy will decrease, thereby reducing the degree of discomfort during pregnancy.

This situation is similar to the attention of the transfer of pregnant mothers. When the pregnant mother no longer puts all the energy in terms of discomfort during pregnancy, the response will not be so strong.

Benefit 2: Help the health of pregnant mothers

When pregnant mothers work, they need to often perform some necessary communication and physical exercise, so as to virtually increase the movement frequency of the pregnant mother, so that the body circulation of the pregnant mother can better operate, and the body circulation (metabolism, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, bloodThe higher the efficiency, the more efficiency, the naturally, the better.

In addition, after pregnancy, because of some changes, the psychological environment of the pregnant mother will change greatly.For example, it is easy to excite, temperament becomes irritable, depression, etc.After pregnancy, if the pregnant mother continues to work, she can communicate with more people, so that the emotions can be released, which is also very beneficial to the physical and mental health of the pregnant mother.

Parenting message

Therefore, not everyone can go to work during pregnancy, nor does it be unable to go to work. It depends on whether your job is suitable for pregnancy.

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