After pregnancy, she was worried that the body would become ugly and overdose, and the baby was born with a mental retardation baby

A woman dances from elementary school. After she is pregnant, she is worried about her body to become ugly, so she insists on diet. The child finds that it is wrong 2 years after birth. She went to the hospital to check that the child was diagnosed with mental retardation!

Many expectant mothers are worried about gaining weight after pregnancy, affecting her body shape. Some expectant mothers are afraid that the fetus will be too fat and cause fertility difficulties. Therefore, there is no restricted diet and too little diet.In fact, this idea is very unwise. This type of expectant mother not only is not responsible for her body, but also is not responsible for the baby in her belly.

After pregnant women are pregnant, the basal metabolism of the body is 20 % higher than usual, and the various organs and tissues of the body will change.Therefore, it is normal for pregnant women to gain weight by 25 to thirty pounds during the entire pregnancy. These weights are not necessarily the increase in the weight of the pregnant woman’s own weight, and the weight of each organ and tissue increases, and the weight of the fetus.These weight increases depend on the nutrition of the usual drinking of pregnant women. Therefore, the weight of pregnant women will increase under normal circumstances, which is inevitable and reasonable.There is no need to worry about and artificial control at all.Both pregnant women and fetuses need nutrition. Although they are not advocated to eat madness after pregnancy, it is not wise to die during this period!

Insufficient nutrition has a lot of harm to the pregnant woman itself and the fetus.For example: calcium deficiency will gradually soften the bones of pregnant women; iron deficiency will make pregnant women prone to anemia, dizziness, and even twitching; lack of vitamin, pregnant women’s physical resistance will be affected. In severe casesInfection.

Lack of protein may limit the growth of fetal nerve cells, leading to low intelligence of the fetus; lack of calcium, phosphorus, inorganic salts, etc. will affect the development of fetal bones and teeth. In severe cases, it will cause cartilage disease; lack of vitamin or fat will cause fetal fetusCorresponding lack of symptoms.

Therefore, for the health of pregnant mothers and babies, do not deliberately control your diet, worrying that your body is fat is unnecessary. The weight increase during pregnancy can be restored through diet control and appropriate exercise after production.

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