After pregnancy, pregnant mothers don’t do these things, it is easy to cause hair loss during pregnancy!

After Xiaoyun was pregnant, it was not very dense hair. She said that every time she washed her hair, she did not dare to look directly. It developed according to this situation. After giving birth, she was afraid that she would bald.EssenceBut when she asked her mother -in -law, her mother -in -law said it didn’t matter. During pregnancy, her hair was because she was pregnant with a boy.However, Xiaoyun did not believe this kind of mother -in -law. How could pregnancy having had something to do with the gender of the fetus?In fact, there are a lot of superstitions about during pregnancy, and most of them are unscientific.So what is the reason for hair loss during pregnancy?

1. Hormone changes in the body

During pregnancy, hair loss is not because of the gender of the fetus, but because after pregnancy, the hormone secretion of the pregnant mother changes, resulting in the acceleration of metabolism in the body, so this will occur.This is also a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, so pregnant mothers do not need to pay too much attention, just do the nursing work daily. You can choose to nourish the hair care products that nourish the root and abundant hair. Use massage scalp daily, which can also relieve the symptoms of hair loss.

2. Washing method

Many pregnant mothers may make a common mistake when washing their hair, that is, they like to scratch the scalp. In fact, it is very harmful to the scalp, and some pregnant mothers may still roll with a towel after washing their hair.Hair, it is very damaged to the hair.Pregnant mothers can comb their hair smoothly before washing their hair. When cleaning, it is best to use nourishing shampoo that improves hair loss and dry hair. Then gently massage and rub the scalp with the fingertips. Do not roll with a towel after washing.Rubbing your hair or a hair dryer, you can choose a watery watery and towel, and you must do your hair care.

3. mental stress

Even if you are not pregnant, if the mental state is not good and the pressure is too high, hair loss may be lost.Therefore, it is also critical to maintain good sleep quality and mental state during pregnancy. If the pregnant mother’s psychological pressure is too large, it may cause neurological disorders, insufficient blood supply to the scalp, and cause hair loss.Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must adjust their emotions and create a good sleeping environment for themselves to ensure a good mental state.

4. Balanced nutrition

The growth of hair also requires the human body to provide nutrition. If the pregnant mother’s diet is relatively uneven, the vitamins need to be long in the body will lack the growth of the hair, which affects the growth metabolism of the hair.Therefore, pregnant mothers must not pick eaters during pregnancy, try to be balanced with diet, and eat more fruits and vegetables when supplementing nutrition to supply the energy required for the body.

After reading these, the pregnant mother knows the cause of hair loss during pregnancy. In fact, it has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus, so don’t be confused by this statement.

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