After pregnancy, I went to the hospital to check the doctor’s doctor and told me a paragraph. I immediately went back to my mother’s house!

My name is Xiao Lan. I am 30 this year. I am a college classmate with my husband. I have been together since I was a freshman. After graduating from college.Because the relationship is very good, I marry my husband directly.After marrying my husband and I did not have much savings, so I did n’t buy a house, so I have been living with my in -laws. They have a house in the urban area.

I have been married to my husband for three years, and there have been no children in the past two years.From time to time, my father -in -law also has some ridicule, but her husband has been talking to me and does not want to put pressure on me.I feel very happy and I can meet such a husband.

Just in June of the previous year, I was pregnant!This was happy to be happy with the family. My mother -in -law came from the countryside to my house and said that she wanted to take care of me.Then I have chicken soup every day. I am embarrassed to serve me.My husband is also very good to me and often comes back to accompany me without overtime.

It was just a last time I went to the hospital to check my body. A word that the doctor said to me made my image of my husband a good man completely collapsed.

During that time, I often went to the toilet to diarrhea. My mother -in -law looked at me vomiting and diarrhea, which was also frightened.After all, at that time, I was also pregnant for five months, and my stomach was quite big.In this way, I went to the toilet and ran around, for fear of having a lot of harm to my child, so I took me to the hospital to check my body.After the examination, the doctor prescribed some medicine and asked my mother -in -law to pay.When my mother -in -law went to pay, the doctor quietly told me that in the urine test, I found that there was a weight loss pill.

This scared me. My first reaction was the supplements to eat everyday, thinking whether my mother -in -law added medicine inside.I asked my mother -in -law intentionally or unintentionally, but I returned without success, and my mother -in -law did not answer my question directly!I don’t know if I ask three.

Later, I could only ask my husband. Who knew that he actually told me that the weight loss pill was in my chicken soup!Because I heard that many of my mother after pregnancy, my body will go, so he doesn’t want to make me fat, so he puts some weight loss pills!

This is bad!I think I put weight loss pills when I get fat. In case I think I think I am ugly, I put poison?

Such a husband is really knowledgeable!I went back to my mother’s house and raised her fetus. My stomach is so big now. I must have given birth, but should I continue this marriage?

Let me give me an idea!

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