After pregnancy, the body has such five conditions, indicating that the fetus is developed well

After women are pregnant, they will have a variety of reactions, and pregnant mothers sometimes cannot distinguish which are normal and which are abnormal.As long as the body appears strange, the pregnant mothers will be very nervous. In fact, the nutritionist in the explosive mother and baby classroom tells everyone that the fetus is not as fragile as we think.When your body appears the following 5 symptoms, it means that the fetus develops well.

1. What to eat:

In fact, pregnancy vomiting is the most obvious pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers will experience this stage. Some pregnant mothers start a pregnancy reaction in about one month.Continue until the end of pregnancy.

Pregnancy vomiting is caused by changes in hormone in the body of pregnant mothers. During this period, the sensitivity of pregnant mothers will be greatly improved, and a little uncomfortable taste will feel like to vomit.In fact, these are normal reactions, don’t worry too much.If three months later, the vomiting is still very serious, and the weight has been falling, then you must seek medical treatment in time.

2. Frequent urination urgency:

Frequent urination is also a typical symptom of reaction during pregnancy. The fetus grows in the uterus of the pregnant mother every day, and the uterus will compress the bladder. At this time, the urine storage capacity of the bladder will decrease.When the pregnant mother is about to give birth a few months, the fetal compression of the fetus will be more obvious. At this time, the pregnant mother must be psychologically prepared.

This symptom shows that the fetus develops very well, and it becomes larger every day. Pregnant mothers do not have to drink less water, drink plenty of water, and urinate more are beneficial to the body.

3. Breast pain:

After women’s pregnancy, the breasts will gradually become larger by estrogen and progesterone. At this time, the pregnant mother may feel the tenderness of the breast.Especially in the early days, you may not know that you are pregnant, but your breasts have sent a signal.

However, you don’t need to worry that this situation is also normal. At the same time as the estrogen level in the body increases, it will also make the breast duct thickest. This is why some pregnant mothers have a child, and the breast will have a cup.The baby is prepared.

4. Back pain:

This symptom is not obvious in the early stage, but when it is in the middle and late pregnancy, as the fetus grows, pregnant mothers will obviously feel hunger, and they will not eat enough how they eat.

At the same time, the uterine increase will cause some compression on the waist and back, leading to minor pain. Pregnant mothers should often change their posture to avoid incomplete burdens on the back.

5. Frequent fetal movement:

Many mothers are always worried about whether the baby will always move, is it uncomfortable?In fact, pregnant mothers should not worry. As long as the fetus is regularly moved every day, it is a good manifestation of development.

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