After pregnancy, I am hungry every day. How can I have a balanced diet?

Guide: Cousin sent a message in the family, saying that she was pregnant. Everyone knew that she had been pregnant for more than two years. She was finally happy, and naturally she was happy.So we all sent blessings, and at the same time told the cousin to eat well to achieve a balanced and reasonable diet. Now they are eating alone and they absorb them.The diet during pregnancy is very important, and nutrition must keep up.

Unexpectedly, my cousin said that I didn’t want to eat myself into a big fat man. She said that after seeing many Baoma around her born her baby, she changed her body and could no longer return to her original slim figure.

However, my cousin said that she would be hungry every night. She was really contradictory. She was afraid that she would get fat too much, and she didn’t want to wait for the baby in her belly.

Scientific diet is very important, and expectant mothers should make reasonable planning.

People take food as the sky, everyone has to eat, and three meals a day can provide the energy necessary for the body.Eating well can you have a good body and maintain normal work and life.Even when we rest on holiday, we do n’t move for a day, just lie there, we have to dine normally and eat some food.Because there is breathing and heartbeat, energy is consumed.

The expectant mothers can grow up healthily for the babies in their stomachs, because they have to provide them with their necessary nutrition.If pregnant women do not eat well, how can the baby baby maintain normal growth and development?These nutrients depend on their own old mother, so it is natural to say that eating a little more for pregnant women.

So the question is, how much should I eat?

In the early pregnancy, Baoma did not need to eat more food deliberately, because at this stage, there is no need to increase the intake of heat. In the early pregnancy, the pregnant mother can eat reasonably, and then exercise moderately. It will also consume excess fat in the body.EssenceSpecific mothers can ensure the health of themselves and the baby.

But in the middle and late pregnancy, Baoma will increase the intake of calories.

According to data, a healthy adult woman needs to take about 1800-1900kcal every day.In this way, you should eat one -fifty of foods than usual in the middle of pregnancy, so eat about a quarter of food in the late pregnancy.

Of course, everyone’s age and height and weight are different, and the physical fitness and demand of individuals are not exactly the same. These are just a approximate value.

We all know that the human body needs three main nutritional elements, protein, carbohydrates, fat.

Protein, protein nutrients needed in the human body, can be said to be like building a tile of high -rise buildings, the most important material to form our body.

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the amount of protein intake is about one -third of the increase than usual.In other words, you should eat more foods containing protein, such as lean meat, eggs, milk.

Carbohydrates, expectant mothers have increased carbohydrates from about one -third from pregnancy. If they want to eat carbohydrate foods, they should mainly control the growth of weight.

Fat, our traditional dietary diet is generally high -fat diet, especially the older generations like to boil soup, bone soup, etc. In fact, it is easy to gain weight. Pregnant women should pay attention not to eat too greasy and make reasonable diets.Trace elements needed during pregnancy.

Folic acid

Generally, folic acid should be supplemented from the first three months of pregnancy. It can be taken throughout the process during pregnancy. It can effectively reduce the occurrence of neurotic defects.There are also many natural foods that also contain folic acid, such as leafy vegetables, beans, butter, eggs and milk. Pregnant women can choose ingredients according to their preferences.


Many pregnant women will produce iron deficiency, and it must be screened during pregnancy on time.Do it, because once you find the phenomenon of iron deficiency, you can supplement it in time.


The development of the fetus requires calcium, and the absorption of calcium during pregnancy during pregnancy will gradually increase.You can eat more dairy products, and take more calcium -containing ingredients in your daily diet.Before pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant women drink more milk.

Vitamin D

The sun can be moderately exposed, because through the effect of the sun, cholesterol in pregnant women’s skin can be converted into vitamin D.However, too much exposure can cause skin aging, so it should be added more vitamins and do not expose the sun too much.You can choose to take more vitamin D preparations to supplement.

While paying attention to the diet, you should also pay attention to monitor your weight growth value and adjust your diet in time.Pregnant women can also observe how much they eat during pregnancy and how much they eat. One of the best ways is to measure weight growth.Appropriate weight growth during pregnancy is normal, don’t worry too much.

Broken thoughts:

Eat less, try not to eat raw cold, spicy food, stay away from tobacco and alcohol, and maintain a positive and good attitude.In the last month of pregnancy, expectant mothers should appropriately reduce the intake of carbohydrates and fat foods to avoid affecting normal delivery.Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure health during pregnancy.Moderate exercise to maintain sufficient energy to welcome delivery.

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